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X-Men: First Class 2 – Sequel Plans

X-Men: First Class 2 - Sequel Plans (Plot, Villain, Wolverine?)
There’s been plenty of X-Men: First Class 2 talk over recent days, so what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

First the bad news. A sequel has not been announced. …Yet. If the movie was a complete slam dunk, it would have been. After all, a screenwriter for The Hangover Part III was hired virtually the day after it opened.

Quality-wise, First Class is a roaring success, with an 87% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and an 8.2 rating from the public on IMDB, putting it into the top 250 public-voted movies ever made. What’s causing the studio to pause for thought is the slightly underwhelming box office. First Class had the least attended opening weekend of any of the X-Men films, its $55m only passable by the standard and down significantly on X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s $85m. Hopefully better word of mouth will help it keep afloat longer, and all sequels are victims to a certain extent of the previous film – Spider-Man 3 opened huge because Spider-Man 2 was so good, First Class opened weaker because audiences were underwhelmed by Origins: Wolverine. Another factor is, unlike the previous three movies, First Class didn’t have any stars. If the studio are wise they’ll remember that Batman Begins (which only did decent box office, but thrilled those who saw it) led to The Dark Knight (which did enormous box office). The First Class actors will be a much bigger draw next time around.

Unusually, First Class is potentially the second X-Men franchise running simultaneously, what with Wolverine about to get another film next summer. It’ll be interesting to see which one wins out, or if they can both co-exist. There’s a slim chance the studio won’t make any firm decision until Wolverine 2 comes out, giving them an opportunity to compare the numbers.

But all things considered, an X-Men: First Class sequel is much more likely than not.

Plot-wise, there’s not much point looking to the comics for where the story will head. Although there is a series of the same name, the differences with the first movie are enormous. Instead it’s wiser to listen to producer Bryan Singer who’s said “When [First Class] happened, Kennedy had not been assassinated and the Vietnam War hadn’t happened yet. …[Also] what’s really interesting about the ’60s setting is the civil rights movement. [Professor X and Magneto are] really the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King of comic mythology.”

Meanwhile, First Class director Matthew Vaughn has stated “We will only have one more new character [in an X-Men: First Class sequel]. I won’t say who he…I won’t say who he or she is! …As Professor X is in a wheelchair, Magneto needs to have a nemesis he can fight with. Someone that will be his equal. I know who it is. It would be nice if I could say something, but I can’t.”

There’s also a possibility Wolverine himself could join the franchise in a more significant way than his cameo. Singer adds, “I think there would definitely be room. I think it would be very exciting. This universe has to establish itself first, but that would be a very interesting and fun thing.” It’s likely that a sequel would be set before Wolverine lost his memory in the 70s. And besides, the director has shown he will throw out continuity with other movies if it serves his story. If the Wolverine franchise starts to faulter, then moving him back over to the winning team could make sense, especially if Jackman is still keen on playing the character.

What would you like to see happen in an X-Men: First Class sequel? Which time period should it be set in? Which new characters should they add? Would having Wolverine be a blessing or a curse? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Joker said

    I haven’t see First Class yet, but from what I’m hearing it does sound like the Batman Begins for Marvel and I heard a producer say an interview that they envision that each installment will get darker and have more mature content, so the idea of a sequel seems cool.

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    • jason said

      they should add Gambit and they should use the grenobile city as magnitos land i want 2 c gambit in the next movie PLEASE IM DIEING T C HIM

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  • gd smith said

    X men re-boot 2, followed by fantastic 4 and spider-man reboots. I demand a Thor remake! That film is at least two weeks old and needs up-dating for the kids of today.

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    • Jake said

      There’s a Fantastic 4 reboot?

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      • gd smith said

        It was planned by FoX for 2011, but looks like it will be out in Summer 2012

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        • Sheridan Passell said
          Sheridan Passell

          The earliest you’ll see any Fantastic Four reboot is 2014.

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          • Jake said

            Ah well that explains why i haven’t seen anybody complain about Chris Evans being cast as Captain America then.

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          • Dakota Winchester said

            Why would there be a Fantastic Four reboot? the original two movies and characters were fine as they were. Besides, who gives two sh*ts about the Fantastic Four anyways.

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    • Andrew said

      Thor remake? You’re joking right? – appeal to the kids? – thats how movies fail you idiot. Other than that gd smith, you really don’t sound like you know anything about the comics or decent movies – no offense. I do however agree that they need a new fantastic four and spider-man – and please please please, if you are going to make a new fantastic four – get rid of jessica alba.

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      • EM said

        someone doesn’t get sarcasm.

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      • Dylan said

        Andrew how can u say take jessica alba out of any thing n still call your self a man we need to see more jessica alba! Any ways on subject i think they couldnt make enough x men movies. I agree with jason gambit should be put in we need to see more gambit and i think in a later movie they should throw in bastion and a sentenle army so the good guys n the bad guys have to work together not yet though cause they just worked together in the last one to take down schmidt and maby through in psylock just cause shes a chick n she should be played by jessica alba

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  • Ty said

    It would be really cool if they made a sequel. I really like the first one, I just hope they keep the same xmen, like havok, banshee, beast and so on, it would be cool to see them do more than they did in the first

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    • Pter said

      What WOULD be cool, is if they brought Darwin back, and that he somehow adapted to the the super concentrated plasma. According to the comics, there’s no reason he should be able to (he doesn’t ever stay dead in the comics, he keeps leaving and coming back) I WANT TO SEE MORE OF DARWIN!!!

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  • paul western said

    First class is a pretty good movie. Continuity of certain characters notwithstanding, I liked the way Xavier and Magnetos arc developed and how it all panned out.It has no real star draw and followed Xmen3 and Wolverine, so was always gonna struggle but will make a profit at the box office and especially DVDs. Not sure what the sequel will entail but the 3quel would be pretty obvious to write. A variation on the origin of the “new” Xmen, brought together to help/rescue the originals. And to tie it into the original movies, it would include Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm ( seen briefly in First Class) and Colossus. Was sceptical at first, but quite excited about whats to come.

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  • love x-first class said

    I think they should Polaris in. She is amazing and i like to see the crew making a green-haired mutant into a series movie character and show it in a movie. Also it will be very interesting to see her choose to stay in x-men with her formerly lover also known as Scott’s brother Havok og leave with her father and choose the darkness. I also think that instead of what they have done in the original franchise where the first installment was having the antagonist Magneto and his brother-hood. X2: X-men united weapon x’s founder William Stryker and his assain and later in
    x-men 3: the last stand it was the phoenix. They all three have diffrent story lines and other antagonist so in this franchise they should only focus on charles’ relationship with Magneto. Without making it to boring and to inpatient they shpuld bring magneto’s Geanosha into the upcoming fanchise. It might be right that they need some evidence for Magneto to go and make a brotherhood and prepare for WW3 Charles is in his wheelchair so their are know one to really make Magneto to a bad-ass enemy and could fight him. So bring Geanosha and Polaris into the x-men movie universe. And i also think by putting out some of Magneto three girls (Angel, Emma and Mystique) could be really because it will be like the last stand to many characters are invovled and then have to make the movie to a 3-hour movie which will screw the hole movie. So a killed Emma Frost and a recruted Angel Salvadore( I personaly i think she was tooked out of Halle Berrys role as Storm so take Angel back to the x-men so there are two girls on the team)

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  • alej aguilar said

    I would likely say that X-MEN FIRST CLASS is the most beautiful of the 4. Because we can see the twist and turns of events in our present X-Men. How things happen, why he/she looks like this, what pushes him to become like this. In short, it is an eye-opener to those huge X-MEN fans from comic books, tv series and up to films series. Kudos! to the director and the producer for making me say “wow” all throughout the movie while I’m watching it in the big screen. I hope for the next first class movie, there would be a young angel, jean grey, beast, iceman and cyclops because they are the original five first class. Also petra, sway, polaris, changeling, mimic and vulcan. Thank You 🙂

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  • Gree-Tea said

    X-Men first class was a excellent movie and anyone who says otherwise well lets just say…is insane and simply would not know a well written story line if it hit them in the face. Loved it, Loved it and Loved it some more.

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  • Hoost said

    Let’s see some giant mutant hunting sentinel robots already.

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    • kat said

      Its the 1960’s I don’t think Sentinels will appear, and I think they already appeared in X3

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  • kbob109 said

    I think if Storm joined the team it would be good because she could send really bad weather like a tornado and it doesn’t make sense if Wolverine joined because he joins in the first xman movie

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  • J.D.W. said

    Is’nt it a little early to be talking sequels?
    Have’nt we had enough reeboots ?
    Alright I thought “First Class” was pretty good and
    If they do decide to have a second one, maybe they’ll have a
    different villain besides Magneto, frankly they should have the mutant geneticist Sinister, or better “Apocalypse”.

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    • danny said

      ya but apocalypse like NEVER dies

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      • SlappyTc said

        Honestly there is sooo much wrong with Comic movies today anyways, I mean Bringing Apocalypse in too early could be a Horrible move

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    • casey said

      at long last, ive been waitin 4 sum1 2 mention apocalypse!
      he would be perfect but what the should do is combine first class with the original films…its not like it would be hard to do but then just put apocalypse afta last stand. but they maybe could atleast keep true 2 sum of the original characters like the fact nightcrawler is mystiques son and her adopted daughter is rogue and xaviers brother is juggernaut and the simple fact that victor creed is sabretooth! but they need 2 have people like quicksilver and morph cum in2 it.

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      • emman said

        i thought quicksilver belonged to marvel with scarlet witch and/or they were proberbly not gonna get a movie because marvel and fo won’t stop contesting for them

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  • danny said

    i saw it twice and left wanting a sequel each time. as for who i’d want to see in the next movie. jean grey(as marvel girl), storm, scott(i’d be very interested to see his interaction with alex considering there past.) ice man would be cool i felt like he’s always been overlooked by the X franchise. villain wise i’d like to see juggernaut, the blob, toad. also learning about the legacy virus would be SO cool because it could coinside with the hiv/aids epidemic depending on when it was set.

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  • Maggie said

    Wolverine movies aren’t even good, they should keep making First Class movies, they’re actually deep and inspirational, the x-men movies before weren’t good either, the actors were horrible, except for cyclops, wolverine, iceman, and pyro. The rest were just…gah. Really hoping for the sequel, magneto and professor x were both hot in the movie. 😀

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  • Harry said

    I hope to GOD they realise this film will not do as well at the box office because X-Men hype has dyed down after Wolverine not being that good,and with loads of other superhero movies doing really well (Iron Man, Batman, and even Thor) plus no big stars to help sell this movie.

    I personally think keep Wolverine out of it. We’ve already got 4 films where he’s the star, and I dnt want First Class to just become another Wolverine and Friends movie.

    Unless they can promise to keep his role below that of Charles and Erics. Thats the only way I could accept him being there. Although even then it would mean no other X-Men would be getting highlighted at all.

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  • Jason Luna said

    1. Activity in the sequel-

    I think the “Classic X-Men” team should be filled in. Scott Summers (Cyclops), Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), Bobby Drake (Iceman) could fill in nicely, and are popular characters.

    Warren Worthington III was tremendous, even if Angel has already been established.

    The team will grow, as it always does in the comic, and Moira will probably remember Charles and try to find him, with the help of “The Man In Black”.

    As far as the villain and potential historical context (using Bryan Singer’s loose definition):

    This list is from IGN’s top 10 X-Men villains:

    Juggernaut- He knows Professor X, and he would have the conflicted villainy of First Class, and could be a grunt in some from of political aggression.
    Apocalypse- My personal favorite on the list, he’s been around forever, and he manipulates people like Shaw in First Class.
    Mystique- In First Class, so, established and not fighting Magneto anew.
    The Brood- The space race in 1969 could open this up, and the cinematic applications are obvious for killer outer space creatures.
    Mister Sinister- Another immortal Shaw type, and he apparently WORKED WITH THE NAZIS (!)
    The Shadow King- The astral plane seems a little odd for this franchise.
    Proteus- No definitive context in terms of what would be involved, unless they change him from a shattered criminal into something more direct. And he can go into bodies, but First Class already did that.
    Hellfire Club- In First Class, and I think even Sebastian Shaw will be involved, although the end of the movie potentially takes away some of their potency as the hyper intellectual super villain GROUP they are.
    Magneto- Not fighting himself, and in First Class.
    Mankind- IGN did not really put up a real villain here, but THE SENTINELS. Government created, hunt mutants and kill people as side effects of often faulty technology.

    My personal choice is the Sentinels through some kind of conflicted and corrupt government conspiracy. I think Mr. Sinister (although not a big time character to newbies) or Apocalypse (same thing) will continue pulling the strings.

    2. Time Period-

    1968 is the turning point for a lot of things in the world, and would have great applications in the vein of First Class.

    Vietnam coming to a head as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X got assassinated connects the metaphor that Singer discusses, and I’ve heard countless times by fans of X-Men.

    RFK getting shot is a “great” (i.e. clever) connection to the JFK reference in “First Class”.

    The dead bodies piling up opens up the door for Mister Sinister of Apocalypse to be killing everyone they can find.

    New Characters-

    Aside from the classic team, they should give the fans what they want, in reasonable doses, and bring back the Len Wein/Chris Claremont team as well.

    There hasn’t been a true Colossus in any of the movies, and the other characters (Storm, Nightcrawler, and Thunderbird) are known, with the obvious exception of Thunderbird. He seemed like an interesting idea in the comic, but if they bring him back and kill him off, the obvious Star Trek comparison/jokes would be brutal.


    I like Hugh Jackman as an actor if he ends up doing it in the movies. I think he did ok in “Origins”, but the side characters and a limited idea dragged it down.

    That side movie seems odd at this point, because it just sounds like “Origins”.

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    • Chris said

      SENTINELS! Yes, please! That’d be great after their bad break with the CIA. And Sinister sounds awesome, too. I like the whole good vs. bad geneticist dynamic (X vs. Sinister). I’d still like Magneto to be in the sequel, though. James and Michael worked well together.

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  • Cisko said

    The perfect villain would be apocalypse. That’s all I’m going to say.

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