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X-Men: First Class 2 – Sequel Plans

X-Men: First Class 2 - Sequel Plans (Plot, Villain, Wolverine?)
There’s been plenty of X-Men: First Class 2 talk over recent days, so what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

First the bad news. A sequel has not been announced. …Yet. If the movie was a complete slam dunk, it would have been. After all, a screenwriter for The Hangover Part III was hired virtually the day after it opened.

Quality-wise, First Class is a roaring success, with an 87% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and an 8.2 rating from the public on IMDB, putting it into the top 250 public-voted movies ever made. What’s causing the studio to pause for thought is the slightly underwhelming box office. First Class had the least attended opening weekend of any of the X-Men films, its $55m only passable by the standard and down significantly on X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s $85m. Hopefully better word of mouth will help it keep afloat longer, and all sequels are victims to a certain extent of the previous film – Spider-Man 3 opened huge because Spider-Man 2 was so good, First Class opened weaker because audiences were underwhelmed by Origins: Wolverine. Another factor is, unlike the previous three movies, First Class didn’t have any stars. If the studio are wise they’ll remember that Batman Begins (which only did decent box office, but thrilled those who saw it) led to The Dark Knight (which did enormous box office). The First Class actors will be a much bigger draw next time around.

Unusually, First Class is potentially the second X-Men franchise running simultaneously, what with Wolverine about to get another film next summer. It’ll be interesting to see which one wins out, or if they can both co-exist. There’s a slim chance the studio won’t make any firm decision until Wolverine 2 comes out, giving them an opportunity to compare the numbers.

But all things considered, an X-Men: First Class sequel is much more likely than not.

Plot-wise, there’s not much point looking to the comics for where the story will head. Although there is a series of the same name, the differences with the first movie are enormous. Instead it’s wiser to listen to producer Bryan Singer who’s said “When [First Class] happened, Kennedy had not been assassinated and the Vietnam War hadn’t happened yet. …[Also] what’s really interesting about the ’60s setting is the civil rights movement. [Professor X and Magneto are] really the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King of comic mythology.”

Meanwhile, First Class director Matthew Vaughn has stated “We will only have one more new character [in an X-Men: First Class sequel]. I won’t say who he…I won’t say who he or she is! …As Professor X is in a wheelchair, Magneto needs to have a nemesis he can fight with. Someone that will be his equal. I know who it is. It would be nice if I could say something, but I can’t.”

There’s also a possibility Wolverine himself could join the franchise in a more significant way than his cameo. Singer adds, “I think there would definitely be room. I think it would be very exciting. This universe has to establish itself first, but that would be a very interesting and fun thing.” It’s likely that a sequel would be set before Wolverine lost his memory in the 70s. And besides, the director has shown he will throw out continuity with other movies if it serves his story. If the Wolverine franchise starts to faulter, then moving him back over to the winning team could make sense, especially if Jackman is still keen on playing the character.

What would you like to see happen in an X-Men: First Class sequel? Which time period should it be set in? Which new characters should they add? Would having Wolverine be a blessing or a curse? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Mel H. said

    i actually enjoyed how they inserted a the X-men story line in the Cuban Missile Crisis (very nice. I think another young mutant to add would be Chamber (even thought he was apart of the Generation X franchise, he would be a interesting addition to the team), or Dazzler (who would play a great part in her 70’s roll), the introduction of Jean Grey and Cyclops or even show some of the morlocks. Personally I have always been a huge fan of the Days of Future Past story line but I think that would be more for an X4 or X5. I really want to explore the Savage Land or even Genosha.

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  • James said

    I just saw it and loved it!! I really hope they make more and they become darker and grittier like the comics…. If Hollywood wants more $$ then look at Batman and see why WE the fans ( adults ) not the kiddies are what reels in the $$.

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  • Neyen5 said

    I realy like the first class movie more than the 3 earlier xmen movies…but if they are going to do a sequel I hope They bring the young cyclops,Jean,night crawler,gambit and colossus like in the xmen evolution animated series…I’m a night crawler and a gambit fan and a I want to see them young and taking more parts of action…that will be great…oh! And psylock ,they should bring her too…PD.they should forget about the last 3 xmen movies and star a new franchise with the young xmens

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  • Everett Terrell said

    I believe X-Men:First Class 2 should be like this:

    The 1970s. Charles Xiaver’s mansion from the first movie is now home to over 100 mutants. Charles has found his way into the world (undetected as a mutant) as a mutant supporter and goverment representative in the on going war against them. Meanwhile Magneto is causing massive destruction across the country only making the mutants more hated in the public eye. The government comes to a critical decision: DESTROY ALL MUTANTS! The govrnmnt hires the new head of falculty at the unnamed facility(from the last film) Robert Kelly to construct a team of androids, Sentinels, to hunt and execute all the mutants from all over the world. This leads to Charles and the school being discovered and they are forced to go underground for a while. Meanwhile Magneto and the Brotherhood try to fight the threat to no avail. Charles and Magneto are forced to rekinder their old relationship. But all the while Magneto is secretly plotting an unknown plot, planned for Xavier.

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  • Everett Terrell said

    Meanwhile Xaiver is finally deminstrating feeling towards Mystique but who is still in love with Magneto who can care less about her at the moment. Fed up with waiting the underground mutants take charge against the humans and Sentinels much to Xavier’s disappointment and Magneto’s delight. The mutants only wind up in failure with hundreds dead. This causes a fight between the two which ends with Xaiver wiping Magneto’s mind leaving nothing but a mindless body and a emotionally destroyed Xavier who starts to question his beliefs and actions. Finally he comes find out Magneto’s secret plot and plans for him which was robotic legs for his to able to walk again, an apology gift to Xavier for leaving his paralyzed. In honor of Magneto he leads the rebellion against the Sentinels. In the middle of the battle a short curcuit in a Sentinel causes a energy bolt to reactivate Magneto’s brain and momories and he joins the fight. The outcome of it ends with the destruction of the Sentinels,Xavier and the school wiped

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  • Everett Terrell said

    From government files, and Magneto now once on the same side with Xavier so they can both work to the school together and for the same cause. Soon Magneto and Xavier recuit more and more mutants for the school which becomes a world renouned school for “gifted individuals” in the public eye. But unknown to everyone Mystique has given up on both men and unseen or known she gives birth to a child whos father is revealed to be Azarel (who died in battle) and she names him Kurt Wagner or as she dubs him her little “Nightcrawler”. And Robert Kelly is appointed Co-senator alongside a Mr.Sinister. THE END

    So what do you think?? Feel free to leave your comments or concerns for me anytime…..

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  • Aaron said

    Personally I would like to see Legion (a mutant who has multiple personalty disorder; each personalty has its own power) or Mastermind (a mutant who can create illusions).

    For some new mutants I would to see Prodigy (a mutant who mimics the knowlodge of those around him), Darwin (he might come back because he has actually turned into pure energy before so he might have survived the explosion), or Elixir (a mutant can control the biological structure of any organic sustance).

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    • Everett said

      Yea I dont think Darwin would be back. Itd be cool but aint gonna happen. And the villian should be the Sentinels and Mr. Sinister. Or the new mutant should be Jean Grey with hints of the Phenoix in her.

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      • Everett said

        But WOlverine should be heavily involved in the next movie and it should be based before the X Men Origins movie.

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  • Gary Bullock said

    Since the last story left off with cold war tensions it only makes sense that the next villain be Omega Red, the dark old school Soviet Patriot. Omega Red could be manipulating some of the Kennedy Assassination as the X Men and even magnetos team work to stop it only in different ways and for different motivations. Xavier wishes to stop the attack out of pure compassion and desire to do what is right while Magneto sees the exposure of mutant involvement as a way to start a full blown mutant human war thus raising an entire mutant army. Meanwhile Omega Red sees the assassination as a way to bring America down and spread the Soviet Kingdom further across Europe and deeper along Caribbean.

    New Characters should be a teenage Storm and Cyclops each naive but exceedingly powerful for their ages. A writers effort to show just what a exceedingly good strategist Cyclops is would be a good idea. Perhaps him beating Xavier and Magneto at a game of chess could be a nice way to show that extra talent Cyclops has that places him as field commander in the coming X future.

    A heavy role by Wolverine would be a curse as the wolverine character has been thrust in the dominant role throughout the movies versions of the mutant universe. However if a fight were breaking out in an area Wolverine were in a quick skint of claws through a back followed up with Wolverines non-shelant commentary as to why some idiots were fighting as he was trying to have a beer could be comical and keep the wolverine crowd excited. Now if this happens it would be equally important to have the first class cross over some into the Wolverine sequel.

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  • Isaac said

    Has anyone ever thought of bringing the epic Anti Heroes back haha? Team X? Deadpool/Wade Wilson? :L

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  • Jason Luna said


    Great picks!

    Deadpool would be a great double agent or whatever you would call that, pursuing the duplicitous means of the anti-Mutants or whomever, and would shoot the X-Men or Magneto’s group equally.

    I didn’t even know what Team X was until I looked it up, but that’s a good one too. Set up Wolverine’s background for his new movie, and introduce all of those characters that the fans love.

    Now I really can’t wait for the sequel!

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    • Everett said

      Well sorry to disappoint but Im ABSOLUTELY positive Deadpool isnt gonna be in X-Men First Class 2 because he’s possible getting his own movie (possibly since Ryan Reynolds is now a DC star) and I sure the filmmakers wouldnt wanna mess up the continuation anymore then they already have.

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  • Jason Luna said


    The Deadpool continuation is from one of the most unpopular Marvel movies ever produced, so the continuation is unlikely to matter.

    The Wolverine movie will resolve that for sure, but I’m pretty sure they can do whatever they want with any character aside from the plot elements established in X-Men: First Class.

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  • Meegan said

    Well to be completely honest I was blown away by the film, I was with a friend who actually kind of hated those films and they came away a massive fan – well in the making – the preformances were awesome for this type of film and have to completely agree there would be a lot more viewers to a sequel. Another thing due to the fact it’s darker there would be more viewers! Most people get bored when it’s too tame, besides most of the audience were long time fans

    on that note bringing Wolverine in as a plot-carrier just wouldn’t work it would destroy or at then very least harm the cannoncity *hope that’s correct* however maybe a longer cameo could be aranged ^^

    I believe they ought to keep the time frame relatively the same as it would simply leave to many questions unanswered, besides they broke out Frost *although that wasn’t exactly in line with the Origins film :/ * which would lead to believe they have a plot in the immediate time frame

    Personally I would love the return of Gambit it would also thread through to the Origins film and I just really enjoyed the character even though he’s way better in the comic, although admittedly I don’t know how that would connect to the original comic *not 100% informed on that front*
    Then again it might be easiest to continue on the Hellfire front, which might result in an understanding which seems to be in place in the original triology…

    Either way as long as it’s continued brilliant!!
    *but could we keep the original mystique if there is a time jump !! *
    All keep on chatting and it’ll happen!!

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  • Andrew said

    First of all, I thought First Class was an outstanding movie! Its relation to the comics was very interesting. I liked it better than Wolverine simply because Woverine went off course from the comics a little, but that’s what makes a good movie. First class just seemed closer to the original story than Wolverine. The biggest problem is the end of Wolverine with Cyclops being recruited by Professor X while he still has the ability to walk. The same goes with the younger Emma Frost joining him as well. I’m pretty sure Wolverine was after First Class in history terms. I liked both movies, but these two movies making sequals simultaniously isn’t the best idea (only) if they both provide two versions of the same story(Cyclops and Emma Frost in Wolverine). What would impress me, is if both movies worked together like Thor, Iron Man, and The Hulk have. A good example is if in a Wolverine sequal, he encounters Fassbender(Magneto) somewhere in his story. In First class, they could encounter a Gambit(Taylor Kitsch) who hasn’t joined the X-men yet or maybe transitioning into it. They could even do the a short storyline of how Mystique and Azazel have Nightcrawler. For those suspicious of this supposedly false claim, it’s actually in the comics. I’m not claiming this because Azazel can teleport and has a tail. The comics don’t lie and I don’t even own a single X-Men comic, so you couldn’t call me a die-hard comic fan. Having the same actors and/or working together on seperate movies has a huge impact on audiences everywhere. I’ve heard audiences cheer, laugh, applaud and compliment during and after the movie. You know you made a great movie when people throw their arms in the air cheering at what they’ve seen. In conclusion, keep making these excellent movies. Wolverine and First Class were great. Just try and make the sequals either together or very far apart as far as story and characters go. These stories are the reason why I love going to the movies!

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  • Kluesner said

    I think they should reboot the series with the First Class movie and go in form there. The only problem would be who to recast as an older Professor X and Magneto.

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  • Ronnie loves x-men:first class! best movie ever! said

    all i wanned since i saw x-men: first class in theaters was a second part. so i relly hope that it will be, but if really comes out the sequel i want the same actors specially james mcavoy and michael fassbender because they’re really hot and i totally love them and they have a very strong chemistry. and btw i want charles and magneto be friends again even just for a while util they turn into each other again. X-MEN: FIRST CLASS I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U!! RONNIE

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