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X-Men: First Class 2 – Sequel Plans

X-Men: First Class 2 - Sequel Plans (Plot, Villain, Wolverine?)
There’s been plenty of X-Men: First Class 2 talk over recent days, so what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

First the bad news. A sequel has not been announced. …Yet. If the movie was a complete slam dunk, it would have been. After all, a screenwriter for The Hangover Part III was hired virtually the day after it opened.

Quality-wise, First Class is a roaring success, with an 87% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and an 8.2 rating from the public on IMDB, putting it into the top 250 public-voted movies ever made. What’s causing the studio to pause for thought is the slightly underwhelming box office. First Class had the least attended opening weekend of any of the X-Men films, its $55m only passable by the standard and down significantly on X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s $85m. Hopefully better word of mouth will help it keep afloat longer, and all sequels are victims to a certain extent of the previous film – Spider-Man 3 opened huge because Spider-Man 2 was so good, First Class opened weaker because audiences were underwhelmed by Origins: Wolverine. Another factor is, unlike the previous three movies, First Class didn’t have any stars. If the studio are wise they’ll remember that Batman Begins (which only did decent box office, but thrilled those who saw it) led to The Dark Knight (which did enormous box office). The First Class actors will be a much bigger draw next time around.

Unusually, First Class is potentially the second X-Men franchise running simultaneously, what with Wolverine about to get another film next summer. It’ll be interesting to see which one wins out, or if they can both co-exist. There’s a slim chance the studio won’t make any firm decision until Wolverine 2 comes out, giving them an opportunity to compare the numbers.

But all things considered, an X-Men: First Class sequel is much more likely than not.

Plot-wise, there’s not much point looking to the comics for where the story will head. Although there is a series of the same name, the differences with the first movie are enormous. Instead it’s wiser to listen to producer Bryan Singer who’s said “When [First Class] happened, Kennedy had not been assassinated and the Vietnam War hadn’t happened yet. …[Also] what’s really interesting about the ’60s setting is the civil rights movement. [Professor X and Magneto are] really the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King of comic mythology.”

Meanwhile, First Class director Matthew Vaughn has stated “We will only have one more new character [in an X-Men: First Class sequel]. I won’t say who he…I won’t say who he or she is! …As Professor X is in a wheelchair, Magneto needs to have a nemesis he can fight with. Someone that will be his equal. I know who it is. It would be nice if I could say something, but I can’t.”

There’s also a possibility Wolverine himself could join the franchise in a more significant way than his cameo. Singer adds, “I think there would definitely be room. I think it would be very exciting. This universe has to establish itself first, but that would be a very interesting and fun thing.” It’s likely that a sequel would be set before Wolverine lost his memory in the 70s. And besides, the director has shown he will throw out continuity with other movies if it serves his story. If the Wolverine franchise starts to faulter, then moving him back over to the winning team could make sense, especially if Jackman is still keen on playing the character.

What would you like to see happen in an X-Men: First Class sequel? Which time period should it be set in? Which new characters should they add? Would having Wolverine be a blessing or a curse? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Chris said

    Apocalypse! Mr. Sinister! The Sentinels! Something that hasn’t been done in the movies yet. Any of those would be amazing in this new X Men Universe.

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  • carl said

    I would like to see Darwin reappear. I mean come on we all know Darwin cant die that easy. If he can adapt to space he can surely adapt to what shaw did to him. I have a feeling that he is either in the form of gas. Or he did something when he reached out to Havok. I hope he returns as his comic form though.

    Also Gambit please… and do not make him cheesey

    Vulcan would be sick too.

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  • Joseph Lucas,Jr. said

    I want Wolverine to be in the Xmen First Class 2 movie. I want the Xmen suits to be Black. I want more different mutants in the movie.

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  • Edward-comic guy said

    I would like Daniel radcliffe to be wolverine in the X-men:first class sequel because I am fed up with hugh jackman.

    I am not giving out, I am just saying that’s all

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  • Isaac said

    Edward –

    Ha, no offence but isn’t Dan the kid who plays Harry Potter?
    He shouldn’t touch Wolverines claws. He’ll cut himself. AND he has no epic hair and side burns. J

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  • Isaac said

    Edward –

    Ha, no offence but isn’t Dan the kid who plays Harry Potter?
    He shouldn’t touch Wolverines claws. He’ll cut himself. AND he has no epic hair and side burns. Just wouldn’t be the same if you know what I mean. But if Team X and William Stryker clashed in the new movie it would be kind of cool as Charles and Eric said they knew who he was in X Men United.

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  • Mika said

    I loved this movie so so sooo much, i just saw it and cant wait to go back! So lets say i would totally agree with a sequel that would include storm, jean and cyclops. Ice man would be kinda ridiculous to include because he is so much younger than the other guys. Also, although wolvorine is my favourite character (together with young charles x who ive developed a reacent crush on hahaha)he should just stick to his own movies (wiiiiiii!! Sequel comming!!), because he is introduced to everyone in the first movie. Finally, i would love to see charles and magneto joining forces against a new enemy: they work great together!!

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  • Loren said

    I have just recently seen X-Men:First Class, and I though it was really good and I would like to see a sequel. There is deffintly room to fit Wolverine in 🙂

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  • Rylie said

    I would really be interested in a sequel to X-Men First Class. If they were to do one, so to speak- I wouldn’t be interested in Charles and Erik being complete enemies right off the back, because at the ending of FC they weren’t. They are still friends and still seem to care a lot about each other but have gone their seperate ways. I think that easing into their weird rivalry would be much better. Seriously, I don’t think that they hate each other at all. I mean, Charles plays chess with him while he’s in prison and in the third X-Men movie, Magneto didn’t appear to want Charles to die which I found rather interesting. So, no angry I-Must-Kill-My-Best-Friend crap.
    Also, I think that adding Wolverine to a sequel would completely butcher it. It wouldn’t work. We’ve already done Wolverine. Completely not interested. I like the characters that they had in the movie already. Havoc, Beast, Banshee ,etc. I don’t think that they should do any of the characters from the others movies because then they would have to delve into their lives and it would become something like the Wolverine Origins movie and that was horrible. I don’t know. Just keep it between Xavier and Erik. That was what I really liked. Make it good!!!

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  • clay said

    bring in jensen ackels in the sequel

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  • Jeremy said

    Okay, this is how the sequel will go:
    Darwin comes back and is pissed. Prof X and Magneto dragged him out of his happy life and got him practically killed, and no one even seemed to care much when he “died” trying to save the team. Turns out he didn’t die, but was brought near death (his mutation saved him). He comes back bigger and badder from the plasma stuff that Shaw tried to kill him with, and wants to get revenge against Prof X and Magneto.
    If you don’t think he’ll come back remember how there “wasn’t even a body to bury,” that means he could have snuck away somewhere.

    Also just for fun:
    They should introduce Bishop into the series (hopefully played by Idris Elba from Thor).
    Havok should ide in this or the next one and tell Xavier to take care of his baby brother Cyclops (to make them being siblings fit into this continuum)

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  • Thom said

    OK, so I definitely want a sequel but the big problem is because they stuck with the MOVIE timeline and not the COMICS they can’t really have any of the original X-Men mutants (apart from in a younger form) but possibly Gambit from Origins. As long as it works in the story I don’t care who they pick! As someone else said, Darwin was a very cool character & should make a comeback.

    I think Wolverine should stick with his own franchise. His personality is too big to fit in with the others and both series have a different enough style to keep them alive. Plus it means Marvel don’t have to worry about continuity too much if Wolverine is off having adventures in Japan. Is Wolverine 2 still definite or could they scrap it completely? It would be great to see McAvoy have a Prof X cameo in a wolverine sequel.

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  • X fan said

    1st Class BEST X MEN MOVIE EVER!!!!!! SEQUEL??? HELL YA!!!!!!! Iceman, Beast, Storm ya ya WHATEVER!!!!!!!!! WE WANT GAMBT DOING SOME SERIOUS BUISNESS!!!!!! I mean c’mon MYAN!!!! We were so exicted we’d finally get to see Gambt after 3 X-movies and we all know Origin’s Gambt SUCKED BIG TIME!!!! Gambt’s big screen debut and Origin couldnot have dissapointed us more. And ya Rouge should be really beautiful/hot like in the comics not like in the PREVIOUS X-MOVIES!!!!!!(it was real pain to watch Anna Paquin as Rouge) DONT DISAPPOINT US HOPING FOR A BAD ASS SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Joseph Lucas,Jr. said

    I want Wolverine in the sequel and I want the suits to be Black. Also I want more mutants in the movie.

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  • big man 39 said

    I think that the best thing for the franchise would be to tie in the first class movie with the original 3 movies…having the original class of xmen join the team such as storm cyclops and jean grey.iceman and angel have already ben put in the later movies. other possibilities would be how nightcrawler came to be,obviously mystique and azazel had an affair and mystique leaves him in germany while maybe azazel dies.first class leaves many diferent options for plots to unfold.

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