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Green Lantern 2 – Sequel Plans

Green Lantern 2 - Sequel Plans (Plot, Villain?)
There’s been plenty of Green Lantern 2 talk over recent weeks, so what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

Before Green Lantern’s release it was said that anything less than $70 million opening weekend would put it on shaky ground to get a sequel. After all, the movie reportedly cost around $300m to produce and market. So the $53m it ended up earning on opening weekend is seen as a disappointment. But there’s a bigger problem. The reviews (26% on Rotten Tomatoes) and word of mouth have been very poor, and even over the first weekend the effect was notable – its Friday to Saturday drop was 22%, compared to 8% for Thor and X-Men: First Class. Expect the decline next weekend to be substantial.

The question is how much this will derail Warner Brothers’ plans, because they have been doing everything they can to set this up as a franchise, hiring writers to come up with a treatment, and then screenplay, a year ago.

Green Lantern 2 - Sequel VillainIf there is a Green Lantern 2, director Martin Campbell announced weeks before the movie’s release that he won’t be returning. This is not what typically happens, so it’s easy to see it as a reaction to having a hard time on the movie, perhaps from producer interference or the daunting number of fx. But then again Campbell has a history of (re-)starting franchises successfully then walking away (GoldenEye, Mask Of Zorro, Casino Royale).

[GREEN LANTERN SPOILER ALERT] Plot-wise, the end credits scene shows Sinestro putting on the yellow ring. There’s little doubt he’s intended to be the main villain of any Green Lantern sequel. Readers of the comic will know that Hal’s love interest Carol Ferris also becomes an enemy of sorts when she’s made into ‘Star Sapphire’. The Star Sapphires are similar to the Green Lanterns except their rings (or sapphires) are powered by love, not will. She finds controlling that power increasingly difficult and ends up in brutal battles against Hal. In the movie Carol’s call sign while flying is Sapphire and her helmet has the Star Sapphire symbol on the side.

Green Lantern 2 - Sequel Villain Star Sapphire?
With Green Lantern likely to sink fast in the US, the studio’s mind will probably be swayed by foreign box office. And it’s not too tempting to plough on with an expensive franchise on the back of strong audience negativity.

What would you like to see happen in a Green Lantern sequel? How can they improve on the first? Who should the villains be? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Thomas Lant said

    They spent too much time building up to a short 4 min battle, comic book movies are about action and when you try to make it into a serious movie that is when you fail. I love greenlantern but even I wanted there to be more to the movie. The yellow ring should have been used in this movie and then locked away. Writers bombed at this attempt but please try harder next time don’t let grnlantern die out.

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  • Bryan said

    Ok, Green Lantern movie just had a bad script. I almost wish we could totally scratch ever having done this movie and start over the Green Lantern story again from the beggining with a better script. I believe Ryan Renolds actually performed quite well in the roll and did his best with what was given. Over all, take away the 3D crap, throw in more depth and real story into the script. And we all know Green Lantern as plenty of comic book history to make a better movie script out of. I did say take away the 3D crap, maybe just still to the old fashioned IMAX cameras. I do think Green Lantern 2 can happen, even though id rather just wait 4 years to have a Green Lantern Begins movie and forget the current film ever happened. If Green Lantern 2 happens, please somebody just make it EPIC. Green Lantern isnt a character that should get a spiderman / ironman style film. Hopefully in a future Green Lantern film we get these things correct. Once again great job to Ryan Reynolds though, the film wasnt his bad and id like to see him as the green lantern in the future. I hope future DC comic heroes get better treatment. Oh, and if DC plans on pulling off a FLASH movie, please pick Bradley Cooper to play the role. My friends and i agree that of all the big name actors that could possibly play the role of Flash, Bradley Cooper is the pic.

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  • sweaty donut said

    People are too critical, I personally enjoyed the film very much and with such great history this character/hero deserves to continue on. Yeah yeah it was this it was that we’ve heard it all, transformers bombed with critics yet exploded @ the box office go figure. Over the top superhero/action movies are what we as fans want or should want (if we remember why we fell in love with these stories to begin with). I grew up with these characters they have deeper roots with a lot of us late 70’s early 80’s born kids, they bring back our fond memories and our imagination. If all you critical tools with keyboards & wifi connections would shut up for once and remember what being a kid is all about every one of these movies/franchises would do well and continue on. Go to the theater expecting a bit of cheese in the movie use your imagination put down your smart phone and be a kid. You want to complain about something complain to your mama the world doesn’t need to hear every moron’s opinion just because they have an internet connection. I love the super hero movies (just leave the love story out of it there’s enough movies about that hardy har har). Give us the action, adventure, super powers, and out of this world visuals that we saw (due to our great imaginations & ability to enjoy the simple things in life)in our horribly animated cartoons & comic books. I know they are silly and unbelievable that’s what movies are they are an escape from reality, they are a chance to let your brain go on a vacation and be a kid again, to ignore your problems in life for two hours, to smile and be happy. Your opinion is just that your’s just like mine is mine maybe I’m a moron to you but this moron remembers what it was like to be a happy go lucky kid, that didn’t criticize every single thing I came across cause I hate myself so much I can’t bare to be in my own head with my own thoughts for too long so I just complain about a kids story. They change every story line just a little, they cast the wrong people, they make it too out of this world, they ruin the costume blah blah blah we’ve heard it all. Have you heard yourself whining about everything like I’m whining about you all now? Sit back, enjoy, be 5 again, put on your 3d glasses and pretend you’re not stuck in your now crummy life you might just like it.

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    • john gregory said

      i agree i really liked the movie, i loved the story line and i was pulled in by the actors/s i would love to see another movie personally

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  • Sam said

    Firstly, if you’re going to reveal the end credit scene you need a spoiler alert.

    Secondly, one of the main strengths of Green Lantern as a comic book is its non-typical backstory. The development of Hal and the rise and fall of several other Lanterns (particularly the human lanterns, not just him and Sinestro) are what makes the series as a whole great and it would be a shame if we don’t get to explore that area of the mythology on screen.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Alright, I’ve put in a spoiler alert. Surely anyone reading about the potential plot of a sequel knows it’s likely to spoil how the first movie ended.

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      • Sam said

        I’m interested in the sequel because I like the comics but have avoided seeing the first film at the cinema (I’ll wait for the DVD) because of negative reviews and time constraints. Accept that I’m probably not the norm but regardless of that I wouldn’t have carried on reading if there had been an alert there. Apologies if that seemed like trolling, just think that in this particular case you are better off with that warning.

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        • Sheridan Passell said
          Sheridan Passell

          Sorry for giving away the scene. I’ll err on the side of caution next time.

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      • Thom said

        LOL, I read the article & skipped the paragraph labelled spoiler alert as I haven’t seen it yet.

        Those so much other stuff on at the cinema I think I’ll wait for DVD too, despite all the special FX not looking as good

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      • ryan said

        i agree i went to see GL the day it came out and it wasnt as cracked up as it should’ve been. if GL2 comes out plz have ryan reynolds as GL and also stick to the comics

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  • James Marchbanks said

    I agree that people are too critical. I really enjoyed the movie and thought it kept mostly true to the mythology of the Green Lantern. What ever happened to the day when people just enjoyed a movie and didn’t try to find every single fault in the movie. I would like to see the critics try to make a movie even remotely as good as the worst movie ever made. You would fail

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  • David Hawk said

    I haven’t seen it, so i will reserve judgment but it hasn’t had the best reviews and with Thor seemingly kicking its backside i can’t see a sequel restoring anyone’s faith.

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  • Joker said

    I’m not really interested. I haven’t seen the first one, but all the reviews I’ve read tell me enough.So disappointing. I was anticipating this movie so much. And it hurts even more that it was Martin Campbell directing it. After all those good movies. Bond,Zorro, Edge of Darkness, and now this!?

    From the looks of it, only the Nolans and David Goyer can seem to make a decent comic book film.

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  • GreenMachine said

    People need to chill out. Enjoy the movie for what it is and stop ripping on a movie for the smallest of details. Its was good for what it was and I enjoyed it for that. Warner Bros needs to stop trying to compete with what marvel is doing and just make their stories the way they should be (like the batmans of late and now green lantern). If they wanna cut the cost of that $300 million scrap the 3D, calm down on pushing the ads so much and let your product sell itself and people that wanna see it will go. I for one will go see a 2D Green Lantern 2.

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  • Mikey said

    Sinestro should become the villian like on the comics and become Hal’s arch nemesis.

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  • Darren said

    I’d love to see a sequel for Green Lantern it’d be s diuche move to end it the way they did and not have a sequel just like it was a douche move they never made a second Mario Brothers Movie

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  • Triple M said

    The sequel needs to be called Iron Man, and star Robert Downey Jnr.
    Let’s face it, that’s what Warner Bros were trying to copy.

    Otherwise.. give it up… it’s a flop.

    If Superman Returns didn’t get a sequel, this one shouldn’t either.

    Move on.

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  • aestewart said

    I saw GL for the second time today (in 2D this time) and I think more worked than didn’t. The cast certainly wasn’t the problem: just about everybody was fine in their respective roles (I can’t get enough of Mark Strong as Sinestro.) I think the script stumbled from time to time (including some wince-inducing dialogue) and opening the movie with a bit of exposition that could have easily been incorporated into the story itself was a bad move. Also, missing was the moment where Hal decides he’s going to see what this space stuff is all about (honestly, any sane person would at least mull over it for a bit.) But what’s done is done, and I think this film, for all its flaws, sets up for a franchise quite nicely. Sure we saw Sinestro take the yellow ring at the end, but I would like them to back-track a bit and show us some of the steps to his corruption, implant some motivation as to why he’s attracted to the yellow power. I would love the second film to have more to do with the various members of the Corps, fleshing their characters out in a film version of the Sinestro Corps War. Star Sapphire would be cool, too, but it depends on what they would have room for. Here’s hoping Warner and DC take the gamble and let the second act (which is usually the best act) not only save the series, but redeem the first film as well.

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  • Johnny said

    I don’t know why this movie did not appeal to comic book fans or critics. I for one love the movie and did not expect too much because this is the first GL movie of his kind.

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  • Blake said

    I think a second movie would be amazing, even a third, I’d buy them all, but I don’t think his on again off again love should because a villain, that would be stupid and i would consider that an anticlimax, sinestro should be the main villain and if they need another secondary villain it should be someone from hals past or a corrupted green lantern, the guy who beat him up in the first movie at the bar could find a blue ring or violet ring. I really do hope there is a second movie though

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    • wally west said

      Do you have any idea what the blue power ring represents? Obviously not. And sinestro SHOULD of been the villian in the first place! Not parallax who was one of hals MORE RECENT villains
      I thought the movie could’ve been better

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    • wally west said

      And besides sinestro is a corrupted green lantern idiot

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  • Blake said

    Shouldn’t* be a villain

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