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Captain America 2 – Sequel Plans

Captain America 2 - Sequel (Movie, 2013)
There’s been some Captain America 2 talk over recent days, so what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

Captain America: The First Avenger is a hit at the box office. It was the last superhero movie of the summer but opened with the largest attendence, and $65.8m. Compare that to Green Lantern’s $53.2m and X-Men: First Class’s $55.1m, and while Thor took $65.7m that had the benefit of more 3D screens with inflated prices. Audiences gave Cap an A- CinemaScore.

Sequel-wise, let’s start by stating the obvious – Captain America will be back in The Avengers next summer, the teaser trailer for which was after the credits of The First Avenger. But so far as a standalone Captain America 2 goes, Marvel hired the screenwriters of the original to start putting the first treatment together as long ago as February.

When Chris Evans signed on, it was for six movies. The implication was three Captain America movies, and three Avengers movies, though it may include a couple of cameos. Marvel went for an actor of relatively low cost and fame precisely because they needed someone who would have little to lose by commiting to such a long term strategy.

Director Joe Johnston has said he would like to come back if the follow up script is “as unique as the first…and there’s a very good chance it will be.”

Marvel have said they will release Captain America 2 after Iron Man 3, which would put it in mid-summer 2013, or 2014.

The big unanswered questions involve timeline and villain. On when the sequel will be set, the writers had this to say a couple of weeks ago: “The story will likely be in the present day. We’re experimenting with flashback elements for more period World War II stuff. We made it baggy enough to refer to more stories in the past.” Meaning they left deliberate gaps in the narrative of the first movie to make jumping back to WW2 to follow other Cap adventures easy. “What’s always separated Cap from all the other comic book heroes is that things that have affected him in the past sometimes crop up in the present, whether that’s emotionally, whether that’s an actual villain or a MacGuffin or whatever.”

Joe Johnston is mentioning the Winter Soldier in every interview he gives at the moment, suggesting either he’ll be a character in the sequel, or be developed into a spin-off movie. The Winter Soldier is Bucky, taken by the Soviets when he was left for dead, brainwashed, given a bionic arm and kept in cryogenic sleep between assassination missions – which explains how he gets to the present day looking youthful.

Update April 2012: The sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger will be released on April 4, 2014. Marvel says, “The second installment will pick-up where The Avengers leaves off, as Steve Rogers continues his affiliation with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D and struggles to embrace his role in the modern world.”

What would you like to see happen in a Captain America sequel? Which time period should it be set in? Which new characters should they add? Who should be the villains? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Robert Kent said

    I think it’s pretty obvious that the sequel will take place in the present.

    What happens to Peggy Carter? If she’s still alive, she would probably be in at least her mid to late 90’s. Does she and Steve finally get their dance?

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      All the indications are it’ll be in the present but flashback to the war. How much it flashes back is undecided.

      In The Ultimates, Peggy is a pensioner who he goes to visit, it’s quite moving actually.

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      • 6ftFortress said

        I would love to have Cap see Peggy in her 90s or even visit her grave or…something! I was bummed that they never really got together. Maybe Black Widow will turn out to be her granddaughter and Cap will get some love? I haven’t read the comics, I’m an X-Men fan personally. I also hope that they give a bit more explanation of Red Skull’s disappearance too. Did he go to Asgard? Also that one of those “gaps” is an explanation of how Cap got some fighting/training experience….this isn’t the Matrix people! It’s not like they downloaded fighting skills into Caps brain…

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        • Fifan said

          Well, cap got military-training before lab-experiment also, and got more with supersoldier powers etc. Everything does not need to explained, it just makes things boring (red-skull, peggys faith and so on). Use your own imagination! Cap was great movie 🙂

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      • Nat said

        Aw that’s so sad. I wish she could be part of some time travel experiment so they could be together again 🙁 or he could end up going back to his time at the end of the series. (sniff sniff)

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        • Kimee said

          But if Cap go back to his time, then doesn’t that change the future afterwards?
          I hope they could think of a way for Peggy and Cap to have their dance and be together. Like Peggy being alive in the present day and that she will be a part of an experiment like Cap’s and make her become young again so they can be together 🙂

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        • Kimee said

          Or maybe, Peggy went looking for Cap and in some way, she got frozen too. She could be found at the end of the movie and will also be revived. That way, she and Cap could finally have their dance and be together! 😀

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          • Kyle said

            Well I mean there is always her relative Sharon Carter…If I am correct, I think Sharon and Steve had a relationship.

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      • Andy said

        Well where al those deleted scenes that arent meant to be quite moving hmmm??? I bought the avengers movies specifically for that reason, cos we were promised that the scenes of captain rogers meeting peggy carter in her 90s would be shown on the extra scenes. Complete boll*cks, only extra scenes on the movie was a 6min step by step walk though with the director..I hate being lied to

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        • Sheridan Passell said
          Sheridan Passell

          Either the filmmakers were lying or, like Lord Of The Rings, they will release a ‘super’ edition a year from now that has all those deleted scenes on the disk, to make fans buy the movie twice.

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    • Taylor2014 said

      Joss Whedon (director of the Avengers) said there would be about 30 min of deleted scenes on the Avengers DVD/Blueray. He said there are at least two scenes that feature Capt. America one is where he will tries to adjust to the new NYC life and two where he ges to see Peggy again as an old woman.

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  • AKrum44 said

    I cant wait for it. I’d love to see maybe Winter Soldier as the villain cuz it would be hard for Cap to fight him considering he was his best friend

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    • Dale said

      I agree with Akrum! It would be great for the winter soldier to b a villain as it would make the film that much more entertaining although, he did fall and it would b farfetched. I have a question though. I never read the comics but did this movie follow the comic book much or more freestyles it (other than the timeline obviously) cheers

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    • Jack Smith said

      Winter soldier would be AWESOME! But I wish they would’ve done more with Red Skull… But I was looking for winter soldier stuff in the first avenger, and we saw bucky fall which is good. If winter soldier does end up a movie I think he should remain a sorta mystery until the end of the movie and have crossbones in aswell.

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      • leeann said

        omg! i want steve and peggy together soo bad!she has to come back! i only want him with her no one else! >:/ nd i dont think his best friend should go agianst him..they really care about each other 🙂

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  • Joker said

    Good ideas, but it’ll probably be Arnim Zola. And possibly Baron Zemo.

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    • Art boerke said

      I like your suggestion that Arnim Zola and Zempo will be in the mix. I ythink Hydra has to return and that could mean Baron Strucker and Lady Hydra will be in too. THey would not have sown Zola grabbing the picture of him as an android with the Esper box if he was not coming back. Modok would be welcome too. In the WWII flashbacks I vote for Namor and the Original Human Torch as helpers, reuniting the Invaders/ All Winners Squad.

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  • kieran said

    hey i dont know about yous but i loved it and personally i think there is only 5 possible outcomes for the captain america sequel.

    1. that guy who fell off the train comes back and that whole brain washing by the soviets seems very plausable.

    2. that guy whose face looks like a monkeys butt A.K.A that guy with the red face comes back.

    3. the grandson of that guy with the red face comes to try and avenge his grand fathers death.

    4. another random person tries to take over the world and he has to stop him.

    5. they perform the operation which they did on captain america again but this person goes bad and tries to kill everybody.

    6. captain america gets set up and is framed for an assassination on the president of america and now is on the run and has to prove his innocence but he has only a few friends who he can trust and some people who he thought he could trust betray him.

    well thats about it i hope you like my ideas but even so i doubt anyone will read them and even take them into consideration. bye.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      I read them. Funnily enough 5 actually happened in The Incredible Hulk, the bad guy Bronsky is given a super soldier serum mixed with Hulk dna, I believe, it messes him up and he tries to kill everybody.

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    • Brandon said


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  • Johnny said

    Yeah, no matter how you slice it, the Captain America sequel needs to be present day. HOWEVER. Cap was replaced in the fifties. He fought the communist. But instead of the fifties, the films could still take place during WW2. And instead of being Cap movies, they can be Invaders movies. You can never have enough Nazi bashing, as far as I’m concerned.

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    • Art boerke said


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  • gd smith said

    I liked all the period stuff, and found the back-story oddly moving! But the action scenes were rattled through too quickly and were too futuristic for my taste. Personally, I think if they set the sequel in the present then Captain America needs to have doubts. The character to me is basically like an Arthurian knight:a mixture of innocence,righteousness and violence. I would like a sequel that was more like Robocop.

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  • Gabby said

    I would love to see Captain wake up again and have it be a dream and Peggy by his side caring for him. And he only slept for like a year. I want to see them together and dancing. Then maybe have kids! They are so cute together and I was sad at the end when they said he slept for 70 yrs and he said I missed my date. It broke my heart. And I’m still sad about it!!! And it needs to come out in like 2012 cuz I can’t wait 2-3years!!

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    • Paige said

      I agree!!! It was so sad, and I think they should definantly reunite! They ARE really cute together!!!!!

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      • cece said

        I agree, they need their dance. Hmmmm…I don’t remember where Wonder Woman came from..perhaps this would be a good time to introduce Peggy as Wonder Woman. She was the next subject for the same experiment that created Capt America, and it worked; and she’s been saving the world while the Captain slept.

        I like the idea of bringing back Bucky. He fell off the train but the enemy got ahold of him and put the pieces back together but when they did the experiment on him, he became the bad guy. Now the Capt and Wonder Woman get to fight him off. I also like the idea of the grandson avenging his gpa.

        You all have great ideas but not to loose focus, Peg and Cap NEED to have that dance.

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        • thomas said

          Peggy is still alive. steve meets her neice, Agent 13, and they fall for each other. then when she finds out about him and
          Peggy, she takes him to Virgirna and there they see each other again.

          i would like to see Peggy and Bucky in the second movie.

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        • Art boerke said


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  • fighterman said

    i dont think Im dreaming but Im sure that when I watched some of the previews on youtube of captain america there was a scene with a young nick fury samuel jackson(with hair) along side Tommy lee jones. Can anyone confirm this? Its just that im curious to know what happened to that scene

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  • anna said

    I loved the whole thing and I’m sorry gd smith but i disagree!!! i think the action scenes were fine… if they played out the whole action scenes it would have not been as satisfying. And i say that cuz i felt a certain amount of pride knowing he kicked some butt!!! I loved how he had that innocence in the girl department, because a lot of guys don’t… especially cute ones!( all heroes have that, and that’s why girls all want one)righteousness was something that was just starting to cloud over, and that was from greed. Or just the need to bully someone around ( and i still don’t understand why people chose to be jerks to make themselves feel better.) But you need to think if a hero didn’t know right or wrong… wouldn’t that just make them a very lost person with a lot of power? And I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to spider man in one of the movies. That black goo clouded knowing right from wrong. It’s ironic how he had to go to church. ( a place many people go to for help and hope, a place in a human minds is a place of good. God is good.) Everyone has a passion for something, a pet-peeve, it’s part of not being perfect. He HATED bullies, and i think everyone does it’s something we can all relate to. Something we can make a connection too, so good job on that!! i know that you have most likely all ready thought of this… but i agree that he should have a dance with Peggy. It was really smart of you to leave us hanging on that part… because that’s what we are all going to want to see. DO they have their dance?? But he needs to move on.. and when he does maybe that’s where some of the flashbacks come from. And he needs to this because girls love romance!! Go ahead look above i think every girl if not most of them have said they HAVE to get together. So when that romance ends…
    Another thing, guys love violence i don’t know why but they do. So you’ll want to add some awesome new fighting tech. We are in present day… and if the people in war wold 2 had those awesome gadgets, you are REALLY going to need to put in some work in the battle field and tech. Another thing ignore the dudes.. will most of them. They’re just jealous that us girls are drooling over cap. America’s bod/ personality and they are going to be boys about it. A.K.A. immature… no offense or anything 🙂 And i have just one more thing to say cuz i need to get to teakwondo… don’t wait that long. By the time you get that thing out in 2-3 yrs. everyone’s going to be hooked on another movie. And people are going to say the first movie is better.. and people are going to believe that. And it’s not cuz the 2nd one is bad or worse ,chances are it’s just as good if not better than the first one. it’s just that people are going to expect you to have made an out of this world movie in that time period. And even if you do.. it’s going to be that much harder to make one that can beat the 2nd. We are going to judge the whole thing even harder cuz it’s a super hero movie, it’s one of the cons. the pro… EVERYONE is going to want to watch it cuz it is. SO… just don’t wait that long.. but make it awesome. thank you for taking the time to read this and making that movie, hope this helps!
    – Anna

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  • Paige said

    I think Captain America should reunite with the lady he loved before and after he took his 70 year nap. I don’t know how, but someway, somehow, I think it would be really cool if they could get back together.

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  • moody said

    What happens to Peggy Carter? If she’s still alive, she would probably be in at least her mid to late 90′s. Does she and Steve finally get their dance?

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  • moody said

    What happens to Peggy Carter? If she’s still alive, she would probably be in at least her mid to late 90′s. Does she and Steve finally get their dance? ?

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  • moody said

    What happens to Peggy Carter ?? she will be at the film ? and how old she will be ??

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  • Mrs Captain America said

    Make the movie suck,make it greater,either way I’m going to the theatre long as I get me some Cap…just take his shirt off some more,n plz put it in 3D…I want to feel like I’m all up in it. Women will like that, n u knw we like to spend;) lol. Make it soon too plz…n yall did a gr8 job on d 1st 1:)

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  • Daytona said

    You know what would be cool in the second movie, if in the second movie captain America finds out that the real reason he is still alive after all this time is because something happened to him or some people found him and throught the winter or whatever she goes after him and somehow saves him. so morally the story should be about her being the hero saving captain america. but somehow twist in the captain america being able to go in the past and fight and eventually even if shes 90 and hes young at the end they meet and have their dance. that would be a killer ending to a sequal

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    • Carly said

      Okay you got all of that wrong. When they did the experiment on him, it enhanced his ability, everything he was able to do. That means he can run faster, he’s stronger etc. That also means that somehow in that ship when he crashed his plane, he got injured or maybe died and it took him years to heal himself completely.

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