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Jim Henson Biopic

Behind every great man is an interesting life story. Right?

The folk at Empire Film Group (yep, no idea who they are either) have put out the buzz that they’ve picked up the life story of Jim Henson for a biopic. They’re calling it Henson. Clever.

Never mind that this is a rights minefield – the Muppets are owned by Disney these days, and our new friends at Empire have only produced one other film (you won’t like it: Blonde and Blonder!), so the chances of Kermit and friends appearing are slim. Remember Backbeat, and feeling generally cheated when you realised the closest thing you were getting to a Beatles song was ‘Twist and Shout’?

There’s no doubt that Henson is a hero. I watch Muppet Christmas Carol every year (I’ll let you guess when) and I always shed a tear at the dedication to his memory. He was a pure, untainted genius. A man who saw something in his head and carved it out of foam and managed to stop it being creepy. He invented a kind of entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

This had better be good, and yet – somehow – I feel it won’t be.

By: Han The Chan

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