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Killer Elite Trailer – Most Ludicrous Movie Of 2011?

Killer Elite Trailer
Well, maybe not, but that’s more a reflection of the strength of competition (one word for you: Chipwrecked) than the levels of nuttiness on show in the new trailer for Gary McKendry’s action thriller. In particular, watch out for Jason Statham duffing up Clive Owen and Clive Owen’s silly little moustache while still tied to a chair.

Killer Elite purports to be based on a true story, although liberties must surely have been taken to fashion some of the snippets of action on show in the just-released trailer: the aforementioned chair assault; the Stath appearing to beat up Adebesi from Oz using a car seatbelt; Clive Owen and Clive Owen’s silly little moustache knifing what looks like a sickly Santa Claus.

It almost looks like a spoof of the Bourne movies (a Meet the Spartans to the Bourne franchise’s 300, if you will), with the sense of madcap nonsense being further amped up by the soundtrack’s use of Rock You Like a Hurricane, by those poodle rockers incarnate the Scorpions. Also worth noting is the appearance of Robert De Niro as mentor to Statham’s rogue special ops man, just confirming that Uncle Bob’s recent stint as Cannes jury president didn’t signal an end to his last-decade stint of sleepwalking his way through idiotic films. Thank goodness.

The trailer comes via Apple, and Killer Elite opens in the US on 23 September.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Clive Owen might be the most incompetent villain I’ve ever seen, being beaten up by someone tied to a chair then missing them with a gun from point blank range.

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    • Joker said

      And getting stabbed in the nuts by the end of the trailer.

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    • mark said

      Then I’m guessing You’ve never shot a pistol one handed before

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    • jared said

      mark is right, and you’ve never seen an ex spec ops perform either, i’m an Army Ranger 2nd Battalion and my uncle was an Ex special forces for Seals, they can get out of any situation in a blink of an eye, dont doubt anything from them even if a gun is pointed to there head trust me. I’ve been in situation where i didnt think i was getting out alive and look at me typin this message which is way to long cause i like to talk haha. but yeah killer elite looks good as hell.

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      • Sheridan Passell said
        Sheridan Passell

        Alright, I’ll concede to those in the know. What was the situation by the way?

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  • Thom said

    Finally, Barry Chuckle gets his feature film breakthrough!

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  • gd smith said

    This looks like proper Statham. Just awesome. he’s easily the best action hero since the 80s.
    The chair thing may be ridiculous, but come on it’s cool! Everyone secretly wishes they could do that kind of thing.

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  • Ace said

    Clive Owen’s Does it agian and this time he has Statham, De Niro there to Help. Regardless the spoof script or anything else this should make for an good film viewing! It Has Laughs, Action, and well it has some very good top notched Actors alike. I’ll see it

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  • Randon said

    Jason Statham sucks. I am sooooooooo sick of these movie tough guys for reality challenged. The inclusion of Rock You Like A Hurricaine is just comical.

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