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Top 10 Facts – Gremlins

(6) No origin for the creatures is given in the movies, but the novelisation explains that mogwai were created as peaceful, thoughtful animals by a genetic scientist.


(7) Mogwai translates as ‘demon’ or ‘gremlin’ in Cantonese Chinese.

(8) Both Spielberg and the studio disliked the now classic scene where Kate explains how her father died in a chimney dressed as Santa Claus. They wanted it cut for not clearly being funny or sad enough. Dante insisted and it stayed.

(9) Steven Spielberg cameos as a man in a wheelchair.

(10) Stripe was voiced by Frank Welker, otherwise known as Megatron.

gremlins facts and trivia

You can listen to our interview with director Joe Dante here.

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  • erin anadkat said

    the mogwai are so cute! but how freaky was this film for a spielberg flick?

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    • Phil A. Sheeo said

      Gremlins 2 was actually a great sequel. You either love it or hate it. Hilarious film. Like where they “interview” a gremlin on the news after he is injected with brain serum. He’s all trying to show how “civilized” they are when another gremlin interrupts acting all stupid. The first gremlin pulls out a gun and shoots the other, not missing a word. So damn funny.

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  • James Lee Kennett said

    I dont know – if you look at The Beard’s Executive Producer output around the time its not that out of place.The Land Before Time, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, *batteries not included,Innerspace, Harry and the Hendersons,An American Tail, The Money Pit, Young Sherlock Holmes, Back to the Future, The Goonies, Poltergeist – its clear that he’s in Mogul mood and earning money on films that having his name on would help, whilst at the same time not hurting brand Spielberg. Pretty darn smart, and some of the films mentioned above I couldnt picture my childhood without.

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    • Phil A. Sheeo said

      Wow. Those movies defined my entire childhood. I often wonder if kids today can even experience the same magic as us 80’s kids. Seems different now. Or I’m just old.

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  • Christine C said

    Interesting stuff! I recently read a review of “Gremlins” on a horror website, and was quite surprised that some would call it a horror movie (I was 8-9 years old when I saw it but was hardly scared). Perhaps if the production crew had stayed with the original script it would have been pretty darn scary!!!

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  • puppy said

    gizmo is sooooo adorable but dont feed him after midnight. he’ll turn from cute to ugly:(

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  • Earych said

    The writer missed my favorite fact: Chuck Jones, Cartoon god has a cameo. In the bar scene when Billy is drawing, he converses with an older man. That’s Chuck.

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  • Dan said

    I wish Gremlins 3 was made.

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  • Dan said

    If ther was no copy rights to the movie than a new movie monster would be out there and other different movies with those kind of gremlins might be made. ( Everyone has that kind of image when they think of a gremlin by now )

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