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Crazy Stupid Love Soundtrack (Songs) - Listen & Download
The Crazy, Stupid, Love soundtrack. Although few would argue with the assertion that love can indeed be characterised as both ‘crazy’ and ‘stupid’ (er, assuming we’re talking about the libidinous variety, rather than the love one might feel for a treasured family pet – say, a cute li’l wabbit. Aw), the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie with a title constituted of those three words is not so much daft lunatic, instead being more of a safe ‘n’ steady affair.

Directed by the I Love You Phillip Morris pairing of Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, Crazy, Stupid, Love on first inspection appears to be an odd couple bromance, with Steve Carrell as the middle-aged sad sack being giving pick-up tips by Ryan Gosling’s smooth-talking slickster. However the trailer indicates that the dramatic element of the story is at least as prevalent as the humorous one, and the soundtrack provides a further hint of this, with it lacking the knockabout, retro-irony numbers which have come to characterise the tie-in albums of contemporary comedy flicks.

Most of the 12 chosen tracks (all oldies, no newies) are fairly mellow affairs, with the combined effect harking back to the chill-out boom (if that isn’t too much of an oxymoron) of the late ‘90s/early ‘00s. Indeed, from the Fleet Foxes-lite of the Acorn, with their acoustic guitars and post-ironic spirituality, to the piano hook of Gram Rabbit’s Lost in Place, to the Middle East’s Blood (already heard on at least one film soundtrack this year: It’s Kind of a Funny Story, starring Zach Galifianakis), it’s largely the kind of good taste languor that might be put on the stereo during a dinner party. Just after dessert. Just before the cheese and cyanide.

There are a few vacillations in tempo, mind, with DC duo Thievery Corporation contributing both the brassy, bassy groove of The Numbers Games¸ complete with rootsy vocal from fellow Washingtonite, Chuck Brown, and The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter, an older and percussively funky number featuring the ever-familiar tones of David Byrne. Meanwhile, the late Doris Troy matches and perhaps surpasses Brown in terms of soulful vocals (Just One Look), while Say Hi’s Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (yes, really) provides a brief but welcome burst of higher-octane oddness.

The Crazy, Stupid, Love soundtrack is out on 26 July. The movie is out three days later in the US and on 23 September in the UK.

Listen To The Crazy Stupid Love Soundtrack:

You can download the Crazy Stupid Love soundtrack as mp3s here

Crazy, Stupid, Love Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. The Numbers Game – Thievery Corporation
2. Almanac – The Acorn
3. Lost in Place – Gram Rabbit
4. The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter – Thievery Corporation & David Byrne
5. Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair (Jaffa remix) – Nina Simone
6. Animal (Mark Ronson remix) – Miike Snow
7. Ooh La La – Goldfrapp
8. Just One Look – Doris Troy
9. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh – Say Hi
10. On the Sly – The Bamboos
11. I Need Your Love – Marilin Medina, Martin Medina & Jason Ruder
12. Blood – The Middle East

Leave your thoughts on the Crazy, Stupid, Love soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Shelley said

    In the very beginning of this film, I thought there was a John Legend song. But I don’t see it on the soundtrack. Do you know what it is?

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    • LoLa said

      Save Room-great song by John Legend

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    • doris said

      does anyone know the name of the song at the end of movie when the credits start?

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      • AC said

        @doris: “does anyone know the name of the song at the end of movie when the credits start?”

        That’s Tenuousness by Andrew Bird. Fantastic song! Even better live.

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      • Whitney said

        Actually the song that is playing right when the credits start is Blood by The Middle East.

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  • ALEXIS said


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  • darci said

    Crazy, Stupid, Love was a solid movie, even if it didn’t really offer anything new to the genre I still enjoyed it. I loved the music though! One of my favorite soundtracks since Garden State…I do wonder though, how do they determine what songs make the official soundtrack?

    For example, the movie had two of my all-time favorite songs in it, but only one made it to the soundtrack. The first one, “Almanac” by The Acorn is on the soundtrack and it played in Weaver’s SUV when Cal’s struggle to understand stops Jessica’s attempt to let him know how she feels. Love that song….

    The other one, “Loops” by Junip was the song playing when Robbie declares his love for all to see but Jessica tells him there’s someone else…and it didn’t make the cut. How does this get decided? I’d get the soundtrack for sure if they had “Loops” on it (probably still will buy it but ugh it would be better with Loops).

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  • Lisa said

    At the beginning of the movie where Steve Carrel is dropping off the babysitter, what song is playing?

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  • Alim wan said

    There this song , somehow the rythem is like african or arabian type . Before both of the guys went shopping … Do you know the tittle of the song . Im dying for that .

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    • Baja181 said

      I believe the song is called “Parquesito” by Quichua Mashis. Music of the Andes. Enjoy!

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  • angeleyes said

    there is this one song during the movie (when steve carrel and ryan gosling were in the nightclub) and this song was playing (it was a girl singing) she was singing something like “i want you i need you you want me” (excuse me i may not be accurate) it was a song in the background and it was like a type of house/techno song somewhere in that genre i really wish someone might be able to recognize that song! it was such a nice song i was trying to remember the lyrics but forgot it by then end of the movie 🙁

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  • eddie said

    whats the song called at almost the end of the movie when cal and the dad and the young guy fight when the baby sitters dad find the pictures

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  • Katiegirl said

    What song is playing when ryan gosling is eating the pizza at the mall? I can’t find it 🙁

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  • SpaceKidMan said

    in the scene were steve carrell goes to the mall to meat withs jacob, theres a arabic song that plays when the are showing the look of “jacob”, can anyone tell me please 😀 thanx.

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  • Tessia said

    Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing when Hanna is in the bar talking to her friend and Jacob is watching her and then he is walking towards her table and it shows him walking in slow motion. The song sounds like it has a techno beat to it.

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  • jendra said

    What the song is playing when Cal is talking with Kate (Marisa Tomei)? Please, I love this song but I can not find him. Please hel me anybody 🙁

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    • Elaine said

      Jendra I’m trying to figure out that song too!!!! It’s not listed on the OST nor on the score.

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  • Wilfried said

    At the beginning of the movie where Steve Carrell jumps out the car, what song is playing? (which is not on the soundtrack?)

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  • Andrews said

    The song that was playing in the background when Steve Carell met Ryan Gosling for the first time? Its jazz i think. Please help !

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  • Sophia W. said

    Does anyone know the song when hannah (emma stone)thought she was getting proposed to and then she goes to find Jacob (Ryan Gosling). There’s this song throuhgout that whole part it’s like maybe punk kind of music or something like that. It’s not on the soundtrack so does anyone know? Thanks=)

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  • jessie r. said

    I liked the song that was cut short when steve was in the backyard doing yard work at night when he falls out of the tree. I can’t find it, does anyone know it?

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    • Patrick said

      Talking Heads “this must be the place”. Great song! Actually, its pretty old, it came out in the 80’s. If you ever watch the original “Wall Street” it plays during the credits.

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