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Transformers 4 Round-Up

Transformers 4 - Will There Be One? Answer Time.
It’s been a momentous week for the Transformers franchise. So is there going to be a Transformers 4 or a reboot? And what can we expect from it?

A couple of days ago Transformers: Dark of the Moon reached $1 billion worldwide gross. That’s $338 million in the US and $663 million internationally. Incredibly it’s the first billion dollar grossing movie in Paramount’s 99 year history. And it’s one of the 10 highest grossing films worldwide of all time. This was no doubt helped by the inflated ticket price of 3D, but still it’s a great achievement, especially coming off the back of a generally disliked second movie.

So what happens now? Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay have had enough. Shia told MTV “I’m not coming back to do another one. I don’t think Mike [Bay] will either,” the actor continued. “It is still a hot property I think, especially coming out of the third one. So I imagine they’ll reboot it at some point with someone else.” Bay wrote on his site, “I’m kind of sad to leave the franchise.”

It’s a common Hollywood tactic to pretend you want to leave a successful franchise just to boost your next payday. But after five years of Transformers blue-screen filmmaking and more money than they could ever spend, it could well be genuine.

If they do go, will it mean a reboot like Shia suggests? No. The producer has stated “Certainly not a reboot. We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Tobey Maguire. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn’t all bots.”

There have been rumours that Spielberg might direct or that Jason Statham might be the new leading man (he’s dating Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in real life), but trust me those will prove to be nonsense. Bay himself has said the Statham thing is untrue.

TRANSFORMERS 3 SPOILERS: One problem Transformers 4 will have is how to deal with the bridges burnt by Bay at the end of Dark of the Moon. Killing Starscream and Megatron in such a final way means there’s going to be a huge gap in future movies. Then again, could Megatron somehow be recovered enough to become Galvatron (the ‘re-born’ form of a destroyed Megatron)? And were they both fairly minor players in Dark of the Moon anyway?

Bay said he wasn’t keen on the Dinobots, but if he’s exiting then this would seem the time. They’re great characters, would present a fresh new spectacle on screen (giant metal dinosaurs trashing a city), and their prehistoric-form would offer some obvious plot opportunies if it meant prehistoric-origins too. The series sure does love to show the Transformers dropping in on earth’s history.

Unicron (the planet-sized Transformer from the original animated movie) is the villain most fans want to see. While this would be jaw-droppingly spectacular, it does present a huge logistical problem – how is Shia LaBeouf’s human replacement going to battle something the size of a planet?

Update: (February 2012) Michael Bay has been persuaded to stay on for a fourth movie. Shia is gone. Transformers 4 will replace all the human chracters with an entirely new cast. They haven’t decided yet how they are going to handle the robots – they may reboot them too, they may not. The release date is summer 2014.

Update: (November 2012) Mark Wahlberg has been confirmed as the new star, replacing Shia LaBeouf.

What do you want to see happen in Transformers 4? Should Michael Bay direct? Which new characters do you want to see? Leave your plot ideas in the comments.

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  • Matt said

    if i could see anything in transformers 4 unicron would be one of them, i would love to see shockblast and hopefully would have a more awesome spectacle battle than between optimus and shockwave. and have shockblast turn his back against megatron(or galvatron). i think it could be done.
    also was doing some thinking from when star wars started their trilogy in the future and came back and shown how things started.
    i think transformers 4 could benefit from that plotline so we can see the great war on cybertron when optimus prime was known as Orion Pax, and possibly have sentenil prime in it as well. there’s just too many variations you can do to the transformers franchise that could be downright awesome.
    but for me going back to the great war on cybertron could be great.

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    • Poop said

      It’s called a prequel

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    • Pholosho said

      I couldn’t agree with you more Matt, I’d like to know how the war between the two races started. I don’t mind if they replace Shia, the attention and focus should be on the Autobots and Decepticons

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      • robert said

        or just take him out all together

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      • jack said

        to be technical the great war took place on earth but then again i’m old school ist generation and starscreen has a mutated spark that can never expire and for megatron to become galvatron its only after sustaing heavy damage does here evolve into him

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      • eric said

        NO way dont take shia out he is the main character. It will ruin the whole series with the last movie if you take him out.

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    • edward said

      i think that megatrons character is completely is completely salvageable. we have to remember that transformers work differently than regular living things. there bodies can take heavy damage but so long as their sparks live they will be ok. even if megatrons spark has a weak pulse he could live.

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      • Colton said

        They should keep Micheala out of the series. Carly was much better. Not to mention the fact that Megan didn’t want the role anymore. They should introduce Unicron (obviously) but they can’t do it in 4. They should do it in 5 and 6 and have 4 introduce other villians and maybe have Starscream lead them since you don’t actually know if he died, since his head wasn’t ripped off like Megatron’s. And in 5 when introducing Unicron Megatron comes back as Galvatron. Also the Dinobots would be cool, since it would show a human prehistoric aspect that predates The Fallen.

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        • John said

          i think yes thay should make Starscream the desepticons leader. and tacke the girls out and focus on the atobots and desepticons. and thay should make a 5 6 7 and more movies because i love the Transformers movies thay are grate thay are my favorite movies. and thay should keep some of the characters but a lot of new one’s.

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    • Cecilia said

      I agree with having Galvatron and Unicron; most certainly something I’d love to see. But then again, as long as Optimus and Bee are still in the movies I’ll be fine.

      I don’t care if Shia is in the next trilogy or not. Someone on here said he didn’t seem too interested in helping the Autobots in the third one but I disagree; the second one he didn’t seem to want to help at first. In DotM he seemed desperate to assist the Autobots/NEST.

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    • alexander said

      Optimus Prime in the live-action movie was never orion pax because there are seven primes how would optimus be a prime if he was before orion pax. He has the name “Optimus Prime” for a reason.

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      • kings said

        do some research on Optimus primes history and you’ll know who that is

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        • Poch said

          And you all have to remember that the movieverse isn’t based on G1 no matter how hard you try. Only G1 has Orion Pax as Prime’s former incarnation. The DW universe has Optronix, The Unicron Trilogy universe never had a past reincarnation for their Prime, the TFA universe had Prime’s former name as Optimus Minor. So what I’m driving at is that the Orion Pax origin is never going to be the de facto origin of all Optimus Primes. The only two things they all have in common are that 1) They are all leaders of some sort (but not all are Supreme Commanders), and 2) They all die in a sacrificial manner and come back to life (but not necessarily in 3 days).

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          • jeff said

            Nerd! Nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd!

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          • Poch said

            @ jeff:

            Hahaha not really 🙂 I used to collect all Optimus Prime figures, so I made extensive research on the character 🙂 Gave them all up for photography business, though 🙁

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          • V-tex said

            First of all…I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about, second of all…NERD!!!

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      • Transfan said

        Actually,there was an episode featuring how optimus became a prime,his name was orion pax,and he admired megatron,the ariel bots had traveled back in time by accident and tried to warn him,when megatron went to his energon station that he worked at he shot him in the back,along with his friend and girlfriend(Im supposing his friend was ratchet or ironhide,but his girlfriend was elite-one).Then the ariel bots took him to sentitnel prime(He wasnt bad in the series).And he re-created all three,so there you have it.

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    • knutz said

      Or what else would be cool is to introduce primus into the series the creator of cybertron

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    • vince said

      If they bring unicron into the story.. if I recall when that bad ass came into the story wasn’t about humans it was about the leadership matrix and autobots… id be fine with that… but if theydo bring the planet size baddy into the game they have to bring some others back.. Ultra magnus, blur, blaster, astro train the fighter planes o and don’t forget the next in line to become a prime Rodimus Prime… I think mike bay and shia need to quit bitchin and just make the movies they have sh*t tons of money they can afford it and keep Steven speilbergs punkass outta productions…. I am impressed so far with the series its a hybrid of old testament and the new energon series keep running with it its still popular… every adult and kid loves it because the adults grew up with the story and the kids see the new age story…. for now I sit patiently to see results…

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      • just2cents said

        Also when it comes to shia and his char sam (better known in the cartoon as “Chip” a nickname he got later in his life) is actually the dad of Daniel who is essentially Rodimus’s human partner like Chip/Sam is Bumblebee’s.

        so they could also move things along without Shia by using his son.

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    • john said

      I think that shia should be in tf4 because he is a really good actor and Michael bay should do tf4 because he does a whole lot of movies and I think that he should do TF4

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    • Matthew said

      i want to see the for cybertron. that would allow michael bay to easily skip past all the dead villians and heros that have dies through the triology.

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    • Ryan1234 said

      this is a really good idea! that would be amazing to do a flash back to the war of cybertron and how they all came to be. like maybe how the optimus – megatron went bad. going from brothers to enemies. i would love to see sentinel prime and jetfire fight. well.. before they got old. but great ideas!!

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    • Ironhide fan said

      Iron hide neeeeeds to come back to life, and even better and stronger. It would be cool if he would be a
      Monster truck. He should be the ultimit trance
      Former ever and he sould have a legendary secret weapon.
      And I know I speak for millions of iron hide fans cried when he died.
      So please agree

      Thumb up 45 Thumb down 3

      • Awsome me said

        @ IronHide fan

        i totally agree with You ironhide is the best and will come back !

        Thumb up 27 Thumb down 3

        • rileeeeeeeeeeeee said

          in the new series transformers prime , theres a monster truck named bulkhead. i think hes one of the wreckers from transformers 3 though

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  • Tsaurkanon said

    No need to recast anyone… if Shia isnt back it wont be much of a loss. The Transformers are the attraction here. Megan Fox’s absence was not felt. Definitely needed to keep the Transformers on Earth, Cybertonian modes are boring. Dinobots would be good, i would like to see them bring another Devastator back. Megatron should come back as Galvatron, and keep adding new bots, as there are plenty of vehicles out there that havent been used yet. Aircraft Carrier, stealth bomber, etc.. Again as for the humans they are completely interchangable.

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    • ebricco said

      i think if they do a 4th one they got to have all the same actors cause i dont think it will be the same and it will bomb ad not be a hit movie exsample fast and furious they did fine until tokyo dirft all new actors and then now its all mess up but anyways i hope they make 4th movie i think that Bay should be director and Shia Labeouf and al the other man stars

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      • Ryan1234 said

        if you look at the ovies, the order is placed out to be movies 1,2,4,5,3. han is in 4-5 amd he dies in 3… so that means the orders are mixed up to add supense to the series.

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  • Travis said

    If they want to continue definitely need to bring in Hot Rod, Dinobots, Exosuits, and Galvatron. The original animated series and movies that followed, first there was Spike and then Daniel, his son, that wore the Transforming Exosuits.

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    • Ryan1234 said


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  • James said

    I do not think Unicron can be done. It can be done in cartoons and comics but not in a movie.

    Unicron eats planets for fun lol.

    Does everyone remember how bad Galactus in Fantastic Four was?

    I am hoping for reboot and with less human characters

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    • Juan M said

      Well you got to remember Fantastic Four was made by a sh*tty studio who didnt make Galactus as awesome it was in the cartoons. I think they could pull Unicron of for sure if they do it right.

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  • michael said

    Unicron will definitely be done in Transformers 4. The planet crunching super-robot encounters the space-barge containing the lifeless bodies of all the Decepticons and resurrects them all, giving them new bodies and new weapons. After the humans had collected the bodies and sent them off into space, they discover that before there ever were such things as transformers, there existed an ancient yet wise race of beings called The Quentisans. Only by knowing what these four and sometimes five-faced Quentisans were thinking when they created the transformers can humanity ever have a chance at destroying the Quentisans greatest creation…Unicron. Ironically, the Autobots and Decepticons will have to stop their quarrelling long enough to deal with a force that has the power to destroy them all without prejudice.

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    • gary said

      I agree w/ michael but w/ out questians they are lame.
      In the fourth episode they should focis on the great war and orion paxs and elite-one and all that funky junk. then in the 5th episode they focus on now and they toss megatron into space but unicron finds them and re animates them. episode 6: is a part 2 with new characters and sam gets a giant exosuit and beats up unoicron in the ultimate war

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      • Eric said

        If Unicron is going to be in the next movie, you MUST bring Omega Supreme. As one of the largest Autobots, Omega Supreme would be critical in a battle with Unicron, Galvatron, etc.

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      • real b said

        easily the movies can keep adding more transformers. they can create movies that took place in between the 3 movies so far. would like to c astrotrain, blitswing, warpath, hound, skywarp, thundercracker, cliffjumper. i can go on forever, so many transformers to bring. definitely the stunticons

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    • Ken25 said

      Unicron is the ultimate badguy alot worse then Galvatron which he might try to davour earth also destory the martix of leadership that Optimus prime has

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  • Tsaurkanon said

    Definitely no Quentisans… lets focus on Robots. Transforming robots that turn into stuff on Earth.

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  • J.D.W. said

    Well it interesting to know about the money it made at the box office, but the question is “Will they make a fourth one, or a Reboot?”
    On the side it would be awesome to see Unicron in it.

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  • Jeremy said

    I’ve read some interesting ideas on here, but I have the ideal premise for the next three films. I almost have the step outline for TF4 completed, the basic story from the second one is an obvious step from there and the third would speak for itself. Unfortunately, I want Paramount to pick up these ideas – I would be lying if I said I wasn’t out to make money, but I genuinely believe I have the right formula to continue the series properly. Sam has already shown that his character is not interested enough in the Autobots to be their ‘hero’ – he was far too arrogant in the third film to be a realistic character anymore. As a Brit, I was almost offended that they stuffed a token British person (I won’t use the word actor because what RH-W did can’t be classed as such) in the movie – she didn’t bring anything to the series that couldn’t have been provided by an actress with talent.
    Jason Statham would be all wrong, because he only knows how to play one type of character (the all out action type – which is great…I enjoy most of his movies!) and you don’t want to over-shadow the overall scale of the war by having Statham perform ridiculously implausible stunts for the hell of it (I draw your attention to Transporter 3 and the car/train incident).
    Although I don’t wqant ot say too much (because I want this post to be more of a ‘come and find me’ plea to Paramount, but consider one of the few characters from the first film that hasn”t been killed or used and one major TF robot from Gen 2 origins that had serious involvement in TF folk lore.
    Oh, and yes, to all those who might be concerned, you have to use Unicron in the next trilogy, but I think I have the way to introduce (and lose) the character to great effect without just destroying him.
    Lastly, if you read certain observations made regarding the assault on Starscream from TF:DOTM, we don’t necessarily see him shuffle of the robotic coil, just be severely damaged.
    Paramount, you now know where you can find me…

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    • ivan said

      unicron needs to be on it! it can go that there is an object in earth that he needs but he cannot destroy earth because that would destroy the object that he needs so he has to take off man kind and all transformers from it so they gain up and try to defeat unicron in a massive war!!!! megatrons/autobots vs unicron and his army of transformers (could include dinobots)

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  • jb said

    it would be cool how te war on cybertron whent in the movies the only thing that the autobots do is talk about the war show it already

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  • Allen Frost said

    The best thing to is have a good reason why the Autobots are war like any . There needs to be a natural enemy that the Autobot and the Decepicons have common.They would have to come together Human and Autobot and Decepicons to fight this natural enemy .Maybe even let this natural enemy win in the TF4 and then with a little Human and Autobot magic TF5 would stomp this natural enemy would like autobot gods that would travel between dementions they lost in this but won in there demention. Maybe a little more comic bookish that would help with the 3D the CG .

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  • Juan Becerra said

    I think if there is going to be a Transformers 4 unicron should be a the main villain in it because he would be very hard to destroy. They should also think about introducing rodimus prime along with the dino bots that would make for a great movie.You should also bring back both megatron and starscreen but maybe give them an upgrade and a new look. You also can introduce ultra magnes.

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  • chris said

    Yes I hope they bring unicron in only because I would like to see Megatron become galvatron … but I hope they don’t get too crazy it needs to be beleivable … I pernonaly think 3 stayed in that relm of beleivablity they just didn’t keep the movie flowing … it was all over the place… I have said before that if the people want more robots give it to them… what I mean is optimus in the first movie and the second talked about how their race and the human race are alike …. so in other words the transformers have their own human like story to tell without Sam or any other human…But yes stay within the story line yes base it further into the future and bring Sam’s son Danial as the only human to be hanging out with the autobots the movie after all is called transformers

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  • Allen Frost said

    I been thinking that a TV series in prime time would be good and it would be called Transformers Timeline where in the past autobots helped humans out in a time of need like ww2 or in a small town when trouble came around it would be something diffrent every week it would be cool if they had right set up for the show my the guy that does supernatural directing would do a good job just to keep viewer intresting because in TF2 we saw a old model T and other old autobot that were i got that idea from

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  • Andrew said

    Nice to bring back the ‘bots on the big screen. Right, the second one was kinda lame, but the third gave a glimps of Cybertron. The bots could’ve taken Jupiter. (who needs it)
    Is Megatron really gone now? Doubtful. He’ll be back again. Who knows what he’ll have now. The Autobots might get some help from the Dinobots and/or Rodimus Prime. Take it ALL offworld and start rebuilding Cybertron.
    Lets see some bot teams… Constructicons, Insecticons, etc.

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  • Peter said

    i think starscream should return as a ghost and tries to get a new body and some other decepticons help him and then the autobots with hot rod and ultra magnas have to stop him

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    • Josh said

      To be honest… If we did a prequel then I want dinobots in the great war helping the decepticons. If a new trilogy without the prequel then I want half on cybertron still to be there when unicron takes control of it and with it so close to earth, tries to take over by slowly reviving fallen decepticons with a new life sorce that can upgrade the body. The dino’s will also make a reapperance standing beside unicron but soon join optimus because… Bare with me…. They believe prime is their lost leader. This could be a epic idea with more added to it. Any ideas to add to this or opinions?

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 4

      • sara wilson said

        I think we should go back to the war as it nice to know how it all began and see the.big fright i know my son of fiver years old would love it. xx

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