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Transformers 4 Round-Up

Transformers 4 - Will There Be One? Answer Time.
It’s been a momentous week for the Transformers franchise. So is there going to be a Transformers 4 or a reboot? And what can we expect from it?

A couple of days ago Transformers: Dark of the Moon reached $1 billion worldwide gross. That’s $338 million in the US and $663 million internationally. Incredibly it’s the first billion dollar grossing movie in Paramount’s 99 year history. And it’s one of the 10 highest grossing films worldwide of all time. This was no doubt helped by the inflated ticket price of 3D, but still it’s a great achievement, especially coming off the back of a generally disliked second movie.

So what happens now? Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay have had enough. Shia told MTV “I’m not coming back to do another one. I don’t think Mike [Bay] will either,” the actor continued. “It is still a hot property I think, especially coming out of the third one. So I imagine they’ll reboot it at some point with someone else.” Bay wrote on his site, “I’m kind of sad to leave the franchise.”

It’s a common Hollywood tactic to pretend you want to leave a successful franchise just to boost your next payday. But after five years of Transformers blue-screen filmmaking and more money than they could ever spend, it could well be genuine.

If they do go, will it mean a reboot like Shia suggests? No. The producer has stated “Certainly not a reboot. We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Tobey Maguire. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn’t all bots.”

There have been rumours that Spielberg might direct or that Jason Statham might be the new leading man (he’s dating Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in real life), but trust me those will prove to be nonsense. Bay himself has said the Statham thing is untrue.

TRANSFORMERS 3 SPOILERS: One problem Transformers 4 will have is how to deal with the bridges burnt by Bay at the end of Dark of the Moon. Killing Starscream and Megatron in such a final way means there’s going to be a huge gap in future movies. Then again, could Megatron somehow be recovered enough to become Galvatron (the ‘re-born’ form of a destroyed Megatron)? And were they both fairly minor players in Dark of the Moon anyway?

Bay said he wasn’t keen on the Dinobots, but if he’s exiting then this would seem the time. They’re great characters, would present a fresh new spectacle on screen (giant metal dinosaurs trashing a city), and their prehistoric-form would offer some obvious plot opportunies if it meant prehistoric-origins too. The series sure does love to show the Transformers dropping in on earth’s history.

Unicron (the planet-sized Transformer from the original animated movie) is the villain most fans want to see. While this would be jaw-droppingly spectacular, it does present a huge logistical problem – how is Shia LaBeouf’s human replacement going to battle something the size of a planet?

Update: (February 2012) Michael Bay has been persuaded to stay on for a fourth movie. Shia is gone. Transformers 4 will replace all the human chracters with an entirely new cast. They haven’t decided yet how they are going to handle the robots – they may reboot them too, they may not. The release date is summer 2014.

Update: (November 2012) Mark Wahlberg has been confirmed as the new star, replacing Shia LaBeouf.

What do you want to see happen in Transformers 4? Should Michael Bay direct? Which new characters do you want to see? Leave your plot ideas in the comments.

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  • Peter Ramos said

    A Sideways/Unicron storyline could be VERY possible. And maybe to explain why Sam is not back it could be set in the future where Transformers technology has finally been shared with the world and humans and Transformers live together in harmony. Optimus and Rachet are now older and not as strong after years of inactivity due to Decepticon silence and the younger Autobots (Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Mirage and Hot Rod maybe?) have taken an more active lead in leadership over all the other surviving Autobots. Until Sideways is found “damaged” on a nearby planet. Sideways, a former Decepticon, is immediately untrusted by all except Optimus because Sideways insists he is no longer a Decpticon. He is actually though secretly Unicrons ward or servant(similar to Marvel’s Silver Surfer). And Sideways also tries to find any existing Decepticon to join him for he promises he can bring back Megatron. The Decepticons find Megatrons Remains Sideways then opens a space bridge and takes them to where Unicron is hiding and Unicron resurrects him and reinvents the other Decepticons and the conflict is set! Oh and no way should Michael Bay have anything to do with this at all!

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    • lawrence said

      sideways was killed in the second movie by the blades of sideswipe remember?
      maybe there is a place in the story for the 2 super weapons of the autobots/decepticons, omega supreme and tripticon??

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    • Durt said

      I like this idea, but instead of sideways, how about Deadend just like the toy. Seeing how cybertron was primus, could it’s destruction mean that Unicron has come out of hiding? As for Bay’s screaming whining Spike, I have no problem if another more combat ready actor took his place. But what I want to see in a real transformer movie is combiners. Lets just pretend that Devastator died in the second movie (like filthy humans could ever bring him down for good) what about all the other possible characters. Why make up new characters when there are so many to choose from. And why the hell did they think any real fan would care about a robot worm when Bruticus and Menacor could have done the same job. They were good movies for people that knew nothing about the thirty some odd years of toys, shows, comics, and games. Now its our turn for a movie we will want.

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    • Rhys said

      Didnt sideways die by sideswipe cutting him in half in TF:rotf?

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  • Sarah said

    I think that they should bring in Unicron, that would be something. One thing i would really like to see though would be more of the G1 transformers. Prowl, Hot rod, Hot shot, Blades, Blur, AND THE TWINS!!! SIDESWIPE AND SUNSTREAKER! They need to bring in SUNSTREAKER! XD That. would. Be. Epic. And maybe bring ironhide back? >.< He's my favorite! haha.

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  • Ash said

    It’s a general fan wish that Unicron be brought back. However, I don’t think the movie could handle full-scale, planet-gobbling Unicron. He needs to show up damaged and hiding, but with some backstory to explain why. I liked someone’s idea of space-barge filled with the remains of the defeated Decepticons somehow coming across the crippled Unicron. As a show of good faith, Unicron repairs them (but Starscream remains Starscream) and rebuilds Megatron since that’s really all he’s capable of in his current state. Now I’m not completely sold on the idea of turning him into Galvatron, but it would work since the DOTM showed that Megatron was going off the deep end and everyone knows Galvatron is insane. The Decepticons then begin to repaire and rebuild Unicron in secret. This could possibly give us a first film with very little Decepticon influence and instead free up the Autobots to fight and destroy a new evil. Or not. Speaking of the Autobots, I’d like to see an addition of female Autobots and G1 and G2 favorites. Let’s face it: Arcee got screwed in ROTF. There’s a possibility that she could return since we only saw 2 of her 3 motorcycles get blown up (WTF was up with that btw? And no I’m not buying that bull that those 3 motorcycles were Arcee, Elita One and Chromia, who was the one that didn’t get blasted). Personally I’d like to see Elita-1 (or Aleta), Chromia, Prowl, Hot Rod, Kup, hell maybe even Grimlock (you could have some fun explaining the Dinobots) make a showing. There’s so many of them to choose from! Arcee can come too. Oh and don’t kill off Optimus again.

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    • Alex said

      Do you all know in the credits at the end of TF2, when you see Mikaela on a pink bike could that be Arcee?

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  • Andy said

    So many ideas! this is a good forum!

    I believe they take the war to Cyberton, Lenox, Hard Core ect, world at war to help the Autobots take back thier planet, ive seen sum concept art that was made for TF3, but it looks like the surviving bots in a exaggerated Cybertron mode, its kinda weird..

    I would love to see the other Jets(seekers) and Hot Rod

    Sam – Gone (or maybe as a parent to spike?)

    Unicron IN -c,mon by the time they get to actually making him for screen they will have BALLS technology that will make 3D look stupid plus he is the KING badguy..he will revive Megs and Starscream into new bad guys..

    Autobots win back Cybertron all looks well

    Sumthing will happen at the end of movie and Dicepticons from Cybertron land back on earth, leads to second movie.

    second movie, war on earth, Cybertron under attack by Decepticons

    third movie – new hero (BRING ON RODIMUS) wins war on earth and kills Unicron.

    aw and a whole bunch of crap about SPIKE and sum girls and blha blha blha- this bits easy coz that formula is in every movie

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  • Melissa said

    The writers of TF4 would have to be VERY VERY, careful in the way they drop Sam Witwiky’s character. I must say as a writer I thought the drop of Sam’s beloved Mikayla was very poorly executed. Especially with how much they played up their relationship in TF2. Even if you didn’t like Megan Fox’s character, I think everyone could agree that more thought should have been given in the exiting of the leading female to keep the movie in tact, instead of trying to get even and throwing punches at Megan Fox.
    I am not completely sure how the best exit for “Sam” might be… Although killing his character off may be the only choice if he chooses to leave the series as he said he will. Think about it, there is another huge war on earth, which Sam knows lots about and he doesn’t show up at all? That just sounds weird, and means for a bad plot… But you can’t also just be like oh, um Sam… Yeah he’s gone, his passing will have to be related, in which we could always remember “Sam Witwicky.”
    1. Sam did not have a brother in this present series so they cannot add it without it being completely out of place. I would suggest they introduce the new leading character as Sam’s cousin, who comes into the picture following Sam’s death. I as a writer will not give all details to my story line, but it could be a perfect set up! Then that allows the continued closeness with my personal favorite BumbleBee!
    2. On the other hand, there is one way they could introduce another child to the Witwicky family. But it would have to be done very carefully not to diminish Sam and not be like oh well Sam is gone and so and so is our son now….
    I personally (and I know a lot of people would disagree) enjoyed the character’s of Sam’s mom and dad. I think they add a comic, yet tasteful relief to the films. Not to mention, it brings something we can relate to in a family setting. I do not think they should have a huge role in the film, but bits and pieces would be just fine!
    In TF3, we see Sam’s parents enjoying their new found freedom, yet we also know how close they were with Sam in the previous films, you could introduce an adoptive “Brother” just prior or right after Sam’s death. Which would not seem crazy at all being the parents missed Sam a lot now that he is grown up. I personally would add the brother maybe 1 or 2 years prior to Sam’s death.
    The new guy would feel as if he has some big shoes to fill and has something to prove, because of his brother Sam which would make him a prime candidate for the autobots! Like I said before if you went with this plot, it would have to be put together flawlessly!

    I know in the cartoons Sam, has a son Daniel. I personally think going with this plot wouldn’t be worth it at this point. I think it would fast forward way to far into the future. After all Daniel would have to be at least a teenager, then that leaves a lot of story to catch up with on Sam and his wife and so on… I do not think this would be a wise move at all….

    As far as the movie plots go, I LOVE how the series counter acts with our history and intertwines it! I really like TF3 plot with NASA! I think they should continue this! I would like to see them add the dinobots. BUT NOT in a corny way! One suggestion, in TF3 they had deciepticons, in a waiting statis on the moon… But they could use this same concept with the dinbots but here on earth! After all, dino’s were once ALL over! But I won’t share too much of my plot 😉

    They also need to bring a fresh new bad Villain and we will have to see a transition of leadership with the autobots, I must say I was very shocked when IronHide was killed off. I thought for sure he would be next in line as leader.

    Captain Lenexx’s character I like, and he should continue to have a big role in the film, but he needs to bring someone new in to train and mentor (since we do have to start transitioning people in and out.)

    If Sam is gone, there will need to be a NEW leading lady for the new guy.
    Unless you had the new guy be Sam’s cousin, which means he could be about the same age as Sam was. However, Carly made it very clear she was not ok with all the heroism Sam was up to. Therefore if Sam was killed off, I doubt with that kind of attitude she would stick around with yet another guy that is more eager to get into action then Sam ever was.
    So a new girl would have to enter the picture, one that was more adventurous like Mikayla then Carly.

    I have my own whole plot, but like I said before the transition will have to be done very carefully still crediting our past hero’s in the other films and not just like o well, their gone… Everything will have to tie together seamlessly to make a VERY awesome film!

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    • Jeremy said

      Sounds like you and me are on a very similar train of thought – let Sam’s character go but do it tastefully.
      Unfortunately, I don’t agree that it needs to be a Witwicky – the trouble with Sam, like you said in your comment, is that he has developed such a bad attitude toward the ‘heroism’ that he is not only no longer credible but also very annoying. And there was nothing clever about Sam’s parents in TF3, their characters have become significantly unbelieveable and I could have easily enjoyed the film more without them.
      Carly’s character was all wrong in comparison to the good work they had done to build up Michaela’s persona – although from what I have read, it’s very clear why they ditched Fox. Even as a Brit, I found RH-W’s performance wooden and unrealistic.
      Like you, I am trying to play my plot ideas very close to my chest (see my comment on page 1), but it does sound like we have similar thoughts.
      Consider this – why can’t the ‘hero’ be a heroine?

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      • Melissa said

        You know I thought of that after I write my coment that could be cool! A female star would be refreshing!…
        Another one I thought of, is to actually bring “Spike” into the picture… If they want to take a lot of the humor out and bring a more of a grown up side to the table… “Spike”(use as a nick name) could be a Machanic, (a tougher guy then Sam’s character)… (Maybe x-marie or ranger) Maybe even NEST???(By the way, remeber the guy in NEST in TF2 he was either British or Aulstrailian, he wasnt in TF3 and wasnt killed off in the 2nd one… Maybe bring him back as a lead??? But you cant have someone really old playing the part such as that Jason dude they talked about!

        I LOVE BumbleBee but like they said in the first movie, the car picks its driver, so if its a totally new lead, has to be a new gaurding and a new car for the new guy/girl to bond with… I was reading through some old transformer archives and noticed that there is another clasic car similar to bumblebee, and the style was a dodge, Black and green.. (The Dodge Challenger would be a great fit to that description! As it is to the eye!)

        I AM NOT SAYING TO GET RID of Bumblebee, I would cry… But as he did in TF3 he has moved towards a bigger role with the autobots and humans then hanging with Sam… SO that wouldnt seem strange….

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        • Jeremy said

          I have the opinion that they need to move the whole story on a while, maybe 10-15 years, that would give plausability to Sam’s character disappearing and also put less focus on the fact that there seems to be a Decepticon invasion every couple of years or so.
          Like you said, Bumblebee has gotten much more involved in his ‘job’ and maybe it is time to bring a new ‘bot to the forefront – there are plenty of characters left from the Transformers universe that could be used. And even a Brit like me thinks that Jason Statham will never be credible as a lead character in this franchise!
          To all those people who suggest a film based almost entirely off owrld – I wouldn’t bother going to see it because full CGI movies never work…unless you are Pixar, and even then it doesn’t always! Who really remembers films like ‘Sky Captain’?
          It’s so infuriating, because I have such great ideas to make the series more plausible and less nonsense like!
          By the way, if they find a way to recreate Megatron, they have to bring back Ironhide – the character was always good and he deserved a far better send off than TF3 gave him…he deserves to return!
          One last thing in this comment – 3-D brought very little to TF3, although when the cars were transforming in mid-air, that whole sequence was amazing!

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  • Kai said

    I would love to see Elita One make an appearance. A female Autobot, the fling of Optimus Prime, AND she’s got the ability to stop time? The plotlines they could construct around that are infinite. Say a hostile nation captures her and tries to use her ability against the US? It’d be a great opportunity for some friendly, preWWIII propaganda, too. Not to mention it would make a lot of old fans very, very happy to see Optimus Prime’s girl come into the picture.

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  • turnerbot said

    I have been a transformers fan sence the first show aired in 84. i realy hope they don’t bring rodimis prime. I almose QUIT WATHCHING TRANSFORMERS whin he was the leader.but hotrod was cool.what i think what they need to do if they do it is bring galvitron as a diffreant robot.and let starscream go. On all the shows on tv a and the bay films he is a cowered and a backstaber,a ghost?come on this will be a PG or a PG13 not tv ( yes get bay do the film)even thou im angrey at him for killing off ironhide!! but he made the transformers the way they are now he should do it. if he fills like it or not. he should finish wiat he started making action films for his fans. my dad told me if you do your job good keep on doing it you injoy life better ive started notice bay ever sence the island that why i whent to see TF before i let my son (big TF fan too) see it. well back to TF there no good TF without optmisprime.big boo in rodemis unicron be pritty cool but too expinceive it need to happen on earth not a bunch of space traval and for shia why can harry potter cast finish out the line of films and most of them as children whin it started but not him he need to be on there. that how i feel. We need Sam but no ghost no rodimis meg into gav it cool let the feal of TOS but dont make the same notice it still not around

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  • Thom said

    From the producer’s comments it looks like we won’t be getting that “prequel” non-human film I was hoping for.
    I doubt they will change the formula at all, why would they mess up something that makes so much money.
    If they are planning a 2nd trilogy I would love to see a proper story arc between them rather than just more ‘bots and even bigger action. Perhaps they could take the humans to another planet and still have most of the film away from Earth.
    I wonder if they will continue using Sam Witwicky with a new actor or kill him off? Was Sam always the autobots main man or did they have another kid to hang out with?

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Given that Megan Fox’s character wasn’t recast, I don’t expect they’ll recast LaBeouf’s. In the comics, Spike (aka Sam) was replaced by his younger brother Buster.

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      • W-P38 of TFW2005 said

        An even better known story development in terms of leading men, is Spike(Sam)Whitwicky’s son Daniel becoming the focus of attention in the last 2 seasons of the orginal animation. Daniel is Sam and Carly’s child. Given Carly was introduced in the 3rd movie, they could always jump into the future and introduce an older Daniel Whitwicky as the main character. No need for Shia or Rosie.

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        • Sheridan Passell said
          Sheridan Passell

          Could be. I don’t think they will though because you probably have to have another actor playing a 20-years-older Shia, which is odd, and you really would have to set it 15-20 years in the future which would have big and expensive implications for the entire production. I doubt they would shift the franchise into the future just to have that character. If the franchise lies dormant for a decade they could get away with it, but with the amount of money it makes I don’t think the studio would let that happen.

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    • Allen Williams said

      dude realistic dinobots be badass its like jurassic park all over again

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  • Stonewall said

    If there is a reboot they should title it, “Transformers: Robots in Disguise.” 😉

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  • jill said

    Im a big fan of the series and would like to see it continue but personally don’t see how it can. If they do decide to then it would be better if they had shia labouf do it they have already changed megan fox they shouldnt change sam too

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  • mohit said

    sir from bottom of my heart if u can plz make the 4 part plz plz plz every part i hve seen for 100 time

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  • KUNAL said

    Transformers have always been my favourite and it will always will he . I like it more than the harrypotter series and I don’t want it to get over so soon.Micheal Bay has created a marvel and he only should continue the next movie .transformers 4 should be more of hew hi tech weapons and new characters but in puding the full autobot team and also bring back ironhide.I want a more battlized OPTTMUS prime and also bee .And the same roaring background music I like that very much ‘Today in the name of freedom I take the battle to them’

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  • xtian said

    In the transformers animation series, I personally like the character Metroplex; a city that can transform into a robot. Metroplex can be the autobots main headquarters. But I also like the dinobots characters, like the previous comments, it would be cool to see metallic dinosaurs trashing the city.

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  • stax said

    If there is a Transformers 4 then Unicron has 2 be the villian. If Shia is not returning then write in another lead but make him a young teen. No room for a love story in this one. Megatron & Starscream were killed in DOTM so this is the time to bring in Galvatron & Cyclonus. The story should center around Unicron wanting the matrix & the power in contains & he wants to comsume the energy of the planets in our solar system. Nasa becomes aware that planets are being destroyed in our solar system. It should have the humans blasting Mega & Star remains into space which they are then found by Unicron. Those 2 new decepticons along with the others still on earth hunt down Optimus to get the matrix. This should be the movie were Galvatron AKA Megatron gets the revenge the second movie should have offered. It should have were Bumble Bee,Ratchet & Optimus all are killed & the others try 2 save the earth (No 1 is brought back to life! & The Wreckers don’t die yet). New autobots should be introduced like Hot Rod(Bugatti),Blurr(Jaguar XK),Cup(Chevy Silverado),Cliffjumper(Dodge Challenger),Ultra Magnus(HEMTT) & Prowl(Dodge charger Police edition). What im writing is just ideas in no real order but I wish I knew how 2 write a script cause I have a killer idea for a storyline. Wouldn’t fans wanna see a HUGE! robot space battle with no humans cause I no I’ll pay 2 c that in 3D.

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  • stax said

    Galvatron should transform into a Howitzer(Maybe another form as well since he’s had 2 disguises before) & Cyclonus should transform into a F-117 “nighthawk” or a B-2 “stealth bomber”.

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    • David Powell said

      Cyclonus should transform into a F-117 “nighthawk” or a B-2 “stealth bomber”.

      HOW ABOUT BOTH!!!!!!!!

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