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Transformers 4 Round-Up

Transformers 4 - Will There Be One? Answer Time.
It’s been a momentous week for the Transformers franchise. So is there going to be a Transformers 4 or a reboot? And what can we expect from it?

A couple of days ago Transformers: Dark of the Moon reached $1 billion worldwide gross. That’s $338 million in the US and $663 million internationally. Incredibly it’s the first billion dollar grossing movie in Paramount’s 99 year history. And it’s one of the 10 highest grossing films worldwide of all time. This was no doubt helped by the inflated ticket price of 3D, but still it’s a great achievement, especially coming off the back of a generally disliked second movie.

So what happens now? Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay have had enough. Shia told MTV “I’m not coming back to do another one. I don’t think Mike [Bay] will either,” the actor continued. “It is still a hot property I think, especially coming out of the third one. So I imagine they’ll reboot it at some point with someone else.” Bay wrote on his site, “I’m kind of sad to leave the franchise.”

It’s a common Hollywood tactic to pretend you want to leave a successful franchise just to boost your next payday. But after five years of Transformers blue-screen filmmaking and more money than they could ever spend, it could well be genuine.

If they do go, will it mean a reboot like Shia suggests? No. The producer has stated “Certainly not a reboot. We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Tobey Maguire. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn’t all bots.”

There have been rumours that Spielberg might direct or that Jason Statham might be the new leading man (he’s dating Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in real life), but trust me those will prove to be nonsense. Bay himself has said the Statham thing is untrue.

TRANSFORMERS 3 SPOILERS: One problem Transformers 4 will have is how to deal with the bridges burnt by Bay at the end of Dark of the Moon. Killing Starscream and Megatron in such a final way means there’s going to be a huge gap in future movies. Then again, could Megatron somehow be recovered enough to become Galvatron (the ‘re-born’ form of a destroyed Megatron)? And were they both fairly minor players in Dark of the Moon anyway?

Bay said he wasn’t keen on the Dinobots, but if he’s exiting then this would seem the time. They’re great characters, would present a fresh new spectacle on screen (giant metal dinosaurs trashing a city), and their prehistoric-form would offer some obvious plot opportunies if it meant prehistoric-origins too. The series sure does love to show the Transformers dropping in on earth’s history.

Unicron (the planet-sized Transformer from the original animated movie) is the villain most fans want to see. While this would be jaw-droppingly spectacular, it does present a huge logistical problem – how is Shia LaBeouf’s human replacement going to battle something the size of a planet?

Update: (February 2012) Michael Bay has been persuaded to stay on for a fourth movie. Shia is gone. Transformers 4 will replace all the human chracters with an entirely new cast. They haven’t decided yet how they are going to handle the robots – they may reboot them too, they may not. The release date is summer 2014.

Update: (November 2012) Mark Wahlberg has been confirmed as the new star, replacing Shia LaBeouf.

What do you want to see happen in Transformers 4? Should Michael Bay direct? Which new characters do you want to see? Leave your plot ideas in the comments.

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  • anthony howson said

    i would love to see jim parsons out the big bang theory to play the lead role hes a brilliant actor

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  • Jon said

    I’d like to see the same things. Dino bots triple changers and unicron. But dude they will screw it up jus like they did devestator and the constructicons. Come on, devestator getting his ass handed to him by a ghetto hybrid? Lame. They will screw up the dinobots or unicron jus the same

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  • tyrese said

    Well honestly they shouldn’t replace any characters cause that’s just going to be bad, like they need to learn to stick with the same pple, nd 2nd in the third film of transformers, got so disappointed when dey took out ironhide, like 4 him to die that’s was nt gd, him nd bee nd prime I liked nd also dem lil autobots,, but they need to put less on the romantic shyt and more on the action .

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  • Transformfanatic said

    You already got pieces of the previous events. Granted not the whole thing, but I think you need to keep moving forward. When the franchise is closer to the end you wait 5 years and bring in a nasty pre. As another person said Starscream would have to be back. Megatron becomes Galvatron (but towards the end) He is still around when Optimus leaves, like in the series. Move some of the fighting etc in space. If you stick with the seasons you know how the character come and go. Please no dinobots, microbots, arielbots. They should start with optimus and his so called distruction, and pick up from there. The only problem is that Rodimus Prime (aka hot rod) is a wimp. A lot of action going to and from the planet etc. Based on the seasons and misc info you could get another 3 movies out of this, and still do a pre.

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  • lil said

    me and my friends are crazy about transformers, can there be alot of explosion and deceptcons and can there be three new autobots named serina, amy, summer pleassssssssssssssssssssse. : )

    or another name people can tues

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  • Evan said

    i am the biggest transformer fan ever. I thought the first movie was good and the second movie was better but the third was a huge disappointment because they took it away from the kids by adding too much of an adult theme. No little kids could even see it unless they wanted nightmares and exposure to a little too much skin just so they could bring in the teen demographic—IT WASN’T THEIR MOVIE IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE THEIRS. Also, I didn’t like what they did with Sentinel Prime. He was a jerk in the cartoon series but he was not evil. He was never the leader of the autobots either. I have been collecting them since I was 5 so I should know. And Megan Fox was bad–the other girl in 3 was REALLY BAD–they were just eye candy–no depth to their character just a piece of woman flesh to gawk at. So they should do better with the fourth movie–let the kids have their transformers back.

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  • sean said

    in my opinion the dinosaur thing is dumb.Stick with the regualar robots, it will be amazing to see all auto bots and deceptacons one for all deadly war. where iron hide, jazz every robot died comes back to life with the all spark and fight for survival. No humans this time, offplanet and just make it autobots vs. deceptacons and call it transformers :fight 4 survival

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  • Ivan said

    I always thought they should change the main charator after I heard Shia was Leaving.. But I don’t like the idea of the robots being changed.. IS it just me or is that a reboot.. I mean I love the autobots just as much as I did in Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon. I love all of the autobots. Don’t take them away.. Don’t take away they’re voice actors or the way the autobots look. And I would like it if you keeped Tyrese Gibson,Josh D. But Tyrese says He would love to stay so I guess he already is. As for the villians.. Dinobots I would like telling from what I saw on the computer.But don’t change anything but the charactors and upgrade alittle.

    P.S Galvatrons cool

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  • Transformersfan239 said

    All these sound like great ideas but it all is up to the producer and the actors and writers yes we all grew up with the classics and that would be the most epic thing ever but in the end were just all little people saying things that won’t matter because bay will never read these so it don’t matter but if he were to read these he would get these awesome ideas and make the most epic TF movie ever

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  • Michael R. Mason said

    First of all, we have to think of a main plot for the new movie. Now, considering the fact that Megatron has died in the last one (and also has died before, and already came back to life once), you can’t just bring him back again just like that. We’ve seen that already and are expecting something new and fresh. Michael Bay has done a great job using what he knows from Transformers past, so bringing back Megatron in a Galvatron form would not be such a bad idea, and it’s definately something I could see him doing. And considering that most fans would want to see that, I think he should be a definate consideration (not to mention the fact that Galvatron is the only other known main villian that could compete with megatron). With that said and out of the way…plot thickens with a bigger and badder threat to our world then ever before. Lets face it, there’s not much worse that we could face then what happened in Transformers 3. So how else could you top that then bringing forward the biggest threat possible that could potentially last three more films? Unicron…and I know what you movie producers are thinking right now, “that could be way too expensive”…well, you are considering making three new films from one of the biggest trilogies ever made, so you definately would be making profit off these. And when it comes to the problem of facing our new human hero against this giant planet sized villian, personally, I don’t give a crap about having to have a human responsible for earths success in the end…but for all the thick heads who just have to have the human hero be a part of it…well, I’ve come up with that one too. Just like in the cartoon movie version…why not just set up a way for the human (and other humans too, to keep up with dialogue)to be able to go into space via a Transformer shuttle and fly right into the villian, having him focused on something important inside to take down the beast while the Autobots and humans fight him externally. And just so that this movie doesn’t turn into another star wars…a plot on earth while all this is taking place is to figure out how to take out the multiple arms attached to our planet by Unicron. So, thats my idea anyway…hope that atleast some of it is taken in consideration.

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  • n.b.e1 said

    As long as they keep peter cullen as optimus & give frank welker a bigger part in the film with the writers making a good story line out of it all i will be very happy.
    how ever i would like to see less of the human love triangle & more of the robots & there personality’s in the film. i would love to see the g1 auto-bot Tracks in the film as he is vain about his appearance just like me lol

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  • Clint said

    Shia has to come back hes what brought everything together and is a great actor.Dino bots would be a horrible idea. The whole idea seems boring and dumb in my opinion. I think there should be a whole new vilian because ppl r tired of megatron. And have the next one show megatron turn into galvatron towards the end to lead to the next one.

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  • Airbrush70 said

    I believe they should recast, especially Carly, someone preferably with more than one expression with just a boring pout mouth.

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  • bob said

    I dont know about u guys but it would be awesome if omega supeream would come in TF4

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  • Brian Kaul said

    I think they should bring ironhide back because he was a great robot and a lot of kid and people like him like me. I m game of number 4

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