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Transformers 4 Round-Up

Transformers 4 - Will There Be One? Answer Time.
It’s been a momentous week for the Transformers franchise. So is there going to be a Transformers 4 or a reboot? And what can we expect from it?

A couple of days ago Transformers: Dark of the Moon reached $1 billion worldwide gross. That’s $338 million in the US and $663 million internationally. Incredibly it’s the first billion dollar grossing movie in Paramount’s 99 year history. And it’s one of the 10 highest grossing films worldwide of all time. This was no doubt helped by the inflated ticket price of 3D, but still it’s a great achievement, especially coming off the back of a generally disliked second movie.

So what happens now? Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay have had enough. Shia told MTV “I’m not coming back to do another one. I don’t think Mike [Bay] will either,” the actor continued. “It is still a hot property I think, especially coming out of the third one. So I imagine they’ll reboot it at some point with someone else.” Bay wrote on his site, “I’m kind of sad to leave the franchise.”

It’s a common Hollywood tactic to pretend you want to leave a successful franchise just to boost your next payday. But after five years of Transformers blue-screen filmmaking and more money than they could ever spend, it could well be genuine.

If they do go, will it mean a reboot like Shia suggests? No. The producer has stated “Certainly not a reboot. We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Tobey Maguire. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn’t all bots.”

There have been rumours that Spielberg might direct or that Jason Statham might be the new leading man (he’s dating Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in real life), but trust me those will prove to be nonsense. Bay himself has said the Statham thing is untrue.

TRANSFORMERS 3 SPOILERS: One problem Transformers 4 will have is how to deal with the bridges burnt by Bay at the end of Dark of the Moon. Killing Starscream and Megatron in such a final way means there’s going to be a huge gap in future movies. Then again, could Megatron somehow be recovered enough to become Galvatron (the ‘re-born’ form of a destroyed Megatron)? And were they both fairly minor players in Dark of the Moon anyway?

Bay said he wasn’t keen on the Dinobots, but if he’s exiting then this would seem the time. They’re great characters, would present a fresh new spectacle on screen (giant metal dinosaurs trashing a city), and their prehistoric-form would offer some obvious plot opportunies if it meant prehistoric-origins too. The series sure does love to show the Transformers dropping in on earth’s history.

Unicron (the planet-sized Transformer from the original animated movie) is the villain most fans want to see. While this would be jaw-droppingly spectacular, it does present a huge logistical problem – how is Shia LaBeouf’s human replacement going to battle something the size of a planet?

Update: (February 2012) Michael Bay has been persuaded to stay on for a fourth movie. Shia is gone. Transformers 4 will replace all the human chracters with an entirely new cast. They haven’t decided yet how they are going to handle the robots – they may reboot them too, they may not. The release date is summer 2014.

Update: (November 2012) Mark Wahlberg has been confirmed as the new star, replacing Shia LaBeouf.

What do you want to see happen in Transformers 4? Should Michael Bay direct? Which new characters do you want to see? Leave your plot ideas in the comments.

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  • alex said

    I thiink that the humans send a ship with the dead decepticons out into space with the dead decepticons inside where unicron finds them and ressurects them lets say megatron becomes galvatron starscream becomes cyclonus and shockwake becomes scourge and the the other cons become the sweeps they should also add in skywarp thundercracker blitzwing ultra magnus springer and kup.

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    • horng said

      Yes. this story line i think the best!!

      in additional, this time the The Decepticon Group cannot be harm by the humans weapons because of the upgrades the Unicon gave them. The Autobots hardly survive the sudden invention of Galvatron and his army, they been force to retreat to the deep jungle with the humans force. the Wreckers sacrifice themselves to form the distraction. Optimus Prime, Rathect, Sidewipe, Dino and Bumblebee are badly wounded. The Decepticon begun to invent the city to search and lure the Autobots out.

      in order to be able to counter the Unicon and Decepticon, Optimus Prime order the autobots seek out the Dinobots team in the deep amazon jungle, which required them to form several searching party due to the Dinobots are long live in the wild, and will not obey that easily. the search party Autobots facing hard time to contain the dinobots because of their strength and power. but after hard battle they put on, the Dinobots leader Grimplock began to recognize their Leader Optimus Prime. He stop his team and united with the Autobots.

      with the aid of dinobots, the Autobots are able to withstand the Decepticon attacks, after the fierce war battle, Galvatron realize he is been use by the Unicon, thus he temporary agree to joint force with Optimus Prime to face their true enemy.

      Unicon aware of the Decepticon and Autobots planning to turn on him because of his spy robot in decepticon group.

      The movie end with showing the Unicon call out lots of His own large robot force and showing his own robot form saying:”Earth Is Mine..”

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  • set phoenix said

    Stunticons arielbots combaticons etc and where was thundercracker skywarp etc

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  • barry said

    in my opinion they should bring megatron back to life and have him battle optimus for a different kind of energy that would be able to bring piece to the galaxy once and for all that is located on cybetron so the army and the transformers battles on cybetron and then megatron brings sentenel prime back to life

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    • Mickey said

      One problem with that, as seen at the end of the 3rd movie, it seems like Cybertron had been destroyed from the stress of the bridges turning on and off. So, taking the battle to Cybertron may not work. Though I do think the whole prequel thing would be a good idea.

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    • Juan M said

      That would just be overkill buddy lol. It was kinda sh*tty of them killing off alot of the major characters. Maybe they did that so they could lay ground work for a completely new one. Who knows

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    • enzo said

      What about dark enegon? 🙂

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  • Gambit said

    Well, first of all I was disappointed in a couple of things. First I was disappointed that they didn’t explore more on the rivalry between Megatron and Starscream. Second, they didn’t use any minicons in the old cassette form. Third, they didn’t use combiners like the constructicons to form Devastater. Fourth, I didn’t like the change of the appearance of some of the transformers. Fifth, the final showdown between Megatron and Optimus Prime should have ended with both of thier deaths.
    As far as Transformers 4, I don’t know. I loved the Hotrod character, but I didn’t like Rodimus Prime so much. I liked the Dinobots, they’re great opponents for Devastater. Unicron was big. I also liked Wheelie, Arcee, and Kup.

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  • STEPHEN said

    Well I’ve always wanted this idea

    A small camp of Decepticons are hiding in gobi desert plotting revenge on the autobots for the death of their leader. The decepticons plan was to gather a decepticon army and kill all the autobots. However Two decepticon soldiers appeared with a teleporter wich runs on energon. so the decepticons had a new plan! Kill all stranded ‘cons and harvest their energon to power to teleporter and resurect their stasis frozen leader..GALVATRON!The brutal leader of all decepticons betrayed and put in stasis lock by the fallen!

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  • David Powell said

    like i’ve told hasbro, transformers 4 should have everything i have asked for, including having steven spielberg direct it!!!!

    this needs UNICRON!!!!!!!!

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  • Shashwath said

    I think optimus and Megatron/Galvatron joining hands to defeat Unicron would be awesome

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  • Tony said

    I think for TF4 they should some how follow the original animated movie….
    seeing that he killed of the 2 main villains…… You idiot …….
    I don’t think he should direct it …. Get someone in there that knows what there doing
    When it comes to Transformers PLEASE!!!!

    Or just REBOOT it!!!

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  • Ray said

    Maybe a prelude trilogy. Or, if a continuation, a Unicron storyline with a revived Megatron, now rebuilt as Galvatron, with some others ‘Cons chars including the rest of the Seekers, Cyclonus, Scourge, the Combaticons or Stunticons, etc. The possibilities are endless thanks to the wide TF universe.

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  • NO one said

    I think it’s not yet time for unicron to be in the tf franchise… i think it’s impossible to have a good battle with unicron when he’s the size of a planet!!! a great villain would be nemesis prime… then he would turn megatron into galvatron..

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    • chris said

      You may be able to give a hint of unicron ..sentinals body could be remade and renamed nemesis prim..but unicron is the only one that does that and yes megatron into galvatron….starscream is made into one of those cohoards that ran around with galvatron in the cartoon movie I forgot what they were called …… if its a new trilogy then hint of unicron in the first one a little more in the secouned and the final showdown in the third….idk just a thought

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  • James said

    The galvatron idea would work ,with unicron. Astro train could recover him along with star scream and several of tjhe dicepticons like sound wave cause thats how galvatrons army was made. The big auto bot that needs to be seen is Hot rod cause he becomes a prime.Rodamus prime.Dino bots would def bring in big bucks they were big players . then cup,ultra magnese,and we havent seen any of the flying auto bots yet.It would make a good final chapter if galvatron is made and unicron threatens earth as well as galvatrons desire for revenge and to give unicron what he wants.Prime could call for help and hope some auto bots may be out there and anwser the call for reinforcements. hotrod,ultramagnese,cup and atleast a dino bots come to lend a hand . the end could come down to the spark that makes optimus a prime could be in unicron already from defeating other primes and hot rod gets hold of it and becomes a prime ,known as rodamus prime .Theres more to the story but im going to leave it there to show it can bwe done for one final chapter.

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    • chris said

      Remember though optimus gets killed and hot rod has to recover the matrix …the matrix is what makes him rodamus prime the new leader ….watch the movie again…

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  • Gary said

    Here’s what I suggest:

    No central human characters, the main characters should be the TFs themselves. If we have human characters lets have someone like GB Blackrock and here’s an idea; if we must have a human lead, how’s about a female?
    2. Give the Transformers male and female voices (they are supposed to be asexual and genderless). Mix it up a bit.
    3. The Transformers are meant to be everymen, so no mindless drones. Let’s have Decepticons with personalities.
    4. More interaction between the Transformers without humans; in Bayformers they only speak to explain the plot.
    5. Draw inspiration from the comics; Grimlock should be based on his Marvel UK/War Within characterisation; a millitant warrior, a noble anti-hero, his ideas clashing with Prime’s.
    6. Optimus should be a moral hero, not the cold thug of Bay’s movies. Honestly, Bay equates heroism with killing “bad guys”, that isn’t what OP is about.
    7. Decepticon in-fighting. This was sorely missing from the movies. The back-stabbing and politics within the Decepticon ranks is what made the Marvel comics so great. Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, and Shockwave gone makes this hard to do now (thanks, Bay!). Bludgeon, Ratbat, Thunderwing, Lord Straxus, and Galvatron are all that’s left.
    8. Unicron and Primus. Honestly, the lack of reference to Primus was idiotic.
    9. My suggested cast:
    Optimus Prime
    Ultra Magnus (Bruce Boxleitner?)
    Grimlock (Gerard Butler?)
    Nightbeat(Aaron Eckhart?)

    Lord Straxus (Keith David)
    Ratbat (Cillian Murphy?)
    Thundercracker (Nathan Fillion?)
    Motormaster (Jack Black?)
    Dead End (Michael Cera?)

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  • Sheldon said

    I’d like to present an idea for the next Transformers movie…

    The introduction of the TripleChangers: Astrotrain and Blitzwing(unknowingly to the Autobots and Decepticons as “Heralds”) as the new commanders of the Decepticons, along with the seekers: Skywarp, Thundercracker, Dirge, Ramjet, and Thurst(shoot, I throw in Sunstorm and Slipstream also). By this introduction, it will recreate the air superiority the Decepticons had in the earlier G1 animated series.

    I’d also bring in Wheeljack and Perceptor, and the original Dinobots: Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge to add their incredible firepower to the Autobots.

    The plot will follow something along the lines of the this:
    Perceptor notices an anomoly in deep space, coming closer to Earth. Notifying Optimus Prime, Prime sends Mudflap and Skids to investigate. Shortly thereafter two new Decepticons arrive on Earth….

    Astrotrain and Blitzwing arrive, and immediately reformat the remaining Decepticons into the Seekers, and launch strategic assaults on the Earth cities.

    The Autobots are stretched to the limits, during this time Perceptor, Ratchet and Wheeljack create the Dinobots, who go out and destroy a city in the process of destroying 2 Seekers.

    The Autobot casualties from the strategic assaults are numerous, Optimus Prime is badly damaged, Bumblebee has minor damage, Sideswipe is deactivated due to injuries, and the Wreckers were dismantled by Astrotrain and Blitzwing. Because of the loss of human loss in the Dinobots battle, they are decommissioned by the UN, without the authorization of Optimus.

    At the end of the movie, a Seeker finds the remains of Starscream and brings it to the hidden Decepticon base…and Astrotrain takes off into space carrying a cargo…

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    • clayton said

      Wheeljack! no one has mentioned him yet. He was an incredibly good character in the series, but was killed off for no reason in the original movie. He is one of the original autobots who deserves a reasonablly important resurrection into a transformers series. Also, more characters that were simply never heard from again like tracks, smokescreen, hound or powerglide should be introduced. Actually, these ideas should’ve been carried out in the first place anyway

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  • heaven said

    the first and second movies pretty much completed the story…. they didnt even really need a third one. now, with the 3rd one out, the story has truely ended. Pfffft. kaput. end of story. making a 4th would just drag out the series and make it less special. and i hate the idea of a 4th movie with completely different characters. if they need to make a 4th, they should do a complete reboot, not a continuation of the trilogy. that way its a whole new adventure, instead of a drawn out story. although, i have to admit, i they absolutely must make a 4th or reboot, i demand thay have Unicron in it!! now THAT would be pretty epic…

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  • Noella said

    Considering that the Fallen, Megatron, Starscream, and the other Decepticons are gone, but what about the ones still in space and have yet to reach Earth or the Moon? Sure, Cybertron’s gone.

    What about the Autobots still adrift in space? Optimus asked for any remaining Autobots to come to Earth. I think the battle should be between Galavatron, Unicron, and the remaining Decepticons. They could do so much for this line!

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