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DVD Release Schedule 2012

New DVD Releases 2012 (List) US & UK.With Christmas in mind here’s a rundown of the new blu-ray and dvd releases into 2012 (for US and UK). This is the time of year when studios tend to put out their big home video events so here’s a chance to discover what’s out when and reference back to our coverage. Click on a title for more info and let us know in the comments what, if anything, you’ll be picking up.

NOVEMBER 14th, 2011 [UK]
Bridesmaids . Kung Fu Panda 2 . Larry Crowne . Beginners
Redline . Faces In The Crowd . Silent Running (1971 / blu-ray)
Touch Of Evil (1958 / blu-ray) . Quadrophenia (1979 / blu-ray)

Larry Crowne . Beginners

Cars 2 . Horrible Bosses . Zookeeper . The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)
Apocalypse Now (1979) (Digitally Restored) . Deadly Blessing (1981)

2012 DVD Releases
Scream 4 . Conan The Barbarian . Super 8 . The Devil’s Double

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2
Harry Potter The Complete 1-8 Film Collection (19 Discs!)
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon . Dark Star (1974 / blu-ray)
IMAX 3D Collections

30 Minutes Or Less . Another Earth . One Day
Our Idiot Brother . Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

The Smurfs . Friends With Benefits

Captain America: The First Avenger . The Hangover Part II . The Smurfs
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie . Brazil (1985 / blu-ray) . Safari 3D

DVD Releases 2012 US
The Hangover Part II . Cowboys & Aliens
Mr. Popper’s Penguins . The Help . The Debt

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes . Planet Of The Apes: Evolution Collection
The Inbetweeners Movie . Conan The Barbarian
Mr. Popper’s Penguins . Spy Kids 4 . Super 8

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes . Fright Night . Kung Fu Panda 2

Midnight In Paris . Warrior

Cowboys & Aliens . Final Destination 5 . Apollo 18
Kill List . The Skin I Live In . A Lonely Place To Die
The Devil’s Double . Videodrome (1983 / blu-ray)

Apollo 18 . Final Destination 5

JANUARY 3rd, 2012 [US]
Don’t Be Afraid Of the Dark . Puncture . The Guard . Shark Night

JANUARY 9th, 2012 [UK]
Colombiana . Troll Hunter

JANUARY 10th, 2012 [US]
DVD Releases 2012 UK

JANUARY 16th, 2012 [UK]
Killer Elite . Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night

JANUARY 17th, 2012 [US]
Bucky Larson

JANUARY 23rd, 2012 [UK]
The Change-Up . Red State . Melancholia . Shark Night

JANUARY 24th, 2012 [US]
The Woman

JANUARY 30th, 2012 [UK]
Drive . Cleopatra (1963 / blu-ray)

JANUARY 31st, 2012 [US]
The Double . Texas Killing Fields

FEBRUARY 6th, 2012 [UK]
The Three Musketeers . Friends With Benefits . Fright Night . One Day
Teen Wolf (1985 / blu-ray) . Legend (1985 / blu-ray) . Thelma & Louise (1991 / blu-ray)

What are you going to pick up?
Also, do you guys still buy physical media? I haven’t added to my physical movie collection for over a year – It’s all (legal) downloads onto a hard drive…

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  • Lorraine Kay said

    Can’t wait to see Our Idiot Brother 😉

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  • steve k said

    Cowboys & Aliens
    Drive (I really wanna see this one)

    Yes, I still buy physical copies.

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  • AGCG said

    Been waiting for the complete Potter collection to come out on BluRay . . . for the missus that is. . . honest.

    Most of the new dvd releases I’d buy I’d only be doing so to complete (keep up-to-date) collections already started, i.e. Scream, Transformers and Final Destination. Super 8 and ROTPOTA being the exceptions.

    I’d definitely need to be on something stronger than Fosters, or a decent bet, to make me purchase Human Centipede 2 or Glee though.

    Do prefer a case, disc and insert to a mere file name in a drive folder. And since I also prefer to walk into a shop and buy what I want, unless I move to Oxford/Regent Street, getting something that doesn’t hit or falls out of the charts is almost an impossibility.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      The few times I’ve bought physical media in the last couple of years, mainly games, it’s been from an online store. I haven’t experienced that going into HMV and buying something off the shelf in absolutely ages. I used to enjoy browsing through those shelves on the way back from work. Now we can browse HMV online while still at work, then buy the stuff cheaper off Amazon. I think I might be part of the reason the high street is disappearing…

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Don’t forget with the Potter blu-ray collection they’re pulling it from the shelves completely soon after Christmas, and it’ll be unavailable until, presumably, they do a deluxe version for November next year. (It’s the same thing Disney does with its dvds to raise excitement.)

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      • AGCG said

        Potter pre-booked. Standard 8 film Bluray box-set. Think there is a limited edition available (even shorter-term) but besides it containing the same films on DVD as well as Bluray, not sure what the benefits would be.

        But, more importantly . . . . Rubber . . . I got it! Give me a few hours and I’ll be shedding my tears (joy or pain?) on the 2011 horror release page.

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  • AGCG said

    Browsing the shelves used to put a hole in my wallet. Go in for one title, come out with a bag full. So, inadvertently, you have saved me money and cabinet space. Thanks. Any of the dvd releases in 2012 that stand out for you?

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Yeah there would always be a 3 for £20 offer that seemed like amazing value. So I’d buy two things I wasn’t bothered about owning or not.

      I’ve slowly realised I very rarely watch anything more than once (eg: my entire 300+ dvd collection), so the stuff that stands out on the list are really titles I’m looking forward to renting more than buying. Haven’t seen Captain America, Fright Night or Cowboys & Aliens yet and I’m really looking forward to those. A lot of the rest I have seen, did much better than last year at catching stuff at the cinema.

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  • bluka said

    The 2012 dvd releases I’m looking forward to most are Immortals and The Muppets.

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  • JMacMoviePirate said

    lol someones gotta buy the physical ones the movie studious sure arnt gonna post the high quality movies for us

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