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Since the Twilight album review has become the most popular soundtrack post on the site, we thought we’d follow it up with a Twilight music (score) review.

“Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.” – Count Dracula.

“Good concept, awful writing” is how my 16 year old daughter describes the “Twilight” series of books by Stephenie Meyer. She should be careful who she says that to. There is a legion of teenage girls who could tear her apart in zombie like fashion for uttering such blasphemy. Despite her criticism, I’m sure she’ll see it opening weekend, making “Twilight” a very successful run by tapping into that sweet demographic that made “Titanic” the 900 million monster it is.

…but what about the score?

I’m pleased that they released the Twilight soundtrack and music score separately, and even more pleased that the score is twice as long as the soundtrack. Carter Burwell who I usually like, has set up rather predictable, yet tolerable mood cues for this teen goth-o-drama. He uses quite a bit of rock band type instruments along with the traditional orchestration. It gets a little percussion heavy at times which kind of forces the “tribal” theme usually associated with vampires and werewolves and the like.

It may not be the best thing that Burwell has done, but if this film does as good as they say it will with young teens, maybe this score will open up the movie music mind of this next generation. Like John Williams’ Star Wars did with us, maybe appreciation for the art of film music will live on with this.

Asking too much? Probably.

Listen To The Music From Twilight

You can buy it on cd here. Or as mp3s here. You can get the album (songs) instead here or get that as mp3s here.

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Twilight Soundtrack (Music Score) – Track Listing
1. How I Would Die – Carter Burwell
2. Who Are They? – Carter Burwell
3. Treaty – Carter Burwell
4. Phascination Phase – Carter Burwell
5. Humans Are Predators Too – Carter Burwell
6. I Dreamt Of Edward – Carter Burwell
7. I Know What You Are – Carter Burwell
8. The Most Dangerous Predator – Carter Burwell
9. The Skin Of A Killer – Carter Burwell
10. The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb – Carter Burwell
11. Complications – Carter Burwell
12. Dinner With His Family – Carter Burwell
13. I Would Be The Meal – Carter Burwell
14. Bella’s Lullaby – Carter Burwell
15. Nomads – Carter Burwell
16. Stuck Here Like Mom – Carter Burwell
17. Bella Is Part Of The Family – Carter Burwell
18. Tracking – Carter Burwell
19. In Place Of Someone You Love – Carter Burwell
20. Showdown In The Ballet Studio – Carter Burwell
21. Edward At Her Bed – Carter Burwell

Leave your thoughts on the Twilight music in the comments.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I don’t know if this comment makes any sense, but the score feels more ‘grown up’ than the movie.

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  • Lori said

    Thanks for posting this. I was a little unsure about Carter Burwell but after seeing the movie twice, he did a great job because the music tunes to the dark emotions of the characters.

    I will get this soundtrack. “The Skin of a Killer” combined with “The Most Dangerous Predator” are the best ones.

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  • Lauran said

    Does anyone know what the song is that plays in the movie trailer?!? I previewed all the songs on the score but didn’t seem to hear it.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Hey Lauren, try the link at the top of this article, it goes to a page where you can listen to samples of all the songs (Twilight has got two albums, one with the songs, one with the music score).

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  • Jennifer said

    I love this musical score it is very moving to me….

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  • Rebecca said

    I always listen to “I Know What You Are”; it’s such a pretty sound! I listen to it as I read Twilight, or fanfictions, or anything to do with Twilight, really :p It’s just so … idk. It’s so sad sounding that it sounds happy, though I’m sure that makes absolutely no sense lol. It’s just got this vibe, this mysterious edge, that I like.


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  • Naomi said

    I want the song that is playing when Edward is sucking the vemon from the bite.

    Anyone know who its by and what is called?

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  • Angelina said

    ^^^ Naomi it’s a song by Robert Pattinson himself and it’s called Let Me Sign. The only place I know where to get it is iTunes but it’s a bonus song so u have to buy the whole album =/

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  • Sam said

    Does anyone know the song that is featured in the trailer? I don’t think it’s on the score… And it’s defintely not on the soundtrack. Help?

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  • caterina said

    i love twilight that movie is awesome

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  • caterina said

    i love jacob amd e

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  • Yasmine said

    Yeah, i know its great, but the some of the list is a lie. The only carter burwell song on the soundtrack is bells’ lullaby, i’ve got the soundtrack itself alhtough i do really wish that all of the carter burweel songs were on. Anyone know where i can download it from? Please answer..i’ll check the blog every week.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Hey Yasmine, there are 2 Twilight albums:
    1) the soundtrack
    2) the score
    The soundtrack only has Bella’s Lullaby, the score has all of Carter Burwell’s music.

    This is the page for the score, so you’re in the right place, just click ‘You can buy it here’ in the article and it’ll take you to the correct Amazon page.

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  • 0utlaw said

    What is the song when Edward is telling Bella that he’s a vegetarian?

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  • Charlotte said

    What is the name of the song when Bella and Edward are dancing on the gazebo? ” Well I’ve Found You” are the prodominant words I hear, but I can’t find it in the credits.

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