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10 Not-Yet Famous Actors Who Got Killed In Horror Movies

Best Famous Actors (List) Today I’m looking at the top 10 famous actors who were killed off in a horror movie before they were well known. You know, the death scenes you stumble across and go “Oh yeah, they got mangled in that film and I totally forgot about it”, or “Did I just see Kevin Bacon take an arrow-head through the throat?!”

It seems apart from appearing nude / playing gay characters / and or both, being fodder in horror films is a good way to build your CV and get noticed when you are still a fledgling actor. So let’s investigate.

Bonus. Kristin Davis in Doom Asylum (1987)
Famous Actors List Died In Horror Movies

Before Sex and the City‘s Kristin Davis was shopping in style around New York, she used have fun taking trips up to an abandoned asylum. What would Samantha say? Spending the entire film in a spandex blue one-piece swimsuit, and occasionally glasses, she meets an absolutely brutal end at the hands of the “The Surgeon” (a mutated butcher/lawyer, don’t ask). He does perhaps what many boyfriends wanted to do after being forced to watch 94 episodes of the show – applies a mini-circular saw to her face.

10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Halloween H20 (1998)
Famous Actors Died In Horror Movies

These days he’s the most-liked and busiest actor around, headlining indies and blockbusters alike with substantial roles. But Michael Myers doesn’t care about that. When Gordon-Levitt turns up in one of his movies he’s dead within five minutes. The Myers’ irony department is in full effect, as the keen skater ends up with a skate in his face:

9. Owen Wilson in Anaconda (1997) + The Haunting (1999)
Famous Actors

Owen Wilson got killed off in two horror movies in the space of two years. Once by a snake and once by a haunted house.

He’s one of the first to go in Anaconda. It’s his punishment for wanting to make money off a big snake, horror movies do not approve of that as a source of income. The death is pretty much presented as: the other characters are in the background saying “Where’s Gary?” and in the foreground we see a boa-constricted Wilson being dragged under the water. Not gruesome but an admirable way to exit any movie.

Things get more spectacular in The Haunting, a film where Oscar nominees are scared in a giant house by cgi run amok. Wilson is carried along on a magic carpet ride (despite Liam Neeson shouting “Enough!” at the carpet) to be dumped in a fireplace, where he has his head bitten clean off by a stone lion. He makes no attempt to get out of the way, and doesn’t bleed:

8. Jack Black in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

When Jennifer Love Hewitt and her dull friends touch down in a sunny Bahamas resort they’re immediately accosted by Jack Black trying to sell them some weed and get with the hunnies. He’s so high energy it must be laced with cocaine or something. Anyone with his hairstyle and one interest is never going to survive long in a horror movie, and the genre dictates that the pothead will always die while smoking pot. So as he prepares a bong… I won’t tell you how he dies at the hands of the hook-handed fisherman, I’ll leave you to guess from this photo:

His last words are “It’s all good”.

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