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Top 10 Harrison Ford Movies

Top 10 Best Harrison Ford Movies (List) - With ClipsThe ten best Harrison Ford movies. He’s been voted Empire magazine’s top film star ever. At one point he had starred in three of the five biggest grossing movies of all time. This weekend sees the US release of Cowboys and Aliens and it’s great to see the man return to the kind of summer event movie which was once his trademark. Hell it’s a fine time to look back on the career of the old reliable Ford.

10. What Lies Beneath (2000)

Yeah, okay, so this Robert Zemeckis-directed thriller was hardly a cast-iron classic, but the combination of Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer as marrieds embroiled in a complex web of murder and mysticism was still an effective one. That you battle through to the biscuit-taking finale of this elongated pot-boiler is almost entirely down to that couple’s sheer star power.

9. Working Girl (1988)

More of a supporting turn for Ford in this Mike Nichols comedy hit, as his business-bod is torn between massive-haired Melanie Griffith and a scheming Sigourney Weaver. He might have already proved with Witness that he could convince as the loverboy, but this time he did it without shooting anyone. Hooray for Harrison!

8. Frantic (1988)

After the disaster of Pirates, director Roman Polanski returned with this fast-paced and effective Euro-mystery, and in the process set the template for the stern-faced action-thrillers that would define Ford’s career over the course of the next decade. The enduring appeal of Frantic is attested to by the fact that this year’s Unknown, starring Liam Neeson, played like a virtual remake.

7. Air Force One (1997)

And largely concluding the SFAT cycle which Frantic started was this box office juggernaut helmed by Wolfgang Petersen. Utterly preposterous, and with a set of CG shots in the finale which to a contemporary eye look as if they were generated by a backfiring ZX Spectrum, nonetheless who could resist Ford as a US president-turned-action hero? Especially with Glenn Close as his VP, and Gary Oldman as a Russian scum-sucker.

6. Patriot Games/Clear and Present Danger (1992 & 1994)

Though The Hunt for Red October had been a sizeable hit, the powers-that-be decreed that Alec Baldwin was not worth waiting for in order to reprise his role as CIA man Jack Ryan (Baldwin was committed to a run on Broadway at the time). Ford stepped in, and duly delivered a deuce of hits, as he faced off against Sean Bean’s Irish terrorist in Patriot Games, and went south of the border in its sequel.

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