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Drive Soundtrack (2011) OST - Listen here / download
The Drive soundtrack. ‘Cool’ is a quality that, of course, translates into influence, a point soon to be underlined once again by cool-as-a-snow-cone automotive actioner Drive when audiences finally get the chance to catch it from next month. But while Ryan Gosling’s nameless stunt-cum-getaway wheel-man is certainly a dude with all the right moves, likely to have impressionable viewers revving their motors and yes, even donning driving gloves in imitation of his antics, it is the soundtrack of Drive, even more than its central protagonist, which is perhaps likely to exert the most potent effect upon audiences.

Because although there are more potential criteria by which to judge a film’s soundtrack than there are edits in a Michael Bay action scene, maybe the most telling is if you come out of the movie as eager to get your grubby paws on the showcased music as Wilford Wolf always was to wrap his fangs round Kwicky Koala. And eager would be an apt description of yours truly after catching a screening of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive earlier this year; for once not for food to cram into my overfed face, but rather ace tunes to shovel into my oversized ears.

An obvious reference point for Winding Refn’s petrol-powered thriller is ’70s wheel-spinner The Driver, but the atmosphere of the newer movie is also tinged with the dark side of 1980s excess. The Los Angeles that Gosling’s driver cruises around is a cold, lonely metropolis, reflecting his own psyche before he becomes involved with his next door neighbour (played by Carey Mulligan), and the perfectly judged soundtrack largely reflects that sense of emotional chill.

The older tracks (relatively speaking) selected in service of Drive combine to replicate the best Vice City radio channel never to make it into that exalted fiesta of video game bedlam. Kavinsky’s Night Call is a mean ‘n’ moody salvo reflecting the duality of Gosling’s driver, with a low-life male vocal which sounds like a wannabe phone sex pest countered by a sweet, melodic appearance from CSS’s Lovefoxxx. Comparable electro-hipness comes courtesy of Desire’s Under Your Spell and the epic Tick of the Clock, by Portland’s Chromatics. But it is College and Electric Youth’s collaboration, A Real Hero, which is likely to be this soundtrack’s breakout song, thanks to its adroit balance of synth-pop cool and sweet-natured, post-ironic naïveté.

However while those like myself smitten by what they heard when they saw Drive have been able to hoover up those songs, we’ve had to wait for the score by Cliff Martinez to become available (Martinez is regular composer for Steven Soderbergh, a director who inhabits that same rarefied bracket of film blogger lust that Winding Refn is right on the verge of breaking into). Happily, that wait is almost at an end, as the complete soundtrack will be out in digital format from 6 September, before getting a physical release the week after.

And the movie itself comes out on 16 September in the US and 23 September in the UK.

Listen To The Drive Soundtrack:

(Track 18: A Real Hero – College feat. Electric Youth)

You can download the Drive soundtrack as mp3s here
Or get it on cd here

Drive Soundtrack – Track List
1. Night Call – Kavinsky
2. Tick of the Clock – Chromatics
3. Rubber Head – Cliff Martinez
4. I Drive – Cliff Martinez
5. He Had a Good Time – Cliff Martinez
6. They Broke His Pelvis – Cliff Martinez
7. Kick Your Teeth – Cliff Martinez
8. Where’s the Deluxe Version? – Cliff Martinez
9. See You in Four – Cliff Martinez
10. After the Chase – Cliff Martinez
11. Hammer – Cliff Martinez
12. Wrong Floor – Cliff Martinez
13. Skull Crushing – Cliff Martinez
14. My Name on a Car – Cliff Martinez
15. On the Beach – Cliff Martinez
16. Oh My Love – Riziero Ortolani & Rina Ranieri
17. Under Your Spell – Desire
18. A Real Hero – College feat. Electric Youth
19. Bride of Deluxe – Cliff Martinez

Leave your thoughts on the Drive movie and the Drive soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Soundtrack has a very cool vibe. Have been listening to A Real Hero by College a lot.

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