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Top 5 Inappropriate Soundtracks

The best movie soundtracks can do so much to craft a film, to give it subtly and nuance. …But what if all that went out the window and the music was chosen by someone who’d gone full retard?

Here are the Top 5 Inappropriate Soundtracks:

5. The Matrix

4. The Fugitive

3. Shawshank Redemption

2. Titanic

1. Robocop

Videos By Boone Harris

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  • John Mapes said

    I was hoping the Robocop bit would have featured “Baby Elephant Walk”.

    Good stuff

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  • James said

    The greatest thing about these is that they “work”

    And the sound design is a bit more than the average bear and YouTube user, really clever stuff.

    Shawshank and Fugitive made me choke on my spit, I laughed so violently.

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  • catharina said

    very funny! good choice of music!

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  • Bored said

    Best movie soundtracks ever. Love the Titanic one

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  • GentlemanJ said

    How about the Eurythmics soundtrack for 1984, before the director sued to get the original soundtrack by Dominic Muldowney put back? God, that was ridiculous…

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  • Rutledal said

    The Matrix one really works.

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  • s.c. said

    omg, the titanic one made me cry laughing.

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