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Top 10 Best Ryan Reynolds Movies (List) - With ClipsThe ten best Ryan Reynolds movies. With The Change-Up just out in the US, the daunting Movie Moron spotlight falls on one of its stars. No, not Jason Bateman – you’re going to have to hang on for that in-depth revisit of Teen Wolf Too – but rather Ryan Reynolds, everyone’s favourite wise-cracking Canadian! Well, everyone aside from those who prefer Dan Aykroyd…

Okay, before delving into this week’s top 10, it is worth noting a few high-profile flicks which are perhaps conspicuous by their absence, starting with the recent and most high-profile, Green Lantern. Hardly a controversial omission, mind, given that cosmic comic book flick proved to be the worst superhero movies of this particular summer, as well as a costly albatross for backers Warner Bros.

And although there are plenty of eager beavers out there still hoping for a Deadpool movie proper, with Reynolds starring in the script penned by the Zombieland pair of Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, it is worth noting that the wiseacre star doesn’t have the happiest of records when it comes to superhero cinema.

For he has, of course, already played a version of Deadpool, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But although his appropriately chatterbox interpretation of that character’s alter-ego, Wade Wilson, wasn’t too traumatic for audiences, the final realisation of Deadpool himself was deemed a disaster by the fan community – to rank down there with Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man remake, a movie nearly all agreed was simply bee-yond awful (sorry).

No place for Blade: Trinity in the countdown either, the last and most certainly least of screen outings for Wesley Snipes’ vampire-killer, and nor is there a spot for Paper Man, in which Reynolds plays an imaginary superhero called Captain Excellent. Reviews suggest the latter movie is not so hot, though I can’t give a first-hand verdict as I wasn’t amongst the four people who saw it.

That’s what didn’t make the list. Here’s what did…

10. Waiting (2005)

Reynolds screen career to date has been characterised by a vacillation between mainstream roles and independent fare. An example of the latter, 2005’s Waiting is a low-budget ensemble comedy in which Reynolds takes a supporting role to Justin Long’s crisis-afflicted slacker, playing the diner lothario forced to work alongside his argumentative ex, played by Reynolds’ Just Friends co-star Anna Faris.

9. Just Friends (2005)

Speaking of which: It was Faris who nabbed most of the comedy plaudits for this rom-com, as she took the role of a demented Britney-alike who provides just one of the obstacles as Reynolds’ teen tubster-turned-superfly record exec tries to exorcise his high school woes by finally getting together with sweetheart, Amy Smart.

8. Finder’s Fee (2001)

An early role for Reynolds, in the sole feature to be written and directed by Jeff Probst, host of millennial reality TV hit Survivor (no, really!). The dramatic action hinges on a poker game for a winning lottery ticket, with Reynolds playing a buddy of main character Adam (Erik Palladino), and the legendary James Earl Jones (just announced for an honorary Oscar) also featuring.

7. The Nines (2007)

If it is not a surprise that Probst has only helmed one film, then it is more of a shock that The Nines is the only feature directing credit for Tim Burton’s regular screenwriter, John August. A complex, ambiguous brew of a mystery, Reynolds tackles not one but three roles in August’s movie – actor, video games designer and writer – as questions of identity and the nature of reality hang in the air, heavy as inner-city traffic smog.

6. Smokin’ Aces (2006)

After the success of his low-key indie hit, Narc, director Joe Carnahan followed it with the absolute opposite – a kinetic, star-laden fiesta of violence, unlikely characters, and even more unlikely events. Playing the closest thing Carnahan’s film has to a central protagonist, Reynolds helped anchor the more outrageous improbabilities, as well serving notice that he could succeed as an action lead.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I don’t think there’s an actor out there who comes across as so much more serious and likeable with the addition of a beard. If he’s not wearing a beard, for me it’s better to walk away. I liked him in the Amityville Horror in part for this reason.

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  • Joel Doubek said

    Buried was hands down the best movie he was in. Ryan should have won an oscar.

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  • Thom said

    Ryan Reynolds is one of those smug actors that I hate (partly due to jealousy!). I cringe whenever I hear a film is going to have him in it, in fact the movie immediately goes down in my estimation.
    Having to be sat through rom-coms often I can say that The Proposal & Definitely, Maybe were both average, which is pretty bad in rom-com land and the fact that they are top 5 in the list is quite telling.
    The only films I have enjoyed him in is as Wade Wilson in Wolverine:Origins & Adventureland. I haven’t seen Buried but have heard good things about it.
    Change Up seems like it will be average too, an easy pay-cheque for him & Bateman. Surely he’s rich enough to be a bit more choosy in his roles?

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  • Mahmoud El-Azzeh said

    Great article. Defintely agree with the order of the Top 10 although I still need to see Definitely, Maybe. The Proposal deserves to be at Number 2 – an excellent, well-written and well-acted rom-com with immense chemistry between the two leads. Buried was always going to be Number 1 and deservedly so.

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  • Alex said

    I would have liked to see Chaos Theory somewhere on this list or at least an honourable mention in the intro blurb. Otherwise it’s a solid top ten.

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  • gini said

    Ryan Reynolds is a brilliant actor! He is so believable that I feel like im inside the movie watching the whole story unfold. Just Friends is one of my favorite movies of all time. My 35 year old friend, who has 3 children and a loving husband is in a coma and i was feeling horrible with nothing cheering me up. This movie helped me to change my attitude and made me laugh so hard I cried. Of course the other actors he was with were brilliant too but Ryan Reynolds was the best! Movies serve society a purpose and that is to take people out of a current state of reality into another one for a little while to change our perspective or simply to give us a break. Ryan Reynolds is an actor that can pull you in to the story and feel for his character in any of the movies i saw him in. The xfiles movie made my heart sink to see his mouth sewn, I felt so sorry for him and it made me want to cry. Actors like Ryan Reynolds allow us to experience and release a variety emotions in a healthy way. Movie writers and directors do the same but without Actors like him, the movies would not Move…. the audience to these varying emotions. 🙂

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  • Penny said

    Ryan is my favorite actor. I first started watching him in the T.V. sitcom “Two guys and a girl”. He is a great actor. I love him when he is funny or serious. I think he is the hottest guy ever. I love his voice. I think his acting career will last forever.

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  • Marion said

    Always liked him. But since Buried, sh*t! I’ve got great respect for him now. He’s a great actor!
    Buried’s become one of my favorite movies. Amazing. brilliantly done!

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  • kianpour said

    I’m Iranian and Ryan is my favorite actor,i love him so much..

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  • yudha said

    the proposal…make my falling in love with you Ryan…
    R.I.P.D make me falling in love with you deeper…

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  • Jordan said

    Buried. Deservedly No. 1.

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  • bee said

    i love ryan !! he.s so cool !

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  • douga said

    No Deadpool? No Turbo? No Croods? you really are a moron.

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