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Footloose Soundtrack 2011 (Songs) OST - Listen Here / Download
The new Footloose soundtrack. Karaoke fans, your dream album may be mere weeks away from hitting shelves. Yes, details have been released for the soundtrack to the new Footloose movie, exposing it as being rather similar to the soundtrack of the old Footloose movie. No Kenny Loggins this time round, but four of nine tracks from version 1.0 are getting a shiny 21st century makeover.

That quartet includes three songs – the movie’s title track, made famous by Loggins, Let’s Hear It for the Boy and Holding Out For a Hero – which, depending on your point of view, are either pop music classics of such toe-tapping potency that they could bore a hole through to the Earth’s core, or more reeking of cheese than a Frenchmen-only fondue night.

Whatever your verdict, an indisputable fact is that said troika have been covered by, respectively, Blake Shelton, Ella Mae Brown and Jana Kramer. And although Ella Mae Brown is a bit of a mystery to me (an IMDb entry under that name has a death-date of eleven years ago, aged 93. Spooooooo-ky!), the dual presence of Shelton and Kramer advise that it is from the country music sphere where the Footloose remake is hoping to draw at least some of the power it might otherwise be lacking in the absence of Kevin Bacon’s snubby little pig nose.

Other country types to appear on the soundtrack include Hunter Hayes, teaming up with Victoria Justice for the fourth and final track recast from first time around, Almost Paradise, Whitney Duncan, and Zac Brown. The contribution of the latter of those, Where the River Goes, I am for now assuming is a cover of the Stone Temple Pilots track of the same name, and – having just invoked the spectre of early ’90s US rock – one decidedly incongruous name to crop up amongst the featured artists is that of the Smashing Pumpkins, here with one of their oldies, Window Paine.

Cee Lo Green also puts in an appearance, alongside guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd on Walkin’ Blues, and if any or all of the aforementioned sounds of any interest to you at all, then worth noting that the soundtrack to the Footloose remake is out on 27 September, and the movie itself is released in the US on 14 October.

Listen To The Footloose Soundtrack:

TRACK 3. Little Lovin’ – Lissie

TRACK 6. So Sorry Mama – Whitney Duncan

You can download the new Footloose soundtrack as mp3s here
Or get it on cd here

Footloose Soundtrack (2011) – Track List
1. Footloose – Blake Shelton
2. Where the River Goes – Zac Brown of Zac Brown Band
3. Little Lovin’ – Lissie
4. Holding Out for a Hero – Ella Mae Brown
5. Let’s Hear it for the Boy – Jana Kramer
6. So Sorry Mama – Whitney Duncan
7. Fake I.D. – Big & Rich feat. Gretchen Wilson
8. Almost Paradise – Victoria Justice & Hunter Hayes
9. Walkin’ Blues – Cee Lo Green feat. Kenny Wayne Shepherd
10. Window Paine – The Smashing Pumpkins
11. Suicide Eyes – A Thousand Eyes
12. Dance the Night Away – David Banner

Leave your thoughts on the Footloose remake and the Footloose soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Kennyfan said

    I think it is a mistake not having Kenny Loggins sing his old tracks for this movie. They are classic songs and his voice is outstanding. We shall see how the public judges the songs

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    • Hollis said

      I went to a private screening of the movie a few weeks ago and you will be pleasantly surprised how the movie starts 😉 Long Live The Loggins!!!!

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    • pmshop said

      He did sing it in the 2011 movie, original track…just not on the CD.

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  • roxychic said

    whats the name of the song that julianne hough dances to in the parking lot?

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  • Brian M said

    I saw a screening last Thursday in Chicago, and yes it featured the Loggins version of Footloose in the opening, as well a female-sung version at the dance finale. The director did state the Blake Shelton one will be in the final film, but was not finished yet. I hope it’s in addition – I liked both versions in the film.

    Also, Let’s Hear it for the Boys was the ORIGINAL version as well! So I’m confused…. is that getting replaced later as well? Guess we’ll find out.

    Holding Out for a Hero actually has two incarnations – there’s the Ella Mae Brown version (she’s like 15 years old) – it’s a slow, melodic, peaceful version the director was sent and decided to use it. And in the bus scene (in place of playing chicken on tractors) where the original song was used, you can hear a version of it in the music on electric guitar.

    The song they dance to in the parking lot is the David Banner song.

    Fake ID is used when they take they road trip to go dancing at the bar, and it is awesome!

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  • Christina said

    It’s Ella Mae Bowen, that’s why. She’s 15 and an amazing up and coming singer from South Carolina.

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  • mpmp0 said

    Footloose is one of “those” songs in my opinion.

    You shouldn’t touch it.

    It’s a great song…but Loggins distinctive voice made a great song fantastic.

    I can remember going to the theater and that Loggin’s Footloose dance sequence had us up and rockin’ in and out of our seats!

    The song has been on my dance/workout list since the movie was released all those years ago.

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  • Angee said

    Track 4: ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ is sung by Ella Mae Bowen…not Brown.

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  • Robyn said

    The new Footloose soundtrack is awesome. I loved the Kenny Loggins version but I have to say Blake Shelton did an outstanding job on the remake!

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  • Stacy said

    Song #4 on the track — Ella Mae’s last name is not Brown, it is Bowen!!! I know this because she is my cousin.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      Is there any chance your cousin could change her name to match the article? It would really help us out here.

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  • reg said

    I get pleasure from, cause I discovered just what I was having a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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  • Jorden J said

    I just got back from seeing it with my volleyball team. SO GREAT! Our coach was the only one who had seen the original, so she was quoting the lines before the actors even said them.
    She said, “if you guys saw the original, you’d be in shock how similar they remade it to the original..the dress, the lines, everything..” After the movie, my team and I blasted the radio and started dancing. (:
    ~Cascade Christian

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  • Chrissy said

    What I the song that’s playing when Ren leaves school and goes to the mill?

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  • Sandra said

    The name is NOT Ella Mae Brown – but is Ella Mae Bowen. She is not a mystery. She is a talented young writer and singer. I expect we’ll be hearing more from her in the coming weeks, months and years to come.

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  • rachael said

    i love dance the night away, i do think kenny loggins’s version should be on the cd. keep dancing ren!!

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  • bianca said

    The song were he lets all his anger out and the girl follows him

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  • Amber said

    the song that he plays when he’s in a rage is called “Catch Hell Blues” by the White Stripes

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