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The One Day soundtrack. David Nicholls’ debut novel Starter For Ten was adapted into an uninspired rom com vehicle for James McAvoy back in 2006, before his third novel One Day became an enormous and ubiquitous best seller. Nicholls, a former actor who only found success when he turned to writing, is set for life now, having turned himself into a bona fide institution, the new go-to guy for populist comedic romances, like Nick Hornby without the dark honesty (and, therefore, the deeper relevance and credibility). Lone Scherfig, director of the Hornby scripted An Education, is the woman charged with turning this mainstream lit hit into cinema gold, though you suspect that unlike An Education this project is aimed more towards profitability than quality (hence Hollywood starlet Ann Hathaway taking the Carey Mulligan role).

The soundtrack combines an eclectic mix of emblematic British hits of a mostly pop-orientated style from (roughly) the nineties through to the turn of the millennium, which is (roughly) the period dealt with in the film, and the selection does certainly have a kind of anthemic and emotive quality to it. Del Amitri’s Roll To Me is a Van Morrisson lite guilty pleasure, indie nice-boys James are always easy to enjoy (factoid: lead singer Tim Booth appears in Batman Begins as a bald-headed serial killer, something he told me himself when purchasing a cheap pre-owned copy of the film in the DVD shop I once worked in) but Fatboy Slim’s Praise You just seems dated, and Primal Scream’s Rocks, fun though it is, was dated when it was released.

Perhaps most noticeable is how great Reverend Black Grape sound. In this ball-ache dull era of Fleet Fox-esque alt-folk harmonies, Shaun Ryder’s guttural off-kilter vocals sound gloriously subversive, and just utterly screw-you great. But this isn’t a screw-you collection, it’s a please-you collection (you in this case meaning as many people with disposable incomes as possible), so Senor Ryder’s drawl is soon followed by Robbie Williams’ Angels and Ronan Bloody Keating, which should send the morale of any sane-headed listener straight through the floor.

Four tracks from Rachel Portman’s score at a combined nine minutes add a touch of choral atmospherics to an uninspired collection of obvious choices, sure to be enjoyed by sentimental thirty-somethings who equate quality with popularity. In conclusion: meh.

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One Day Soundtrack (Songs) – Track List
1. Sparkling Day – Elvis Costello
2. Roll To Me – Del Amitri
3. Aftermath – Tricky
4. Reverend Black Grape – Black Grape
5. Born Of Frustration – James
6. Rocks – Primal Scream
7. Praise You – Fatboy Slim
8. The Rhythm Of The Night – Corona
9. Angels – Robbie Williams
10. Life Is A Rollercoaster – Ronan Keating
11. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Tears For Fears
12. Joy – François Feldman
13. Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s A Doll Revolution) – Elvis Costello
14. One Day Main Titles – Rachel Portman
15. Wedding Chorus – Rachel Portman
16. July 15th – Rachel Portman
17. We Had Today – Rachel Portman

Leave your thoughts on the One Day movie and the One Day soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Allie said

    “…debut novel Starter For Ten was adapted into an uninspired rom com vehicle for James McAvoy back in 2006…”

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Starter for Ten is a great movie! It definitely does NOT fit into the “rom com” formula. C’mon now. That’s ridiculous. It’s fun and crazed all at once. James is brilliant in the role of Brian.

    Sorry. Couldn’t read any further in the article after this beyond weird comment. :/

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  • chris neilan said

    Hey Allie

    Starter For Ten seems to hit most of the key points for a generic rom-com, with perhaps a few mild subversions. The comedic tone is broad throughout, realism sparing, romance fairly idealised. That’s not to say it’s not enjoyable in places, and I’m a fan of a good rom-com, but the central premise about the McAvoy character’s need to appear on University Challenge is a little contrived, and I just didn’t think there were many laughs in there. I’d be interested to know the areas in which you think it diverges from the classic rom com formula?

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  • julie king said

    what happened to the One Republic song Good Life I hear on the trailer?

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  • Leslie said

    I was looking for the vocal electronica song from the club scene in this movie. I love that song and am very dissappointed I can’t hear it again. I guess I might have to watch the movie again. Unless someone can help me…..

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    • stella said

      leslie. did you happen to find out the name of the club electronica song? i was wondering who it was too. thanks!

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  • d44emon said

    I’m looking for the song played at the scene where dexter talks to his father after the death of his mother on a tv set in front of some dancing girls.It says yeah yeah yeah it’s ok it’s all right…does anybody know it??

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  • Omar said

    I’m looking for the song played at the scene where Dex daces with his daughter…

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  • David Lee said

    i am looking for the choral music in the church/wedding scene

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