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The Inbetweeners Movie Soundtrack 2011 (Songs) OST - Listen Here / Download
The Inbetweeners Movie soundtrack. Earlier this year, I met Neil from telly show The Inbetweeners (d’you know, apparently he’s got a real name too. Who woulda thunk it?), and I said to him “Oi, Neil from The Inbetweeners! Tell me why the big screen version of your show isn’t going to suck massive hairy wookie balls the way that just about every British TV comedy-to-comedy movie transfer has in the past?” (These were not the precise words I used).

“Ha!” replied Neil from The Inbetweeeners. “While I concede your point, and feel bad that you once sat through Mitchell and Webb’s Magicians (I hadn’t actually told him this, but that woebegone experience was written all over my sad little face), I am entirely confident that The Inbetweeners Movie will buck the sinking-like-an-especially-fibrous-turd trend to which you allude.” (There is some paraphrasing going on here.) “For our story of teenagers behaving daftly on a drunken post-high school summer holiday is one that will surely resonate with large swathes of the Great British public who have been through just such an experience themselves.” And with that, Neil popped his briar back between his lips, hopped on his anti-gravity sled and vamoosed quicker than Speedy Gonzalez getting a visit from immigration.

History has proven him entirely right too, about the wide-ranging appeal of the filmic incarnation of his TV show; The Inbetweeners Movie has been one of the runaway box office hits of the year over here in the UK, it having taken more than $50m during its three weeks on general release. But if the movie itself benefited from the universal appeal of the depicted common holiday experience, then the accompanying soundtrack suffers from seemingly trying to touch too many bases, with it feeling almost like three albums that have been conjoined in some kind of grisly Frankensteinesque experiment in limb-stitching.

The Inbetweeners Movie soundtrack is one-third chirpy, chipper, radio-friendly indie guitar-rock of the type which provided the aural wallpaper for Will, Simon, Jay and Neil’s small screen misadventures. To this end, you get the likes of Miles Kane’s Quicksand (the intro of which is basically a repeat of the Banana Splits theme tune), and Gimme Love by the Vines, the Australians who were hailed as the saviours of rock when they first emerged eight years ago, before going to peddle the exact same tune over and over and over again to an increasingly uncaring public.

Then there’s a sizeable helping of the kind of nightclub floor-fillers one might associate with a booze-soaked voyage into the Mediterranean sun. Fair to say, the quality varies wildly – from a decent remix of Blow by Ke$ha to the mildly irritating blip of We No Speak Americano to the Auto-Tuned excrement of Sean Kingston’s Party All Night. Providing a link between these two aforementioned musical genres is a very decent Grum remix of My Kz Yr BF, which improves substantially on the Everything Everything original as it builds into a genuine groove.

Studiously ignoring all the superfluous snippets of film dialogue, and we reach the third component of the soundtrack, namely the original compositions provided by Mike Skinner, who of course normally trades under the moniker of the Streets. Eschewing the Streets’ trademark stream of consciousness vocals, Skinner delivers a series of fairly rudimentary keyboard themes which veer towards the repetitive, although he does eventually get into the Euro fromage vibe with We Are Go, which features a strident irony-sapped vocal from Laura Vane and one of those one-finger piano breakdowns that powered many a cheesily cheerful chart hit from the 1990s.

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The Inbetweeners Movie Soundtrack – Track List
1. Quicksand – Miles Kane
2. No Problemo – Mike Skinner
3. Mental Holiday – James Buckley
4. Gimme Love – The Vines
5. Blow (Cirkut remix) – Ke$ha
6. Introduce Yourself – James Buckley & Blake Harrison
7. We Speak No Americano – Yolanda Be Coll & Dcup
8. Nothing But Love – Axwell feat. Errol Reid
9. Fernando’s Theme – Mike Skinner
10. You’re a Virgin – Simon Bird & Laura Haddock
11. Twenty Euros – Mike Skinner
12. Waving Not Drowning – Mike Skinner
13. He Shoots, He Scores – James Buckley
14. Clunge in a Barrel – Mike Skinner
15. Twenty Miles – Deer Tick
16. Feel So Close (Benny Benassi remix) – Calvin Harris
17. Smack in the Balls – Joe Thomas
18. We Are Go – Mike Skinner feat. Laura Vane
19. My Kz Yr BF (Grum remix) – Everything Everything
20. Moanatronic 5000 – Mike Skinner
21. Whatever It Takes – D.O.T.
22. Two-Man Job – Blake Harrison
23. Do It – Mike Skinner
24. Party All Night (Sleep All Day) – Sean Kingston
25. Gone Up in Flames – Morning Flames
26. Pussay Patrol – Mike Skinner
27. To the Pussay – The Inbetweeners

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