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Jumper 2 – Sequel Plans

With Jumper opening at number one at the box office, the very obvious sequel set up could actually lead to something.

Hayden Christensen had this to say on the press tour – “Doug Liman, the director, already has another four stories in his head. I would love to do a follow up. It lends itself to it.”

To begin, here’s the plot of the second novel in the Jumper series, ‘Reflex’:

Once a teen struggling to escape an abusive father, Davy Rice is now a covert operative for the National Security Agency and happily married to Oklahoma psychologist Millie Harrison-Rice.

Enter sudden marital discord over starting a family, and Davy, eager to avoid the issue, jumps from their remote West Texas hideaway to a meeting in Washington, D.C., only to be snatched by an evil organization intent upon forcing “the asset” to work for them.

The baffled Millie keeps waiting for her husband to return, until she discovers that she, too, can teleport through space.

While Davy spends much of the book a defiant prisoner, Millie learns the joy of jumping. In her effort to rescue her husband, she goes to ground and hides her dangerous new ability from the NSA and Davy’s captors.

At the end, the inevitable question arises: will the next jumper do it in diapers?

Eek. Sounds horrible.

Given that the Paladin aren’t even in the books, how much of this will be lifted?

A lot, by the sounds of things.

“There’s one massive hint in the film for the ultimate twist in the sequel”, says Liman “Which is…I guess people will read the 2nd book so they’ll know, Rachel Bilson’s character learns how to teleport.”

“I also think if you went to work for the government you’d be the ultimate Jason Bourne.”

Rachel Bilson, super heroine. Teleporting Jason Bourne. Sounds like Liman’s sucking up bad ideas like a vacuum cleaner.

A new element may well be time travel. “The jumping, it’s a worm hole jump which is why those scars are left behind,” says Liman “If you can travel through space through a worm hole, from a scientific Einstein point of view, you could also travel through time. I’m very specific to show those scars, and that’s what Rachel Bilson gets pulled through in the end. I’ve left the door open to time travel.“

Liman also mused more vaguely “This power could be used to leave the planet…”

So who’s up for a sequel, and what would you want to see in it?

Sources: Dark Horizons
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  • stinkingbob said

    Damn, looks like they are going to mess up the sequel. The plotline just plain sucks. As I said before, Jumpers could be a very exciting and profitable franchise if they get a good script and storyline for the sequel. It has potential. Lets see what they plan to do. This is probably just in the planing stages, so its too early to tell.

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    • Max said

      true that, too dry…lol, i started to write a whole script but it didnt fit in here 😀

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  • patrick said

    The filming style of Jumper made me feel like i myself was jumping around… very cool. Christensen didn’t do too bad either

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  • jumper said

    that was the best action movie I have seen in a long time… im so glad they did not try to describe how it all works and came to be… leave that for the sequels !

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  • shawn said

    i think jumper was an awesome movie and the sequal could be great but with the plot line there giving it seems just too cheezy and predictable like there isnt much thought but who knows like stinkinbob said its too early to tell

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  • sammo said

    hope fully this film will explain why the jumpers and the paledins are fighting

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  • katherine said

    I’d really look forward to a jumper sequel if it was less about Hayden Christensen and his girlfriend and more about Jamie Bell’s character Griffin. Jamie Bell was a much better actor and his character was much more interesting, i hope they bring him back in the sequal because i couldn’t stand another movie that concentrated souly on Hayden Christensen and the pathetic job he made of a what could have been a possibly interesting and exciting character and movie.

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  • haydenlover said

    i dont like that milly can teleport

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  • haydenlover said

    change it change please but make hayden look hott

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  • Cahoots said

    No more Bilson, more Bell. Griffin was the saving grace of the first movie. Davy and Millie were a bit stiff

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    • kelly said

      I agree FULLY !!!!
      Jamie Bell was the greatest thing about that movie with Samuel Jackson in 2nd
      Griffin was an awesome, kick ass, yet lovable, rouge and David was just……kind of boring
      I swear if they don’t bring him back i don’t think i’ll have the heart to see it

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  • Scott said

    The movie had a wonderful premise, but it ultimately succumbed to an ending with no promise. “Hollywood”, take note – Jason Bourne works! Don’t state the obvious, the ending to this movie ultimately destroyed it. Was I entertained throughout? Yes, until the end. So don’t ruin a good movie by setting up an absolute, “cheese out”, obvious “Jumper 2: Son vs. Mom” ending – and really? really? come on – kill Samuel Jackson – by keeping him alive we know there’s a sequel – SO END THE MOVIE THERE! – if you want SJ, than cut out the whole “mom & son” meeting – and I have to believe that’s the studio execs. most certainly wanted that ending to set up another movie – well…… it sucks, you just officially insulted my intelligence. My advice – your audience isn’t that stupid, we want character development. Look at the Oscars, we loved Juno. Why? because it was believable – So………. writers, take note: Sci-Fi NEEDS: believable dialogue, engaging character relationship and empathetic connection; otherwise you’re just another movie that is trying to capitalize on an endless plot line with “fluff” CGI. Your audience has been there, done it!!!!! I truly believe Christopher Nolan is going to deliver with the Dark Knight – you guy’s can too!

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  • shawn said

    the paladins and jumpers are fighting because the paladins are like a religious cult who believe only god should have that kind of power so they decide to kill the jumpers because of it…..they already explained that in the first one…

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  • Grace said

    OK, so the movie rocked. I really felt as if i were jumping around with Hayden. But it did leave a lot of unanswered questions. What happened to his mom, will they meet again and face the ultimate fight seen mother vs. son, what about the other jumper, the electricity poles wont kill him, someone was bound to bring him down, and last but not least, Samuel, Hayden didnt kill him but Samuel doesnt care he’ll come back to kill all jumpers… so the plot up there sucks. I wanted to know more about jumping, other jumpers, why the paleds hate jumpers so much, there has to be more than that “God should only hold the powers you have”, something happened behind all that. so better plot and ill def be one of the first seated to watch Jumper 2.

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  • Mel said

    Please at least put Jamie Bell back in as Griffin because he was the single-most entertaining thing in the whole movie. Regardless that 95% of all bad words came from him. He was still awesome. The next movie will stink without him.

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  • Cecilia said

    I really hope that Griffin (Jamie Bell) showes up again in the second movie! He was absolutely the funniest and most interesting character! Btw, Juumper was the best movie i´ve seen in a long time.

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  • Jason said

    Jumper was a decent movie could have been a lot better with some better writers on the script. One observation I made was during the final scenes and possible setup to a sequel role was that Kristen Stewart was the girl that answered the door possibly playing the half-sister of Davy and a possible jumper. She is a great young actress and was nice to see her but she is capable of a lot more then answering the door and walking upstairs. The Millie learns to jump plot line seems too predictable as to me she was just eye-candy. Hopefully if there is a sequel Davy uses his power for the benefit of people in need. IE: when he blatantly ignored the newscast of the people in the flood.

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    • Guest said

      Haha yeah so true! He did ignore that, prob cause he dont want people to know what he can do but knowing me i would have helped too lol

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