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Top 10 Wince Inducing Moments In Horror

Horror Top 10 | 10 Most Gruesome Scenes (With Video)Some movies contain moments that make us question just how depraved we are for sitting through them. Whether we ask for those moments depends on the movie, it can be quite expected, or catch us completely unaware. Either way, if the scenes below don’t elicit some sort of repulse reaction out of you, I can only recommend intensive psychological therapy. (There are quite a few feet on this list, so if you’ve got some sort of foot fetish, you’ll find these especially disturbing.)

WARNING: Contains Graphic Material

These are Horror’s Top 10 Most Wince-Inducing Scenes:

10. Death Proof – Car Crash

The build-up to this is rather unbearable. The camera has a love affair with poor Jungle Julia’s leg, pretty much telling the viewer “Hey, enjoy this leg while you can, because it is going bye-bye”. And watching that leg flop like jello against the pavement is enough to make anyone squirm.

Thankfully a good face-peeling gets the bad taste of leg dismemberment out of the mind.

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  • Adam Mason said

    Cracking list.

    I remember the custard scene very clearly. The whole film is fantastic, but that really goes above and beyond. I should watch it again.

    “Audition” was the last film that ever truly frightened me. I think withstanding Asumi is a rite of passage every human should do at least once… I’ve never had the balls to do it twice.

    I would suggest the “angel’s wings” trap from “Saw 3” (horrible film in general), as I really did wince during it, as opposed to laughing as I did during the other “Saw” sequels.

    Also, Captain Rhodes’ epic demise in “Day of the Dead”. “CHOKE ON ‘EM! CHOKE ON ‘EM!!” Amazing.

    I did wince during “Death Proof”… but only because I forked out seven quid to watch it.

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  • Angel Orona said

    Bravo, Tyler! Great list! Now if you’ll excuse me I think I need to go black out for the next hour or so . . . . .

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  • robbie avies said

    honey, give me a head on collision any day! over & out x

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  • Tyler Lovemark said

    Thanks for the comments. I felt so depraved making this list, but these glowing comments definitely make it worth the trip into hell.

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  • yeopa said

    Yes! Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Misery were the 2 films that came directly to mind when I started reading this Awesome. Though I don’t care for the Saw films there are some truly gory, wince worthy moments, especially the foot sawing. Same with Hostel and the japanese girls eye(also a terrible film). One new age film moment I found particularly awesomely evil was The Devil’s Rejects when he puts the face of the girls husband on her face and ties her to the door. lol

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  • Jonathan said

    *** OLDBOY SPOILER ***

    The climatic scene when the main character cuts out his own tongue is a good one

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  • Nyxbruxa said

    What about Dawn of the Dead, the helicopter slice-by-slice decapitation scene or any number of scenes from the Hellraiser series? When Uncle Frank is being regenerated or when the good doctor gets his head ripped away from his body (Part II) whilst attached to a new giant head-stem as he hovers over Kirstie within the puzzle box dimension…pretty nasty…I will say that Hostel was shocking…didn’t expect that when I popped it in the DVD player!

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  • David said

    I love that bit on hannibal when hes frying up that guys brain and when that guy goes that smells good.

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  • Dan said

    Saw 3 had the rotation factures, that got me to squirm.

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  • Jeremy said

    while i’m not a big fan, i went to see saw V with my girlfriend and i have to say…


    the end where he gets crushed got to me… lol.

    well, pretty much any scene like that…

    great list btw

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  • Tom said

    Great horror top 10. Another contender in my mind would be the ‘nipple slicing’ in Ichi the Killer. If that’s a bit much, there’s a foot-removal scene that would round off this list’s foot theme nicely.

    The last film that made my jaw drop out of sheer disbelief at what I was seeing was Antichrist. Those who’ve seen it will know what I mean. For those who haven’t: Everything you’ve heard about it is true (except that it’s actually a decent film).

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  • jules said

    I remember having the sad misfortune of being at a party and someone having one of the “Faces of Death” films in. I have never forgotten most of the images. Sad, sick and terribly disturbing…and that was over 20 years ago…

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Yeah I’ve seen the Faces Of Death series, don’t worry because almost all the human stuff is fake. Having said that the animal stuff is mostly real and that’s disturbing enough.

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  • Hayes said

    You have ommited Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE from this list! The splnter through the eye scene is the most cring inducing scene I have ever sat through.

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  • Captaincel said

    In all honesty, the most sickening part was that fat guy just taking a spoonful of plain custard.

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