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Top 10 Wince Inducing Moments In Horror

Horror Top 10 | 10 Most Gruesome Scenes (With Video)Some movies contain moments that make us question just how depraved we are for sitting through them. Whether we ask for those moments depends on the movie, it can be quite expected, or catch us completely unaware. Either way, if the scenes below don’t elicit some sort of repulse reaction out of you, I can only recommend intensive psychological therapy. (There are quite a few feet on this list, so if you’ve got some sort of foot fetish, you’ll find these especially disturbing.)

WARNING: Contains Graphic Material

These are Horror’s Top 10 Most Wince-Inducing Scenes:

10. Death Proof – Car Crash

The build-up to this is rather unbearable. The camera has a love affair with poor Jungle Julia’s leg, pretty much telling the viewer “Hey, enjoy this leg while you can, because it is going bye-bye”. And watching that leg flop like jello against the pavement is enough to make anyone squirm.

Thankfully a good face-peeling gets the bad taste of leg dismemberment out of the mind.

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