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Top 10 Wince Inducing Moments In Horror

4. Audition – Extreme Flossing

The final foot moment…for a while. But boy does it work hard to earn itself a spot on this list. It’s not just about harmless little Asami removing the poor man’s foot, but the fact it’s stacked on top of a revolting build-up of events.

First he’s forced to drink Asami’s vomit. Then there’s the inner thigh burning. After that the needles go everywhere: stomach, chest, face, even the eyes. The needles are pulled in various directions. And then, she wraps some wire around his foot and basically “flosses” it off… [That’s it, I’m out of here – ed.]

If you’re brave enough to watch this, you can officially embrace the label of “sick f**k”.

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  • The1Cool said

    During the Death Proof scene, all I thought was “I’d still suck her toes”.

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    You’re a bad man Cool.

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  • Noah from Chicago said

    I assume you have not seen Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond. Yes, Zombie has the eye scene but there are multiple scenes in The Beyond that are cringe inducing. One guy gets his face melted off with quicklime, another guy gets his face torn apart by tarantulas, a blind lady gets her throat ripped out by her seeing-eye dog and a young girl gets the entire front of her face blown off with a revolver.

    Let’s not forget some the torture and gunshot scenes in Fulci’s New York Ripper.

    Also, Tokyo Gore Police; almsot entire film belongs here.

    See these films and I think you’ll be inclined to amend your list.

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  • Ray said

    this is awesome !!

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  • Tj said

    as soon as i saw this list, i though MISERY, MISERY, MISERY…The Misery “hobbling” scene is the first(and so far last) that action made me cringe 100%, most movies only get a oh crap, a WTF, and a oh hell naw, and my skin tightens, but the hobbling scene is in a league of its own. I first saw that movie years ago, and i still give a little cringe everytime i see it

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  • Bob Von Halders said

    What about The Rack from Saw 3? How is that not on the list. It’s far more squemish than the foot cutting scene.

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  • sasa said

    Hills have eyes is very scary!

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  • Beano said

    Ooh ya, mysery wins haha

    i rmbr that one.

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  • Antuan E. said

    Great list! One omission that I may have considered including is from “Cannibal Holocaust.” The scene where a real turtle is killed and torn apart is so god-awful that I nearly vomited watching it. However, that movie is so frickin’ terrible (in a bad way) that I wouldn’t recommend watching it to anyone. Your #1 choice is undoubtedly the scene where I nearly turned that film off. It’s so thoroughly disgusting.

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  • Jessy A. said

    I very much agree with number one!!! That is truly an unforgettable scene. However I can’t believe no one has mentioned the slicing of the achilles tendon in Hostel. When he stood up and tried to walk it sent chills up my spine!

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  • Alvin Anderson said

    I was given a pre-release copy of the DVD for my private viewing and the person who let me see it did so because he thought the Director, Peter Jackson, was someone to watch. I forget if he was Producer or Writer, too). Besides the fact it’s such a great horror-comedey. I think it had the most blood ever used in a horror film. The mother was such an unbelievable parody of a mother the dominant mother senerio. Really the Joan Crawford of zombie movies. Loved it.

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  • AvidFilmFreak said

    Great list, except it was 28 Weeks Later, not 28 Days Later.

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  • AvidFilmFreak said

    The hobbling scene from Misery was what brought me to this site. I wanted to see if this made other people’s lists of the most painful movie moments.

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  • Deb69 said

    I can’t believe no-one has mentioned Antichrist! The bit with the wife and the scissors is burnt onto my brain! I can’t even go into it, but believe me, it’s sick!
    I really do love a good horror, but it has to be believable for me. Not into comedy horror or vampires, but love zombies and demons!!!

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  • tjbarlow said

    I can’t believe that the “Splinter through the eye” scene from Zombie isn’t on here. I remember watching that as a kid and I still have nightmares.

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