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Horror Movies 2012 – Guide

Paranormal Activity 4
Starring: Katie Featherston
Directors: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
Released: 19 October 2012

[Critics: 24%] [Public: 4.6] – Avoid

Starring: Anuerin Barnard, James Cosmo, Amy Shiels
Director: Ciaran Foy
Released: 19 October 2012

[Critics: 55%] [Public: 5.5] – Mediocre

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
Starring: Sean Bean, Malcolm McDowell, Radha Mitchell, Carrie-Anne Moss
Director: Michael J. Bassett
Released: 26 October 2012

[Critics: 5%] [Public: 5.0] – Avoid


The Bay
Starring: Christopher Denham, Michael Beasley, Kether Donohue, Mellie Boozer
Director: Barry Levinson
Released: 2 November 2012

Found footage movies originally came from no-budget first timers, but increasingly big name directors are getting in on the act. Romero did ‘Diary Of The Dead’, JJ produced ‘Cloverfield’, now Barry Levinson (‘Rain Man’, ‘Diner’) is tackling an biological-disaster horror set in the Chesapeake Bay. An isopod parasite rises from the deep to infect human hosts and fish alike with a mutated disease. Events unfold via a series of recordings on camera phones, 911 calls, and other scraps of video. The cast are made up of unknowns and it’s also being produced by the team behind ‘Paranormal Activity’. Levinson directed the criminally underrated ‘Sphere’, so I have faith he’ll be able to build a powerful atmosphere of dread, at the very least. [Critics: 77%] [Public: 5.6] – Decent

The Collection
Starring: Josh Stewart, Christopher McDonald, Shannon Kane, Navi Rawat
Director: Marcus Dunstan
Out: 30 November 2012

2009’s ‘The Collector’ gets a sequel, even though it didn’t do great box office. There wasn’t much explanation as to why serial killer The Collector booby-trapped houses, or collected, but this time expect to delve somewhat into the back story. We’re headed to The Collector’s own booby-trapped hideout since Arkin, the protagonist from the first movie, is blackmailed into finding it, and the kidnapped woman inside, by her wealthy father. This is worth watching if you’re missing Jigsaw, not least because the first ‘Collector’ script was considered as a prequel to ‘Saw’, and the writer/director penned ‘Saw’s IV-VII. [Critics: 37%] [Public: 6.1] – Decent

Silent Night
Starring: Jaime King, Malcolm McDowell, Donal Logue, Ellen Wong, Brendan Fehr
Director: Steven C. Miller
Out: 30 November 2012

[Critics: 64%] [Public: 5.2] – Mediocre

SUMMARY : (combining critics’ and public’s opinions)
ExcellentThe Cabin In The Woods, Sinister, The Loved Ones, The Grey
GoodPrometheus, The Woman In Black, The Awakening
DecentThe Raven, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Possession, V/H/S, The Innkeepers, Underworld: Awakening, Dark Shadows, The Tall Man, The Bay, The Collection
MediocreGone, Intruders, Resident Evil: Retribution, House At The End Of The Street, Citadel, Silent House, Silent Night
AvoidSilent Hill: Revelation 3D, [REC] 3: Genesis, Paranormal Activity 4, The Devil Inside, Piranha 3DD, The Apparition

Leave your thoughts on 2012’s horror movies in the comments.
What are your top picks?

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  • steve k said

    The Woman In Black is the one I most want to see. Looks awesome!

    Burton/Depp *yawn*

    Live footage movies can be done tastefully and entertaining. Even smart, but most tend to be sh*tty.

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    • Mike said

      I have seen both Woman in Black and The Devil Inside. While I liked the Devil Inside, The Woman in Black was much more kind of an edge of your seat movie. I caught myself jumping, and i never jump…lol

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    • jawa said

      Sinister – Scariest movie of 2012 (period).

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  • Bailey said

    I REALLY want to see Woman in Black- any reason really. And Dark Shadows- Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter, and directed by Tim Burton. It’s gotta be good.

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    • Livvy said

      Yeah Woman In Black is one of the best horror movies of 2012, but Dark Shadows is the worst film I’ve ever seen.

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    • Ana said

      I was really disappointed with Dark Shadow. I love Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter and Tim Burton. When they work together its magic, Dark Shadow didn’t have that.

      Woman in Black was ok, basic ghost story. I wasn’t aware Abe was a vampire hunter, but I did like the movie.

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  • Nick said

    It look me a while to realise there is more than one page LOL I see there are many horror movies in 2012 that have been made in Spain or at least with Spanish directors and or/actors. I’m very curious about this, they have a great horror film festival in Sitges (Barcelona), I wonder if this trend comes from there?

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  • prajwal kokane said

    please provide me the updates of new horror movies. thanx

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  • AGCG said

    I’ve watched more films in the last 7 – 8 months since finding this site than I have in any previous year.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      It’s great you’ve been pointed towards some movies you might not have seen otherwise. Well, if they were any good, because if they were rubbish we’ve wasted your time.

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  • AGCG said

    Ermm . . . some of the films have been interesting. It’s also the direction from the accompanying comments that helps too. Sends me rummaging through the dark and dusty aisles for something I’ve never heard about before.

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  • Nick said

    The only 2012 horror movie that sounds interesting is The Woman in Black, I really enjoyed the play (it’s the longest running play in the UK history if I remember correctly). It’s great they got Jane Goldman to write the script! Radcliffe is suited for the role because this takes place in XIX century, so a lawyer in his twenties makes sense, specially because in the play you see the character when he is older remembering the story of this time when he was much younger. This makes the return of Hammer films, I’m very excited about this, if someone knows how to make horror films that’s them!

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  • Jorden said

    Anyone who hasn’t read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter should totally seek it out. It is a VERY good book, and very innovative. I am really excited for the film adaptation.

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  • gd smith said

    What do you mean real history. Abe was a great vampire slayer. OK. the stuff about him being president is a bit far fetched, but at least he’s being shown some respect. I watched Nixon and it was so stupid. The so called film makers didn’t even mention the whole watergate, illuminati thing. Let alone the were-wolf problem in Washington at the time. But that’s youngsters for you. They don’t care about history unless it’s spiced up with outtakes from the Wire or something.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      John Major defeated the creature from the black lagoon. He used his glasses to create a focal point with the sun and set it alight.

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  • Steven8888 said

    WHAT ABOUT SILENT HILL REVELATION??? they dismissed that movie and its going to be one of the best horrors of 2012 .. perhaps the decade. S I L E N T H I L L R E V E L A T I O N ! ! !

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  • T.ROSS said

    Yo awesome list! I want to see a lot of these flicks! THE INNKEEPERS, PIRANHA 3DD, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, PROMETHEUS, CABIN IN THE WOODS, THE COLLECTION, ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE KILLER and so many other ones! Some of my other most anticipated horror flicks are actually for next year – LORDS OF SALEM by Rob Zombie, AMERICAN MARY by the Soska Twins and YOU’RE NEXT directed by Adam Wingard. All of these flicks are going to be insane. AMERICAN MARY has a sweet cast, awesome story and special effects by the master Todd Masters. YOU’RE NEXT went crazy at TIFF, won best picture and went into a crazy distribution bidding war among some of the bigger companies with Lionsgate winning. LORDS OF SALEM is going to be epic.

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  • Rusti Majere said

    Personally, I think the best horror movies of 2012 will be: Silent Hill Revelations 3D – I love the game franchise, and the fact that it’s loosely based on Silent Hill 3 gives it a lot of brownie points. The first was enjoyable for sure, though I coulda done without the tentacle r*pe scene 😛
    V/H/S – This one looks fun. Love the haunted house sequence I saw on the previews. Looking forward to it for sure.
    REC 3 Genesis – I’m a sucker for foreign horror. ‘Nuff said.

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  • Madelyn Harvey said

    I loved the movie “Gone” it was Amazing in my opinion

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  • Stoy said

    Innkeepers is well worth a look.

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  • shep said

    there realy isnt anything exciting or new about 2012’s horror movies, where do you go from good films such as Grave Encounters and Episode 50???? we need new ideas new creatures to give us nightmares…..in my opinion the only movie worth a look is the Woman in Black.

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