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Happy Feet 2 Soundtrack (Songs) OST - Listen Here & Download
The Happy Feet 2 soundtrack. They’re calling it Happy Feet Two, they being backers Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures. Anyone who’s been unfortunate enough to see the poster is likely to know it as The Wild-Eyed Demento Penguins. But whichever way you want to tag it, the zany little birds who proved such a winner with both audiences and critics back in 2006 are back! Hooray.

And back too is composer John Powell, providing the score for approximately his trillionth animated feature following his work on the likes of Chicken Run, Shrek (both in collaboration with Harry Gregson-Williams), the more recent Ice Age movies, How To Train Your Dragon, and, of course, the first Happy Feet.

Powell is not alone in his endeavours, mind. For just as the opening jolly penguins picture featured contributions from members of the cast, so too does Happy Feet Two call on the services of some of its key voice talent (relax, Kidman and Jackman are absent this time round, perhaps in penance for their shameful involvement in Baz Luhrmann’s elongated abomination Australia).

Key talent like Common, his involvement here one of the few material things to come out of the aborted Justice League uber-blockbuster which HF2 director George Miller had been set to make back in 2008. And if Common doesn’t think being cast as a cartoon penguin is more than adequate compensation for not getting to play the Green Lantern, well, then he obviously didn’t see the lousy standalone Lantern flick from earlier this year (him and quite a lot of other people if the box office figures are anything to go by).

Despite his rap background, Common is only credited on one track on the Happy Feet Two soundtrack, he getting rather the short end of the stick compared to his co-star Pink (she joining the cast in the role of Gloria, stepping in for the actress who voiced that character in film one, the prematurely passed Brittany Murphy). Pink chips in on three numbers, including Bridge of Light, a song which turns out to be not good. Not good at all; it’s strictly for those folks who find Shania Twain “too rootsy”.

Janelle’s Tightrope was the highlight of the Friends With Benefits soundtrack a few months back and it features here also, apparently in a new ‘Ice Cold Mix’, which could mean anything or nothing really. Meanwhile Robin Williams also contributes to proceedings, although those who’ve ever heard his harebrained version of the Beatles’ Come Together will likely be relieved to learn the motor-mouthed furball is restricted to a single outing. The majority of the album is, wisely, given over to the professional, Powell.

Listen To The Happy Feet Two Soundtrack:

You can download the Happy Feet Two soundtrack as mp3s here
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Happy Feet Two Soundtrack – Track List
1. Happy Feet Opening Medley – Pink/Common/Benjamin ‘Lil P-Nut’ Flores, Jr.
2. The Mighty Sven – Robin Williams/Happy Feet Two Chorus/Hank Azaria
3. Bridge Of Light – Pink/Happy Feet Two Chorus
4. Papa Oom Mow Mow – Happy Feet Two Chorus
5. Dragostea Din Tei – Hank Azaria/Happy Feet Two Chorus
6. Erik’s Opera – Omar Crook/EG Daily
7. Rawhide – Elephant Seal Chorus
8. Under Pressure/Rhythm Nation – Pink/Happy Feet Two Chorus
9. Tightrope Ice Cold Mix – Janelle Monáe/Benjamin ‘Lil P-Nut’ Flores, Jr./Happy Feet Two Chorus
10. In the Hole – John Powell
11. Ramon and the Krill – John Powell
12. Lovelace Preshow – John Powell featuring Judith Hill
13. Searching For the Kids – John Powell
14. The Doomberg Lands – John Powell
15. I Don’t Back Up – John Powell
16. Trapped In Emperor Land – John Powell
17. Skua Attack/Adelie Rescue – John Powell
18. Dinner A La Sven – John Powell
19. We Are the Champions – John Powell
20. Snow Stops Play – John Powell featuring Steven Pence
21. No Fly Zone – John Powell
22. Krill Joy – John Powell
23. Tappin’ To Freedom – John Powell

Leave your thoughts on the Happy Feet 2 soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • linda said

    looking for the song PINK sings to her son when he is about to “blow” … it started out “take a deep breath….

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    • Amy said

      I loved that song too! Definitely one I’m going to keep in my “back pocket” for when I need it!

      The song is #3 on the track- Bridge of Light.

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  • Lynda said

    I absolutely loved Erik’s Opera. Who would every have guessed that the sweet little penguin would have such a wonderful voice and song to sing. Can I download just that song? It is just delightful! My grandsons, ages 7-11, and my husband and I, age 65, all enjoyed this movie – delightful!

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  • Apple Pie said

    Bridge of light is the most beautiful song.

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  • Bob said

    Looking for the song when the elephant seals are on their way coming to help the penguins

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  • Brian Kor said

    Does anyone know the name of THE VERY FIRST SONG in the opening credits before the opening medley? it sorta sounds like an xylophone

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