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The Dark Knight Rises – Latest News & Pictures

Dark Knight Rises news and pictures
Whoa, hold on! Don’t skip this one. Yes, the on-set pictures from The Dark Knight Rises have been coming so thick and fast that if you printed ‘em all out and stuck ‘em all together, you could probably make a decent flip book approximation of the entire movie. But today brings some fresh authorised shots (albeit scanned from a magazine, admittedly), as well as some wise words from the big Bat cheese himself, Christopher Nolan.

Indeed, aside from the new pictures – one of which shows bad guy Bane in an adorably bang-on-trend sheepskin jacket – there are a few cheeky little morsels for the multitudinous Bat-faithful to chew on, including the rumour of a star cameo, some mildly intriguing timeline news, and Nolan revealing that Vin Diesel was his first choice to play Bane (one of these is not true).

Let’s start with the narrative news. Says Nolan of his eagerly-anticipated latest:

It’s really all about finishing Batman and Bruce Wayne’s story. We left him in a very precarious place. Perhaps surprisingly for some people, our story picks up quite a bit later, eight years after The Dark Knight. So he’s an older Bruce Wayne; he’s not in a great state.

With Bane, we’re looking to give Batman a challenge he hasn’t had before. With our choice of villain and with our choice of story, we’re testing Batman both physically as well as mentally.

Ooh, bit like The Krypton Factor then? Nolan also reveals a bit more about the Dark Knight Rises preview which is due to play with certain IMAX showings of the new Mission: Impossible movie, Ghost Protocol, which is out next month.

Basically [the preview is] the first six or seven minutes of the film. It’s an introduction to Bane, and a taste of the rest of the film.

He should also have added that you can still get the price of a movie ticket refunded if you leave within the first ten minutes of a showing, meaning that you Nolan acolytes need not unnecessarily line the pockets of Cruise and company.

Aside from these relatively non-committal words from the DKR’s director, there has also been a fresh casting rumour circulating: the suggestion is that Ellen Page’s name has been spotted on a trailer on the set of the movie, and that she is in fact down to play the role of Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Jim, and Batgirl no less to boot.

Sounds a bit fishy to me (remember that ‘complete script leak’ with Black Mask and Deadshot as the baddies?), but Nolan does seem determined to crowbar his entire Inception cast into the Batman films so there could be something in it. Anyway, while you decide on whether you think that rumour’s a crock of raspberries or not, check out the new pictures below.

Dark Knight Rises news and pictures
Dark Knight Rises news and pictures
Dark Knight Rises news and pictures
Dark Knight Rises news and pictures
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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Can’t wait to see that 6 minute preview in a few weeks.

    Such a shame they’re wrapping the series up already, feels like it’s got a long way to run.

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    • Peter Ramos said

      It is a shame… But don’t you feel the same way about Star Wars? I do…

      Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

      • Sheridan Passell said
        Sheridan Passell

        I’d be up for another Star Wars trilogy (I’m sure others will disagree). Although I think story-wise it’s quite tricky to add a 7th movie now and have any real continuity. But yeah, I’d be excited about it.

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  • joe mendez jr said

    I really like what there doing with adding bane it adds a great deal of pressure to the life of batman and bruce for where he’s st in his life. I think they need to add one or two more villain s to spice things up deashot would be great and if batgirl is going ti make her first appearance them it would be great if while batman is fighting bane batgirl would be fighting catwoman?

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  • joe mendez jr said

    I also think the name to the movie is great I mean as soon as I heard the name I loved. It has box office smash written all over it one day I want to write movies and this is what I love to see in the writers/ directors point of view. The name to the tittle just really got me so thrilled can’t wait to see what else is to be released soon. I wanna hear what people think and who agrees with me.

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  • Thom said

    The batsuit still looks in good condition after 8 years in storage!
    I’m starting to get a bit worried, this is going to be way too hyped up to be so impressive. People went into TDK with quite low expectations due to Ledger playing the Joker but was then floored by his performance. Now the situations reversed. We are all expecting big things from Hardy so he has a lot to live up too!

    I’m also slightly worried about character overload. I want to see a lot of Bane but still interested in Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, Gordon, Alfred, Lucius etc. (the women can stay out of it IMHO)

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    • The1Cool said

      I can’t speak for most people, but I had high expectations for The Dark Knight and was still blown away. You’re right about The Dark Knight creating higher expectations though. If they can somehow meet or exceed those, I will probably cry.

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