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We Bought A Zoo Soundtrack (Songs) OST - Listen Here & Download
The We Bought a Zoo soundtrack. Too much sweet stuff will make you sick. A phrase apt for those intent on guzzling the remaining Christmas candy (I’m typing this one-handed whilst shovelling cakes into my trap), and also apt for Cameron Crowe, the prodigy who made his name with Rolling Stone magazine and the novel/script for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, before becoming a director in his own right and hitting it super-big with Jerry Maguire.

Ever since Maguire went down a storm and powered Cuba Gooding Jr. up to the Oscar-winners podium to embarrass himself, our man Cam Crowe has been seemingly bent on a filmmaking path towards the deepest depths of the swamp of sentimentality.

Okay, his Almost Famous – based on his own experience as a teen rock writer – got the balance just about tolerable, while his Vanilla Sky was so in thrall to its Alejandro Amenábar-directed predecessor, Open Your Eyes, as to scarcely stake a claim for its own identity.

But Crowe’s last directorial effort, Elizabethtown, in which Orlando Bloom plays a moron who falls for Kirsten Dunst’s idiot, was so saccharine a confection as to make your eyes sting. And that’s before you even get on to the catastrophically dreadful end bit with Susan Sarandon, Free Bird, and that comet coming crashing down and horribly killing them all (all right, so that last one was just what I hoped would happen…) – a sequence which functions as perfect cinematic metaphor for Crowe taking the successful film career he’d spent the previous two decades forging, neatly folding it up and flushing it down the crapper.

I have yet to see We Bought a Zoo, the latest Crowe offering, but the trailer makes it look like it continues in the same excessively sentimental vein as Elizabethtown – in coming over as a potentially deeply annoying slice of whimsy, populated by a trying-his-best Matt Damon and ‘cute’ kids saying ‘funny’ things (thanks, Jonathan Lipnicki. Thanks a frickin’ bunch).

We Bought a Zoo has a tie-in album penned and produced by Jónsi, main-man of Icelandic sound-scapers Sigur Rós, an outfit who became popular and ubiquitous here in the UK after their track Hoppípolla was pressed into service on adverts for nature documentary series Planet Earth. From acceptably cool name to check, they were overnight turned into an only marginally less tragic version of Coldplay – a band for cappuccino-supping gallery-goers to play really quietly in the background at dinner parties (capital offences, one and all!).

Hoppípolla is present here, as are three ‘reimagined’ tracks from Jónsi’s solo album Go (Boy Lilikoi, Sinking Friendships, Go Do). The remaining eleven tracks are made up of nine new themes and a pair of brand spanking new songs – the second of which, Gathering Stories, was written in collaboration with Crowe himself.

Listen To The We Bought A Zoo Soundtrack:
Ævin Endar by Jónsi

Gathering Stories by Jónsi

You can download the We Bought A Zoo soundtrack as mp3s here
Or get it on cd here

We Bought A Zoo Soundtrack – Track List
1. Why Not? – Jónsi
2. Ævin Endar – Jónsi
3. Boy Lilikoi – Jónsi
4. Sun – Jónsi
5. Brambles – Jónsi
6. Sinking Friendships – Jónsi
7. We Bought a Zoo – Jónsi
8. Hoppípolla – Sigur Rós
9. Snærisendar – Jónsi
10. Sink Ships – Jónsi
11. Go Do – Jónsi
12. Whole Made of Pieces – Jónsi
13. Humming – Jónsi
14. First Day – Jónsi
15. Gathering Stories – Jónsi

Leave your thoughts on the We Bought A Zoo soundtrack in the comments. If you’re looking for a particular track leave a description and someone normally replies.

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  • Michelle said

    There was a song in the movie with the words “i’ve got a job” or something related to work. Can you please let me know what the title of that song is?

    Thank you,

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  • Sophie said

    You forgot Holocene by Bon Iver, that was definitely in there 🙂

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  • Trey said

    What’s the song that is playing while he’s looking at the pictures on the laptop?

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  • Zack Bradley said

    i think it was “sinking friendship” but the one in the movie is sung by a girl. sinking friendship is sung by a boy. but i find the girl one slightly better. so i don’t know. let me know when you find it

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