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Implausible, yes. But also true. The Police Academy story began in 1984 when a movie mayor announced that the police department should accept all willing recruits, resulting in a group of misfits in uniform attempting to prove themselves capable of being police officers. Seven movies later the superglue-in-the-shower and golfballs-in-the-mouth all came to an end with an ill-advised trip to Moscow.

A remake of Police Academy has been a (dark?) cloud on the development horizon for a while now, overruling even Mahoney’s desire for an eighth instalment with the old crew (it would scarcely be the same without Hightower or Tackleberry – both now deceased). However that brewing storm is now drawing nearer, what with the news that New Line has selected a director.

Surprisingly that director is not Nolan or Scorsese. Rather one Scott Zabielski making his feature debut. Despite this being his first movie, he has prior convictions credentials in both comedy (helming hit Comedy Central show Tosh.0, which I have never heard of until just now) and in law-enforcement, going through a police academy himself to become a reserve cop in West Hollywood. Whether he will be cautioning himself on suspicion of plotting crimes against cinema remains to be seen.

Source: Deadline New York

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    I’m sure it will be be pretty bad, but like The Three Stooges I am grimly fascinated to see how this turns out. The original Police Academy series was hit and miss, but had some funny scenes in the earlier movies. I like how conceptually they are ensemble showpieces for the odder comedians working the stand-up circuit. It’s not like they’re remaking Gone With The Wind.

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