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Studio Wants Will Smith Back For New ‘I Am Legend’

I Am Legend 2 News
Fans of post-apocalyptic mutants, rejoice! Or not. I Am Legend raked in close to $600m at the worldwide box office back in 2007, so a follow-up of some kind has always been on the cards. That’s now stepping up a gear with acclaimed young Blacklist writer Arash Amel hired for scripting duties, and Akiva Goldsman back as a producer after writing and producing the first film. According to Deadline, the new chapter has not been called a prequel and “the intention is for Will Smith to reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville”…


…despite his notable handicap of being blown to smithereens at the end of I Am Legend.

So what approach this takes will certainly be interesting. Neville only dies in the theatrical version of I Am Legend, the alternative ending on the DVD has him surviving the final basement showdown with the mutants, but feeling really bad about himself :( It’s difficult to see that as a way out though. Perhaps having “Will Smith reprising his role” won’t mean he is starring in the movie – another group could encounter him? But the truth is probably in what Will Smith said three years ago –

“It’s essentially the fall of the last city – the last stand of Manhattan. We’d see D.C., and then Manhattan would fall as the last city. …We have to take a small band and get into D.C, make our way from New York to D.C., and then back to New York.”

That’s definitely a prequel, if indeed it is still the plot outline.

Smith has just taken a long break from acting (his last role was 2008’s Seven Pounds), but is still one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. Director Francis Lawrence has since made Water for Elephants, and there’s no word yet on whether he would return.

What do you think of Will Smith coming back?

I Am Legend 2 News
“Yeah I’m listening, sounds like a great idea.”

Source: Deadline, Coming Soon

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  • Sheridan Passell said

    What was interesting about I Am Legend was ‘the last man on earth’, and his daily routine in a deserted New York. I really enjoyed that. Any follow up loses it, or goes over the same ground, and has to focus much more on the not-very-interesting cgi vampires. I can’t see a route for any sequel/prequel to make it seem worthwhile. Will Smith must want another mansion.

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  • G said

    Seeing as they missed the entire point of the book, does it matter what the sequel is? They took the arguably the best horror novel of the last 100 years and made some CGI infested nonsense. It’s the third time the novel has been made into a movie, yet not one of them has seemed to gotten the point of the book.
    It gets me angry.

    ‘Books like I Am Legend were an inspiration to me’
    – Stephen King

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    • Sheridan Passell said

      Is it the ‘he realises he is really the monster’ part you’re referring to, or something else as well? I haven’t read the novel.

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      • G said

        It’s more deeper than that. The reason it’s called I Am Legend, is that Robert Neville (Will Smith’s character) is basically a monster/nightmare for the vampires. ‘I am the legend of their nightmares’ Every day he goes out, hunts them, kidnaps them, kills them. Essentially their boogey man.

        But then there are also the themes of man’s evolution coming full circle. Going from what we consider civilized to back to a more primitive state.

        Etc, etc, I could write an essay (which I did for a english lit class once, A+) about it. It’s a very deep book.

        A book that started the whole zombie/vampire as a virus thing. So if it didn’t exist the zombie genre would still be at it’s ‘white zombie’ stage, and there would be no vampire movies dealing with vampirism as a disease, eg Blade, Underworld, just about every vampire movie made in the last 20 years

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        • Sheridan Passell said

          Yeah there was definitely a more interesting second half that could have been had there. Does he die in the novel? If so, under what circumstances?

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          • G said

            He does. In the book they are more like the ‘vampires’ in The Omega Man version with Charlton Heston. They more than just semi-mindless monsters that you see in the Will Smith version, They are actually starting to build a society and all that jazz. I’m not saying the Will Smith version had to go down that path, but they tended to focus on Robert Neville’s isolation and loneliness, when there was more to it than that. There was also his place in the new world, and the new species that inhabits it.

            Anyhow I’m rambling. When is a new Michael Mann pic coming out

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          • Sheridan Passell said

            I’m with you. Good write-up.

            Yeah I still can’t see anywhere interesting for this film series to go. They’ve made it extremely challenging for themselves by decisions in the first movie.

            Michael Mann is saving up for a new videocamera.

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