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Headhunters Remake: Wahlberg Targeting Lead

Wahlberg for Headhunters remake
Released in the US back in early January, Contraband showed surprising clout at the multiplex tills to become the first bona fide box office hit of 2012. A remake of an Icelandic thriller, Contraband is only just gearing up for release here in the Britain, and it was during UK press chores for the movie that its star, Mark Wahlberg, let slip that he has targeted the lead role in another English-language remake.

Headhunters is the name of the movie being remade, it being a Norwegian thriller adapted from a book by bestselling crime writer Jo Nesbø, who is also due to have his novel The Snowman brought to the big screen, courtesy of Martin Scorsese (that one’s about a serial killer. Not a snowman. Fret not, Hugo hasn’t sent Marty super-soft). The story of Headhunters follows an uber-arrogant executive (who also happens to be an art thief) as a threat to his life from a new nemesis forces him to finally learn some humility.

Indeed, he even submerges himself in a pit of sh*t at one point.

Whether it was the poo that did it for Mark Wahlberg, we do not know. But the artist formerly known as Marky Mark certainly dug Headhunters, calling it “one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.” High praise from a man who has probably sat through The Shooter at least twice.

I caught Headhunters at last year’s London Film Festival and dug it to a reasonable degree, while also noting that the fast-paced plotting and credibility-stretching set-pieces seemed to suggest it as ideal English-language remake fodder. And that is an assessment Wahlberg would seem to agree with, as he has apparently been actively pursuing the opportunity to star in a Stateside-set version of the movie:

I met with the director and pleaded with the studio that has the rights [Summit] so we’ll see if we get anywhere with that.

The interest of Wahlberg in headlining Headhunters reflects how Scandinavian-centric projects seem to still be very much in favour in Hollywood. For instance, after a sluggish start in the States, David Fincher’s take on Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has finally passed the $100m domestic barrier and is now well over the $200m mark worldwide.

Meanwhile, news broke at the start of the week that Swedish-born actor Joel Kinnaman, star of the US remake of Danish TV hit The Killing, has been offered the title role in MGM’s Robocop remake. The question must therefore be asked: has the time finally come for Lars von Trier to stop pissing off everyone on the Euro film circuit, and to pack his bags and head for the bright lights of Tinseltown?

Source: ShortList.com

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    It must be strange being a Hollywood star, watching a movie and saying “Now I want to star in that”.

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