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Police Academy 8?


Just when you thought the movie world had lost its ability to surprise, it pulls out the possibility of a Police Academy 8.

A potential eighth instalment of the zany police comedy was confirmed by its star, Steve Guttenberg, who wants to reprise his role as lovable rogue Carey Mahoney.

“We are doing a new movie and it is going to be great fun,” Guttenberg said. “A script is being written and so far it is really great, everyone from the original movies who is still around will return.”

“I know Kim (Cattrall, who starred in the original movie) and Sharon (Stone, who starred in Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol) have been asked but they haven’t said yes yet. It would be really great to have them on board.”

But why would they want to get on board???

Steve Guttenberg was one of the biggest stars of the 80s, capable of turning dodgy ideas into box office gold. He was even powerful enough to refuse the lead roles in Big and Ghostbusters.

The last Police Academy to grace our screens was back in 1994, Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow.

Guttenberg has also revealed there are plans for another third Three Men And A Baby movie with Ted Danson and Tom Selleck. But one bombshell at a time.

Source: Empire

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    They should set in Iraq, they’re having terrible problems with their police academies.

    Is it me, or is Tackleberry quite a lot like Bill Clinton?

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Also, this has the best opening 15 seconds to a trailer I’ve ever seen –

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  • Awesomest Dude said

    They could do spin-offs, like the X-Men series:


    And so on.

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  • Tackleberry said

    Why not set it at the old good academy? Remember the one in miami or the last one in russia? It was to different.
    The good old academy give us the best moment.

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  • Dtox said

    Im sure there is allot of 80 year olds that enjoyed the first movie and would love to see a sequel..lol. I dont think anyone else would care. If they want to go back in time then I would much rather them go “Back to the Future” hehe.

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  • Jorgen Sundberg said

    Is Captain Lassard still alive??

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    • adam said

      George Gaynes is alive and well living in calabasas california. He’s 93 years old. Thats one friggin OLD commandant.

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      • Matt said

        Holy S. I cannot believe he is still around. The question is would he make it through filming? At 93 your basically blessed with each day you get.

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  • alan said

    i like to see dwayne johnson Police Academy 8

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    • Jay said

      Well, The Rock made a cameo appearance in Reno 911: Miami, so it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility to see Dwayne pop up briefly in PA 8.

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  • jeffery w.pinkley said

    I say bring all of the originals that r still alive and want to do it,and add shaq to be high tower,and john cena as tackleberry.and bring back the original director.but if he can’t do it get the guy’s who did airplane.

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