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Total Recall Remake – Motion Poster & First Footage

Total Recall Remake footage
In a summer of Avengers, Dark Knight, Spider-Man et al, it was always gonna be hard for a Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell and directed by “Less” Wiseman to make itself heard. Still, if little has been seen or heard from TR to date, that all seems to be changing now, as Sony Pictures has just unveiled a motion poster and a teaser trailer teaser.

No, that was not a typo at the end of that last paragraph. The first teaser trailer for this new Total Recall is not due to debut until Sunday (during the Boston Celtics-Miami Heat game, it says here), so to herald this momentous event, Sony has released a teaser for that teaser.

Better than the teaser-teaser is the motion poster which shows Farrell’s Doug Quaid dissipating in a cloud of pixels, although it still hardly does much to stoke the anticipation ahead of this remake of the budget-busting Verhoeven-helmed, Schwarzenegger-starring original.

But if one were to scour for plus points about the ‘fresh’ Total Recall then Bryan Cranston on bad guy duties and Bill Nighy as leader of a resistance faction is a definite double-bonus. Also featuring in the cast are Kate Beckinsale as Quaid’s wife (a role famously taken by Sharon Stone 22 years ago) and Jessica Biel as the mysterious woman he falls for.

Total Recall is out on 3 August, at which point we can find out if it is indeed this year’s answer to Surrogates and Repo Men rolled into one.

Total Recall poster
Source: Sony Pictures, JoBlo

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    While I’m highly disappointed that this version isn’t set on Mars, is PG-13, and the director is uninspiring, watching Colin Farrell’s fantastic performance in the Fright Night remake makes me very interested to see what he could do with this multi-layered role.

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  • Sam Gurney said

    Haha a teaser trailer for the teaser trailer, unbelievable! Really really intrigued about this, love the original with all my heart.

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  • Joe said

    “Less Wiseman”? Really? What kind of assclown are you.

    “While I’m highly disappointed that this version isn’t set on Mars”

    There is no Mars because the original Dick story this film is based on, had no Mars in it. The character never went to Mars in Dick’s story.

    As for the original, it was overrated, B-grade shlock filled with bad acting, bad dialogue, and cheesy one-liners.

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    • Sheridan Passell said
      Sheridan Passell

      I know there was no Mars in the short story. Doesn’t mean I can’t like it from the movie version.

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  • The Thing said

    Joe is gay.

    Thank you everyone.

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  • Nicofett said

    I love the original Total Recall. It was pure escapism in terms of action and had a mind f**k edge to it like most of Dick’s stories that gave it an intelligent more compelling story on the whole. I was hugely disappointed at the news they were going to remake it. The original took many years to come to the screen due to problems in making the plot work. The remake does not have that problem. A change of dialogue here and a change of location there and slicker more realistic effects is all they will probably do. I personally don’t think it will be memorable like the original and will be regarded as “just another pointless remake”. However on a plus side, the cast is pretty good and the theatrical trailer looks fantastic dispite not being set on Mars. How the whole movie pans out we will have to wait and see. Will there be mutants in it? I am sure I will like the end result even if I just take it with a pinch of salt but I don’t think it will surpass the original in terms of ambition and style. Verhoven created a classic just as he did with Robocop and Starship Troopers and having Arnie in it was a bonus. In fact it was Arnie that gave production the kick up the arse it needed to get the original off the ground in the first place and the rest they say is history. Well, love it or hate it, the remake is coming and you won’t be getting your ass to Mars to see it and neither will Doug Quaid this time around it seems.

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