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Anchorman 2 Is Happening

Will There Be An Anchorman 2? Answers Here
Is there going to be an Anchorman 2? Yes. In 2013. So what can we expect from it?

Sandwiched in-between characteristic improvisational jazz flute wig-outs, legendary 1970s newscaster Ron Burgundy (aka Will Ferrell, natch) made the announcement on the Wednesday night edition of Conan O’Brien’s talkshow that there is going to be a sequel to his 2004 movie, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Insert favourite Anchorman quote here!

While the not-insubstantial number of Anchorman devotees are predictably excited about this development, the announcement can still be seen as something of a surprise, given that any sequel looked to have been fatally scuppered back in April 2010 when director Adam McKay revealed that Paramount Pictures had neglected to offer its backing, owing to budgetary concerns.

However the word from Ferrell, via his bushy-moustached Burgundy alter-ego, is that yes, Anchorman will return. Shooting is expected to commence in early 2013 and, in addition to Ferrell, the rest of the main cast from film one will also be back (Paul Rudd as lothario Brian Fantana, Steve Carrell as scene-stealing nitwit Brick Tamland and David Koechner as exclamatory sportscaster “Champ”).

Judd Apatow will produce, while McKay will co-write the script with Ferrell and also direct, and indeed McKay would seem to suddenly have a whole huge heap of schedule to re-fill after the recent revelation that Columbia Pictures would not be proceeding with his planned adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic book The Boys.

Anchorman 2 - Sequel Plans

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