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Michael Bay Linked To New Halloween Reboot

New Halloween Remake / Reboot (Michael Bay)
It’s war! On one side, nefarious Hollywood hooligan Michael Bay. On the other, the noble pop culture zealots of the worldwide web. The cause at stake? That slice of renaissance culture, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cue aggressive snarling from both sides. Grrr. Oh, and Bay has a tactical ace up his sleeve: he’s apparently plotting to take the Halloween franchise hostage. What a rotter, eh?

Speaking of the Turtles origin controversy, you’d have to have been exposed to radioactive ooze to have enough fingers to count all the Halloween movies which have been cranked out since John Carpenter’s original first hit theatres in 1978. Well, that’s not actually true, but it could have been had the third instalment in the rebooted Halloween chronology, due to be scripted by Drive Angry’s Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer, gone into production ahead of a planned release date of October this year.

However, that movie, due to be filmed in 3D, officially bit the dust a few weeks ago, and it now seems that Michael Myers’ current gatekeepers, over at Dimension Films, are in discussions to take the saga in a fresh direction – by linking up with Platinum Dunes, the production company co-owned by Bay.

Platinum Dunes has primarily specialised in lame horror reboots since it began operating, with 2003’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre actually proving a relative highpoint in its output, certainly when compared to 2010’s Nightmare on Elm Street (a butchering more comprehensive than anything Freddy Krueger managed with that steel-tipped chin-tickler of his).

Those looking for glimmers of hope sparking from any Bay-backed Halloween might take solace from the fact the 3D approach now seems to be off the agenda.

And that Michael Myers might get to meet Optimus Prime.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

UPDATE: The proposal from Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes was rejected. There will be no Halloween movie in 2013. You can see what their opening sequence would have looked like in the animated version below, which was part of their proposal:

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  • gd smith said

    No, no, no, no. no, no, no. Platinum Dunes must be stopped. And TCM was not a high point, it was a was awful, worse than NOES because, it butchered the granddaddy of 70s horror and too many people like it.

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  • J.D.W. said

    First of all it’s not like I did’nt like the Original Halloween’ I liked it, and the second one with Jamie Lee Curtis.
    Second They already made a remake of Halloween directed by Rob Zombie.
    So I frankly think they should rethink that one through, don’t go for another reboot.

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    • kelly Little said

      Aint no one gna do it better than rob zombie baby he the master of horror besides ozzy and alice cooper so i mean come on

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  • Jordan said

    As long as its closer to Friday the 13th 2009 in terms of originality and story and relation to orignial over Nightmare Elm Street remake.

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  • Brant said

    I got to give it to Michael Bay, his Friday
    the 13th was okay, for a reboot, and the
    reason is, he stuck with some originality
    and didn’t change the strategy of the series
    too much. But, I do believe he should’ve add more to the film, so i’m giving it a
    2 1/2 of 4 stars. Rob Zombie on the other
    hand, caused a natural disaster to the
    Halloween franchise. Both the remake and
    its sequel was no good, i’ll give him credit
    for one kill in the remake, when the bully
    gets bludgened to death, but from that point on it was no good. I’ll give both
    his remake and sequel a 1 1/2, yikes that’s
    pretty bad. Which is why Michael Bay can
    take over and try to resurrect Halloween
    from the dead.

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  • PHYSC said

    Hlloween 2007 (Rob Zombie’s Halloween) was good in the sense that it appeared in that movie to portray Michael Myers as a human being not a totaly unstoppable force,this for me added a realism to the movie and the senarion of home life abuse creating gradualy an innevitable monster to be.I also liked halloween the curse of michael myers but it was b@llocks as it was to out there and far fetched but it did give a more gothic feel and edge,this i felt was recaptured in Rob Zombie’s remake.I think a reboot portraying a real man who can take beats and is a mute physcopath like expressed in the original movie would be good,show he’s just a man but a strong large physcopathic man who will stop at nothing to get his revenge,twist the story slightly or reinvision it completely but a far more serious gothic and realistic view of a killer would be far more scary and believable,make him cunning and a master of trickery and disguise not just always wearing the same mask but out there on the streets disguised among the characters wearing various masks until he puts on his halloween mask and goes on a killing spree,kind of like a stalker wearing fake identities so he can walk the streets undetected or go shopping etc,as the whole hi i’m stood in the street with my william shatner hairless halloween mask and nobody thinks it’s strange i’m doing it when they can blaintantly see me standing here is just unrealistic,but you put somebody in a realistic human being mask and a wig he does’nt stand out amongst them until it’s to late and gives it grit and a serious edge of your seat thriller aspect to it,have him as a tramp in a hoody sitting in an ally have him as a breakdown mechanic etc.Never knowing which person he is in the crowd is more entertaining and tongue in cheek if you ask me.You could even have him hitching a ride to obtain the person’s car to travel into town after breaking out of the sanatorium at the beginning he simply escapes through a door not a violent escape he is clever and gets a riot going and put’s on a disguise he made or creates through a kill inside of one of the inmates,that would be a total transformation from the 70’s breakout scene.

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  • sicklyd4700 said

    Will see….. I think it’ll be interesting to see Bays portrayal on the Meyers legacy. Excited!!

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  • j.r. said

    There should be a holloween 111 with michael myers in it, and have that scary seventies look to it! What do you think about having michael myers stalk people agian, instead of popping out all the time like a moron episode of “jack ass!” He needs to walk slow and dead-like!(zombie impression but less awkward, right!) Michael myers died in the first film and thats when dr. loomis found out that what was behind that mask was indeed, really EVIL. Thats why the second one was the MOST terrifying for sure.John carpenter, i’m calling you out! Make holloween 111 with michael in it. They shouldn’t have started him on fire and totally frie him like a peice of meat when they shoud’ve set the sprinklers off to where they took the fire out, so that way john could’ve set up a third holloween. Hes not as smart as you guys think he is. Oh, and for the record,Rob Zombie doesn’t know how to produce a scary movie; What a total idiot, ass-whole

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  • Sam Dadio said

    Is there no one creative enough to create a whole new killer? Make a new franchise quit the reboots.

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    • Kara said

      I’m a huge Halloween fan, and i’m excited to see another Halloween. I just want it to be more like the original though. Scary on the edge of your seat type of horror film. Those kind of movies are non-existent these days. I don’t think a good horror movie has come out since the 80’s and early 90’s in my opinion.

      I for one will be seeing the new Halloween movie if and when it is released.

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  • mush said

    yep reboot the Halloween but make this one like the old Halloween,like they make a nightmare on elm street reboot make this one the same like the old Halloween more scary.

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  • Riley said

    Reboots are getting old. I thought Zombie’s remake was wonderful and quite original. He put his Zombie spin on it, and if you don’t like his film style, then you really haven’t any room to argue about it. The Friday reboot was absolutely terrible. Completely predictable and very stereotypical. Far from original. All the guy did was skip the steps that made us all love the original series in the first place. Nightmare was horrible.
    Forget Bay.

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  • Michael Mcgrath said

    I think rob zombie hit a homerun on his remake of halloween but not so much with the sequel. Hey heres an idea, come up with a new franchise and stop remaking existing movies!

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  • mush said

    michael Bay, i hope he make the halloween like the old ones
    start halloween the begeining with the orginal music of halloween, start from the biggining of halloween en lorie, reboot the classic halloween 1 en start from there, and the halloween 2 ,halloween 4,halloween 5, halloween 6 en continune, and i hope halloween resurrection start from there as wel make the last part of resurecion als wel.

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  • Bill said

    I think rob zombie should be removed from making any more movies have you guys noticed he uses the same cast in all of his retarded movies. The 1st halloween was ok and only credit I give him is for using a bigger and more stronger character to play Michael Myers other than that it wasn’t worth watching it again. 2 on the other Hand was probably the worst movies I ever seen. I think I would rather watch Jason x before h2. Please I hope to god they make a new halloween movie and I hope they ban rob zombie from it

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  • Lee Williams. said

    Please continue from part 6. Please please!!!!! All the fans want that !!!the whole
    Point is, that Myers has to kill the last blood line of the family ,and that Laurie strode s baby in
    In part 6 !!that paul Rudd takes care of!!! Make it about the baby all grown up and hey comes after her to end the blood line !!!

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  • Lee Williams. said

    It’s so simple!!!! I have been following since a kid and I love the franchise
    But after part 6 !!what happend please tell me???…Halloween h20 !!no point and part 8 should be part 7 but
    They messed it up!!! It had busta busta lol the rapper !!it had nothing too do with the franchise !!! Then mr rob zombie ,, took over and remade it which was good but not what the true true fans want !!!! Please mr micheal bay if u hear me continue it from part 6 were we had a story. All the way from
    Part one to follow !!!!”True Halloween fans am I right “”?????? Speak up !!!

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