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Harry Potter Is Bigger Than Star Wars – Fact


More Info:
Revenge Of The Sith (2005) = $850m around the world
Goblet Of Fire (2005) = $895m around the world

Potter vs. Star Wars
Max Payne

Chan vs Rush Hour
Everquest Movie
X Files 2

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  • Jamison said

    Yet somehow the HP movies move further and further with each movie from teh actual plot of the books…

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  • David said

    Plus there are another 2 (or 3) films left to go, which will equate to sh*t loads more money than the Bond films!

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  • Sentinelsoul said

    Star Wars has a legacy that will survive forever, and serves as a way for many to dream about the future. Harry Potter will be gone with the cast getting older. Money does not say everything.

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  • Jamison said

    I will have to agree with Sentinelsoul here… The star wars legacy has grown boring to me thanks to lucas and his wild and crazy attempts to milk as much money out of it as possible, while at the same time making crappy movies he lovingly refers to as prequels… however, the orginal 3 will long be remembered after HP is forgotten…

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  • blatattack said

    Clone Wars movie gonna change all dat. Git back on yo broomwand Potta.

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  • Jaileanakiltz said

    sure this is really fair, we take two tiny parts and compare them… If we look at all the books, all the movies, all the toys, all the other nerdy stuff. Star Wars actually is bigger. and with clone wars, and the Live Action Television Series will just push the lead further. Besides Star Wars is still in development, Harry potter is finished. I disagree with you Jamison the prequels were awesome and so is the EU, Viva la Lucas.

    Star Wars pwnz Harry Potter, the end

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  • James said

    who cares… either way? Episodes 1 – 3 were pretty much crap anyway, and had so much CG it may as well have been classified as a cartoon film. When’s Megan coming back? THATS the real concern.

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  • Miguel said

    I do find it weird that I am the first one here to mention how beautiful Megan looks here ^^. And ye… Harry Potter, sure, ye… um, they’ve done great although I don’t like the movies, but good for those involved I guess………………………… Megan’s a babe! ^^

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  • James said

    Uh, mIg, yeah, you may be the first to say it HERE< but you arent the first to say it. I almost had Prof. Loug convinced it was cool if he shipped her over here to the States for me to treat her to dinner

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  • Tom Hinton said

    Good observation. I refuse to accept that more people like Harry Potter than Star Wars though, I mean Potters got ONE generation of nerds, plus kids. But Star Wars has so many generations of loveless losers, sci fi nerds, Adults, and Kids of today.

    4 billion is an obscene amount of money though! Christ!

    P.S. Megan’s voice reminds me a bit of Big Sooz from Peep Show.

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  • Quentin Holdaway said

    since they are doing 2 movies for the 7th book i really hope they film them back to back cause these kids are gonna be in their 40’s by the time these movies come out jeez. they are taking too long

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  • AWESOME GUY said

    Harry potter rules and that will NEVER change! It is here to stay forever!

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  • AWESOME GUY said


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  • benjaminnn said

    to be honest i love star wars! i mean original 3 are awesome beyond belief and even preqs and eu are great…..but harry potter is better!!! comparing 7 hp books with the 6 sw films is daft cause obv in books you get much more space for charicter development….but the hp universe is far more interesting and everything is much more intrinsicly* linked…also hp magic is far more bad ass than the force lol

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  • Ammugonevil said

    Star wars cannot be touched by potter, born in the late 80’s, I watched star wars far later then the official cinema release and was fanatical about it ever since, and tons of video games based on the extended universe has been released, namely rebel assult and other awsume games such as xwing. These games manipulated the gaming industry and the gaming industry would not be the same!!

    Star wars revolutionised the Movie and gaming world.

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it potter

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