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Oldboy Remake Finally Finds Its Villain

Copley cast as villain in Oldboy remake
Christian Bale, Colin Firth and Clive Owen – no, not the Farrelly Brothers’ original picks for their Three Stooges movie, but the actors previously linked to the king rat role in the US-set remake of hugely acclaimed Korean action-thriller Oldboy. None of the aforementioned has wound up with the gig though, as the producers have now bet on the talents of District 9 and A-Team star Sharlto Copley.

It was in June last year that the English-language version of Oldboy stirred back into some semblance of life, having earlier looked dead and buried when a mooted Will Smith-starring/Steven Spielberg-directing iteration had fallen apart.

Spike Lee was swiftly signed to direct, Josh Brolin was rapidly hooked in to play the lead – a man kept prisoner for 15 years before being released to face the architect of his torment. And just confirmed as playing that latter character (thus ending a lengthy casting process) is Sharlto Copley: the man who made an unlikely movie catchphrase of “Fookin’ prawns!”, via his star-making turn in Neill Blomkamp’s District 9.

Copley will play billionaire Adrian Pryce, while Brolin’s unfortunate has been christened Joe Douchett (unfortunate for his easily corruptible surname, not just the whole being-shut-in-a-room-for-longer-than-most marriages-last thing).

Still to be settled is the question of who will play the movie’s female lead, with Elizabeth Olsen having been the most recent name linked to the role (she having just starred in another US remake, Silent House). Rooney Mara and Mia Wasikowska had both been tipped as possibilities previously, and Wasikowska will be seen later this year in Stoker, the long-awaited English-language debut of Chan-wook Park, the much drooled-over director of the original Oldboy.

Source: Deadline

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