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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Sequel Plans

Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Sequel Plans (Plot etc.)
There’s been some Amazing Spider-Man 2 talk over recent weeks, so what has been said and what direction is a sequel likely to go in?

The Amazing Spider-Man is on track for a $140 million six-day start, which is slightly down from Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, but still very impressive. Good reviews and audience feedback suggest a healthy run. I enjoyed the film a lot.

Development on the next chapter is well underway, with the duo behind Transformers recently brought in to rewrite the already-completed first draft. And Sony have announced the release date – May 2, 2014.

While both stars are firmly on board for The Amazing Spider-Man sequel, the director, Marc Webb, doesn’t sound especially keen to return. “Well, I don’t know if I want to do it, but I love the process. It’s like asking a woman who’s just given birth if she wants to get pregnant again. I need to nurse the baby for a little while.” But jumping straight back in is what would be required to make the release date, so don’t be surprised if he exits.

What does the plot have in store? *** MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD *** The Amazing Spider-Man does much to set up The Green Goblin at the sequel villain. It’s mentioned that Norman Osborn is dying, and is pulling the strings at Oscorp. In the end credits scene a sinister man visits the Lizard in his cell to ask if Peter has been told the truth about his father. Signs are that this is possibly Norman. (Or, potentially, Mysterio since he manages to disappear implausibly from the room.) No one has been cast in Norman role yet, so for the moment it’s a stand-in actor whose face is kept in shadow.

And there’s another Goblin villain set-up in the first movie, Rajit Ratha (Irrfan Khan) who played Connors’ villainous boss. When the actor was cast it was revealed, somewhat accidentally, that he would be playing the Proto-Goblin. The ‘Prototype-Goblin’ in the comics is a man used as a test subject by Norman Osborn before he became the Green Goblin. This fits perfectly with the direction of the story.

Most significantly, and most famously, Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) is killed by the Green Goblin in the comics, leading Parker to the arms of Mary Jane. It’s such a key early event in Parker’s life that it is to be expected in the next movie. Especially since they refused to keep Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) alive because it would have been “a violation of the canon”, according to Webb. They’ve already covered the death of Gwen’s father which precedes Gwen’s demise in the comics. Indeed if you know her death is coming then it gives the last ten minutes of The Amazing Spider-Man a lot more power – they are setting up this event and Peter has made the wrong decision. However the dilemma for producers is that they’ve cast someone too popular as Gwen. Emma Stone really connects with females and is perhaps the biggest box office draw for an actress of her age. They must be seriously tempted to delay this event until further down the line. The timing of the death will dictate whether Mary Jane shows up in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

What about the newspaper photography? J. Jonah Jameson was not in The Amazing Spider-Man, partly because J.K. Simmons was so strong in Raimi’s films. “He was such a bombastic character,” says Webb. “It would have been difficult.” But the character will be rebooted soon enough. “The Daily Bugle is a really important part of Peter Parker’s universe. That bridge will have to be crossed.”

And we haven’t heard the last about Peter’s parents. That search for answers will continue across a trilogy, according to producers.

If you want to experience a sequel right now, the videogame picks up where the movie left off and does a decent job of it. In their version, the animal-human genetics at Oscorp have led to the creation of Scorpion and Rhino, amongst others, and when they break loose Oscorp’s own cross-species eradication measures also target Spider-Man :

What would you like to see happen in an Amazing Spider-Man sequel? Should the Green Goblin be the main villain? Should Gwen Stacey live until the third movie? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Update (October 2012) – Mary Jane will be played by Shailene Woodley (The Descendants). The Hollywood Reporter says “the role is very small in Amazing Spider-Man 2 but blossoms into an integral lead for the planned third movie as the studio seeks to build to the classic ‘Death of Gwen Stacy’ story.”

Update (November 2012) – Jamie Foxx will play the main villain Electro in the sequel. While it’s an unexpected choice, it was subtly hinted at by the lightning in the end credits scene.

Update (May 2013) – Mary Jane has been cut from the sequel. Paul Giamatti will be The Rhino. Chris Cooper will play Norman Osborn.

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Source: Huffington Post

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  • Jasonzilla said

    There’s eventually going to be a Green Goblin villain, but they had to go with someone else here, because of the last Spiderman event.

    He shouldn’t be the main villain, but, as with the last movies,, think The Vulture should get involved. Him and Aunt May had a brief friendship going on in the comics. Why not carry it over to the movies?

    And, with all these animals roaming around, why not someone to hunt them? Enter Kraven. ‘Nuff said.

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    • Tarp said

      I think they are setting up Spidey to join the Avengers. Without spoiling too much, Peter’s parents can bridge Wolverine, Captain America, and Nick Fury easily…

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  • Chandler said

    Kill gwen Stacey off but have Emma stone play Mary Jane as well.

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  • Damien said

    Well I’m hoping we get Mysterio for sequel & he is along time coming too.

    Mysterio is a classic enemy and given a good script can work.

    I also would like to see The Jackal or Chameleon as candidates.

    The Jackal (Dr Miles Warren) could allow more of story involving Gwen Stacey who in the comics he has a lot of feelings for.

    Mysterio top choice for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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  • Bryan V said

    y r there “remakes” n the past few yrs & n the future. STAR TREK, soon TRANSFORMERS, SPIDER-MAN, &a few others?

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    • I love remakes said

      I love remake, especially the amazing spiderman, last old three was utterly bull crap, it’s just not spiderman. REMAKE + CGI GRAPHICS = awesomes
      Can’t wait for the remake of superman, robocop, and spawn. I even want to see the remake of star wars. Look at star wars game force unleashed or even the trailer of ok republic. Awesome. It should be like that.

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  • Everett Terrell said

    Well here’s what I believe even tho I know my head will be bitten off for saying this. Please Marc Webb, Robert Ocri, Andrew Garfield introduce the Green Goblin in the sequel. Please. I know he’s the arch nemesis of our wall crawler but the point of a reboot is to reboot. By having the Goblin in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel its kinda expected there for killing the suspense the surprise in the movie. While I’m not saying Norman Osborn shouldn’t be in the film series you shouldn’t jump into the pool before you can swim since the reboot series is so new and people are still skeptical. I think the series should go from where the first movie began love and tragic. Set it two,three years. have Peter still coming into grasp with his powers and himself. His relationship with Gwen as he’s focused more on web slinging then “web” slinging with her. In a way combine the Original Spider-man 2 with ELEMENTS (not the entire movie) but ELEMENTS of Spider-man 3. Have Gwen feeling competition from Mary Jane Watson but Peter oblivious to the situation. Have they growing apart because of it and Spider-man. Then that’s when you strike with her death. Peter seeks vengeance for the woman he loved. With Norman playing the ropes and strings from backstage. Take from the Dark knight with Spider-Man becoming a darker hero for it. Hell I just thought of this. Kraven the Hunter would be the perfect villain because he’s been a villain that has played with Spidey’s emotions physically and mentally. He’s hired by Osborn to break Peter into evil and push his powers and abilities to the breaking point. And by doing so with the woman he loves. Peter fears for going through the same heart trials he faced with Gwen’s father’s passing and all the death and tragic behind his so Gwen’s death will push him on the breaking point. Now i understand ms. Emma Stone is a popular icon actress and many will be saddened by her death but all is fair in love and Spider-Man.Gerry Conway knew that perfectly when he killed Stacy and look at Spider-Man now. So think about the source material before just looking for a quick million bucks. The Nolan Batman series proves that story and character development goes further then just what popular characters can be thrown it. And Spider-Man 3 is an example of what not to do. And I know we all don’t want another train wreck like that again,

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  • J.D.W. said

    First of all I thought SPIDER-Man 1,and 2, were good and the third one was’nt bad,but frankly I thought they would do a fourth one, but they did’nt.
    As for the villain for the sequel for this reeboot I think they should have maybe Electro, or atleast the Vulture, or one of the other classic villains, and hold off on the Green Goblin.

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  • J.D.W. said

    I also agree Mysterio sounds like a good villain.

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  • Bryden said

    check out my page for this story as well 🙂


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  • Smbat said

    I would love to see both proto goblin and green goblin in the amazing spiderman 2 and also the lizard in spiderman’s side
    and I would like to see both mary jane and gwen stacy and gwen stacy being black cat and dying at the end.
    Gwen Stacy could meet the vampire who would come to revenge spiderman in the amazing spider man 3 movie

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  • Washaun1979 said

    “Washaun1979: Thinking from my own memory rhino the scorpion ,Kraven the hunter ,carnage ,Antivenom ,or maybe even a rival hero. Ether one of these ideas ,and possibly incorporate the king pin. I only Recommened they find someone that looks ,and acts really close to the comic book character. FYI. i think killing Gwen Stacy ,and replacing her with Mary Jane is an alright idea ,but making Mary Jane the same person that played Gwen Stacy is not hint! [Chandler]

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  • aslanenlisted said

    I would really like to see Max Dillon (Electro) in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel, Although I think Mysterio is more likely they are both visual spectacals and would be a lot of fun on screen, the biggest draw back of Mysterio is that he is litterally all show and no go, you can’t realy have him with out having him team up with someone Spidey can knock around a bit.

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  • Blake_Simmons said

    They’re clearly trying to make this trilogy more of a contiguous story than Raimi’s was, in which case I think that Goblin should be the final enemy in the third movie. I think that’s the most climactic route, considering Webb spoke so much about all these crazy things happening revolving around Oscorp and Osborne himself.

    As far as the second movie. I think it would be great to see Osborne behind the scenes, manipulating some of the smaller time “animal-hybrid” villains. But of course, having too many villains was one of Spiderman 3’s (many) issues. Guess we have to wait and see.

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  • Spider Man 2099 said

    I would like it if Daredevil mixed in with The Amazing Spider Man 2 and I think the villains should be Mysterio, Electro, and Kraven because all of them are classic Spider Man foes.

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  • Spider Man 2099 said

    For Daredevil to mix with Spider man i guess King Pin would have to be a villain. Didn’t think of that.

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  • jedizilla said

    It’s possibly the Vulture or Green Goblin. Old guy in a trench coat and the death of Gwen Stacy, it only makes sense. Plus the other villains like Mysterio, Electro, Morbius, and the Chameleon sounds too good to be true. “SPOILER ALERT” the Black Cat appearance/cameo for the upcoming Spider-man sequel. It’s a fact!

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