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Prometheus 2 – Sequel Plans

Prometheus 2 - Sequel Plans (Plot etc.)
There’s been some Prometheus 2 talk over recent weeks, so what has been said and what direction is a sequel likely to go in?

Prometheus didn’t have a monumental opening weekend in the U.S. (it sold as many tickets as Alien vs. Predator) but still earned an impressive $50 million, the second highest of Ridley Scott’s career. It had a large 25% drop from Friday to Saturday which suggests not-so-great word of mouth, and a not-so-long box office run. However worldwide it has already made $141m, from a $130m production budget, so it stands to finish a box office success. A follow-up has not been officially greenlit, yet.

**BIG SPOILERS AHEAD** Prometheus was conceived as a two-parter. Originally it was two movies that were official, direct prequels to Alien, to be helmed by Ridley Scott’s protege Carl Rinsch. When 20th Century Fox begged Scott himself to direct, he agreed on the condition that it moved further away from Alien and added in themes and ideas he wanted to explore.

On the sequel, Scott said recently, “I know where [Prometheus 2] is going. …Keeping David alive is essential and keeping Elizabeth alive is essential and to go where they [the engineers] came from is essential. …I don’t see them landing in a place that looks like paradise. …Paradise cannot be what you think it is. It has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous. …If you look at the Engineers, they’re tall and elegant… they are dark angels.”

When the writer was asked if the next movie would be a more direct prequel to Alien he said “it will tangentialize even further away from the original Alien”.

Ridley Scott intends to stay on as director. “I enjoyed it so much, I really want to do the sequel to this. It’s interesting to do a sequel because this leaves the door so open to some huge questions. The real question to me is – the more mankind discovers in science the more clear and helpful everything becomes, yet we’re very bad at managing ourselves. And one of the biggest problems in the world is what we call religion, it causes more problems than anything in the goddamn universe. Think about what’s happening now, all based on the very simple idea that a Muslim can’t live alongside a Catholic, or a Catholic can’t live alongside a Protestant…”

To understand what he’s alluding to, we have to look at the big question at the end of Prometheus – Why did the engineers want to destroy us? The clue is in a line of dialogue – that the preparations to wipe out earth were being made 2000 years ago. In other words, at the time Christianity started. So the sequel, wisely or not, will likely touch on some further significance that Christ had – were the Engineers enraged that mankind’s perception of the universe, and where they came from, was altered? As Christianity was not the first religion, was it the final straw? Or was Christ an emissary of the engineers whose crucifixion by humans angered them? All dicey territory for sure, but it’s the religious strand that most fascinates Scott. “I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I didn’t want them to meet God in the first one.”

With the Blade Runner sequel and The Counselor going full steam ahead, it’s going to be many years before Scott has the time to direct Prometheus 2. He’s 75 now, will his age become a factor?

It’s also worth mentioning that the Prometheus Blu-ray will have 20-30 minutes of deleted scenes (including a confirmed axe fight between Elizabeth and the engineer).

What would you like to see happen in a Prometheus sequel? Should the traditional Aliens play a larger role? Do Scott’s big questions interest you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Stecker said

    I just watched Scott’s wonderful masterpiece and can say I am very intereigued. In response to the second to last paragraph, I would be completely okay with Scott walking away from his Blade Runner sequel if it meant a Prometheus sequel sooner. I might be dismembered by the Nerds of America Union for saying that, but I urge all to view this movie before you judge.

    I have been watching the History Channel show “Ancient Aliens” for years now and have thought long and hard about crafting my own story on Humanities creation based on the Ancient Alien Theory. Although I am saddened that someone better got to it first, I am perfectly fine to be taken out of creator mode and put right back into fan mode.

    I for one can’t wait to find out what Scott and Rinsch will do with the story of our creation and the reason why the Engineers are so adamant on destroying us. I was just fine with the story not being directly related to the original Alien franchise and would see no harm not connecting it farther than the ending this film included.

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    • Jamie said

      My question was about the android, David. If David was “crafted” by us humans, how would he know information the human race did not? Such as, how to speak the “dark angels” language or how to operate their machinery? I understand he has special capabilities and a mass amount of knowledge. I just don’t think there was enough explanation on how he was able to obtain information the human race, in fact, did not have. I loved the movie and I am really hoping for a Prometheus sequel to clear up all of the loose strings!

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      • Baz said

        It’s possible that because humans created David to have high intelligence, the engineer got pissed of that we created something better than they could so he ripped off Davids head in frustration…

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      • Dani said

        @jamie march 16, 2013: the catalog of information available to the human race of thousands of documents scanned, drawn pictograms, etc, leads me to understand that deductive reasoning and non-human rational patterns of collection allow the android to figure out the puzzle. If you had a computer for a brain, you could do it.

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      • JM Spain said

        This is “posible” because David learned all the ancient languages in the earth (Sanscrit the first one), and with correlation by his high processing capacity, was able to “deduce” the primigenious language where come from all others.

        Waiting for Prometheus 2. Although I still don’t know:
        – The first inseminated world is the earth?, or another one where is created the alien race?.
        – I don’t see the point that the engineers “fuse” their DNA and appears a very similar creature like humans…I think should be in much more advanced stage than at initial creatures creation…otherwise evolution is so long that humans and engineers would never be similar in appearance.
        -Wanted to destroy the eart?, or the humans?. They changed their minds…why?.

        Well…lots of questions that I’m sure that the talent and genious of Mr. Scott and his team (big team, by the way) will provide a satisfactory solution…

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  • Bryce said

    I think prometheus 2 should have a few xenomorphs in it but not center the movie around them

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  • gd smith said

    Prometheus 2 needs a much better script writer and a little more coherence.
    Prometheus is not bad, but it feels like an ambitious project with generic script, scientist who behave like teen fodder was not a good move, “Wooh, yeah£.
    Beyond, that the story can go where it likes. I hope they do something interesting. But, personally I suspect that the producers might actually go with a smaller budget and a loose Alien remake. It is almost set up for them by the other moon scenario and film studios play safe these days.

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  • kctobyjoe said

    Prometheus 2 would answer a lot of Q’s I have for sure
    Seems the ‘Alien camp’ likes to be head androids!
    MANY a question on Prometheus itself but that would lend itself to spoilers…Good flick and I am SUPRISED on the number$ based on me seeing it first day showing at 1PM and the theatre was kinda FULL, especially at $15 a pop for IMAX 3-D
    Except for the end I am kinda’ happy ‘they’ expounded on the whole _Alien_ thing *without* giving the farm away.

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  • Shelly said

    I absolutely loved this movie! It is intelligent, well crafted, explores universal themes, answers some plot questions while leaving some open for the audience to wonder about or answer for themselves. While one particular sequence strains credulity to the point where it seems physically impossible for a character to continue, the sequence and aftermath add to the overall plot development. This is the first movie since I don’t know when that has exceeded my expectations.

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  • dalmatianjaws said

    Calling the script to Prometheus “generic” is far too generous. I’ve read unpublished shlock scripts from complete wannabes that were better.

    There is nothing deep, there is nothing profound, it plays like the worst of LOST, only much more expensive to watch.

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    • Ed Farnswort said

      Prometheus is useful only as a litmus test, you will never meet anyone who enjoyed it who isn’t an idiot. It’s popularity has been proven. The overwhelming majority of moviegoers are morons and the film is designed to allow them to feel intellectually challenged. They can sit at home contemplating the mysterious complexities of a script that Lindeloff barely bothered to wipe his a$$ with before handing it in. Prometheus is the cinematic equivalent of Blue Man Group (another wonderful test). Noisy junk that anyone can have any opinion about because the only important thing is that… “Omg I really liked it! It was so cool!” Better get used to it, because believe me, there will be more to come.

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    • BBmax50 said

      So what do you consider a “deep and profound” movie?

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  • Tesla Kuhn said

    personally I am slightly annoyed that in one hand detractors of Christianity claim the ideas are not novel and are in fact rip offs of earlier beliefs (I will not bore you with examples) and in the other hand Christians are to feel “bad” for believing what they do as though their ideas are so unique as to be abomination to the human race. make up your minds! if I wanted to put my own religious slant on it it would be they did not like Jesus showing up at all, and perhaps the “army outpost” variety are a breakaway species like the fallen angels mentioned.

    I am personally intrigued that there seem to be two types of craft presented. the tear drop/disk shaped that literally seemed to hypnotize with an “eye of God” theme aka pyramid top/”alpha” motif as the “creator/sacrifice” drank the solution … and the “omega” craft we saw later. was this a religious sect that supposedly created us? were their actions outlaw? was the human race an abomination like animals or plants with human dna are to the ultra religious? let’s not forget the Greek Prometheus theme…

    lots of interesting questions but let’s not fall over and slide down the hill trying to point fingers at easy targets. I can just as easily blame Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire, all mankind’s degradations and filth poured into one power hungry culture. perhaps they saw enough of mankind’s cycles and knew it could only go downhill or at least assumed..

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  • escapeartisthk said

    I find all comments up to this point valid. Though I was entertained and never bored watching the movie, it appeared that there could have been more editing that could have saved this movie, outside a somewhat muddled plot.

    Example: did we really need the whiney crew member turned mutant zombie to return to the ship and slaughter 1/2 the crew? There was no tension leading up to this and once it happened, that was that. Did it bother anyone that the elderly tycoon (Guy Pierce) showed up for no good reason and then was slain 10 minutes later? Was there too much focus around the oozing containers? My guess is that they plan to explain that in the sequel. I like the chemical weapons explication. My biggest issue, as an Alien fan, was the origin of the contemporary “Alien” origin. So robot sabotages scientist with alien infection; scientist humps girlfriend impregnating her with squid monster; squid monster/star fish humps engineer; engineer gives birth to reptilian “Alien” with great teeth.

    That said, I am looking forward to more from this series. Scott is a great film maker as is the crew who made this all happen. The casting director got it right, despite too many characters. I am convinced, given the green light, the sequel will be something special.

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  • Fozzybear said

    First off I thought Prometheus was great! I liked to storyline…why are we here/who created us…And the Engineers have my curiosity more than what type of alien is running about. This has been a question on my mind since I can remember…why are we here..If there is a Prometheus 2 then I think it would be very cool to incorporate an engineer in Christ’s storyline, maybe even christ being a rogue engineer himself? Turns water to wine, raises the dead, was conceived by a “miracle” to his mother Mary…except Christ was very hairy. One thing to note on Prometheus 1 “what did David say to the last Engineer?” And why, if the engineers want humans dead, did the last engineer wait until David said what he said to kill all there? He was waking up and walking around, noticed all the humans present and did nothing until David spoke up?

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    • smileytwist said

      I been obsessed with this movie every since I saw it! I definitley hope it is not over 5 years before the second prometheus (a.k.a. “paradise”) is released. Im also sure most of anybody’s questions will be answered in this second promethes-related film. I hope the best for our accomplished 75 yr old director… Keep up the good work!!

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  • Shelly said

    According to some behind the scenes specials, there were 25-30 minutes of footage cut showing a young Weyland (looking like the greatest motivational speaker ever) introducing his android and talking about changing the world. I think the loss of this footage makes his appearance as elderly seem to come from nowhere. It probably makes more sense with the long cut. “The Abyss – Director’s Cut” anyone?

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  • joe madajewski said

    In refernce to the Guy Pierce android introduction, wasn’t that part of one ‘commercial’ that Movie Moron posted months ago?
    I agree with the writer about the morphed crewmember returning and ‘going on a killing spree’ to what end???
    WHAT exactly did Mr Weyland ‘expect’ to get from the ‘Alien’?
    a new body? Cripes?!?
    I knew ‘something was up’ when David was ‘talking to no one’…
    I saw the actor in _HAYWIRE_ an utterly HORRID film; after 45 min I gave up and I rarely do; here his hair was it’s natural brown tint. He allegedly didn’t care for ‘being a blonde’ in the film at hand.
    In a few weeks I may go see it again in non 3-D non IMAX at a much friendlier ex$hange rate!!!

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    • JM Spain said

      Mr. Wayland wanted to get inmortality, I think…
      The always stupid human desire…

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  • nicco said

    I think it had a good story line i think you should make another one didn’t u read it it made a lot more than it needed on the first day i loved the movie i think it should be about her going to the aliens or aka ( their makers ) planet and find out what was wrong with them i think since they were going to kill humanity 2000 years ago and Elizabeth had a cross Christianity came around 2000 years ago so it my be something about that but i think they should make another movie after Prometheus.

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  • dnwilliams said

    Gah. Well, Prometheus wasn’t the movie I’d hoped it would be, and under any other circumstances I’d say it didn’t deserve a sequel, but now that we’ve been told we basically got half a movie…

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  • francisco said

    I think it was a great movie, Ive always been ahuge aliens fan (until aliens 4 ending….) but now even that clicks in place… we get to see who is yhe xenomorph real mom 🙂 and its a great retro feeling towards the original alien (the ship, the characters, the evil android) that gives the feeling of the real and original alien before it became an action movie
    It clearly dletes the avp arch story and it doesnthave to include xeno’s in it since they stayed in thatplant, anything beside that one is not our typical two faced alien…
    Hope he gets it done quick 🙂 cant wait

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  • dwmkultra said

    I think that Prometheus has exceptional cinematography and sound. I agree with the validity of most comments. I felt that the science explanations were far too ambiguous. Was the black ooze some king of virus that introduced an interferon to our dna, producing a new strand of rna, which mutated to produce a hybrid daughter dna strand that was an amalgamation of human/alien dna, creating a new organism? Then this new organism evolves to by an engineered predator of the host dna strand? I am assuming it is something close to that. The question of why they wanted to send it to destroy the petri dish, we call Earth, is irrelevant except to those who wish to debate philosophically. I would really like to understand how the eggs got laid on the ship on lv426. It seems to me that there has to have been a similar kind of problem that lead to the crash on that moon. If the science behind the ooze was explained better it might become self-evident what happened, then no further time would be needed to close the plot gap. I personally would like to have a complete story in my mind. I don’t mind if Scott wants to attack or support religion based on the motives of the engineers. I only ask that it be within the realm of logic to tie the plots together. If by the end of his works I get that I would be extremely happy. I think that Prometheus was worth the price of admission, and I will be amongst the first to pay to see a sequel if it gets made. The idea that goes with the creature labeled a xenomorph is the only thing ever to give me reoccurring nightmares.

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