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Prometheus 2 – Sequel Plans

Prometheus 2 - Sequel Plans (Plot etc.)
There’s been some Prometheus 2 talk over recent weeks, so what has been said and what direction is a sequel likely to go in?

Prometheus didn’t have a monumental opening weekend in the U.S. (it sold as many tickets as Alien vs. Predator) but still earned an impressive $50 million, the second highest of Ridley Scott’s career. It had a large 25% drop from Friday to Saturday which suggests not-so-great word of mouth, and a not-so-long box office run. However worldwide it has already made $141m, from a $130m production budget, so it stands to finish a box office success. A follow-up has not been officially greenlit, yet.

**BIG SPOILERS AHEAD** Prometheus was conceived as a two-parter. Originally it was two movies that were official, direct prequels to Alien, to be helmed by Ridley Scott’s protege Carl Rinsch. When 20th Century Fox begged Scott himself to direct, he agreed on the condition that it moved further away from Alien and added in themes and ideas he wanted to explore.

On the sequel, Scott said recently, “I know where [Prometheus 2] is going. …Keeping David alive is essential and keeping Elizabeth alive is essential and to go where they [the engineers] came from is essential. …I don’t see them landing in a place that looks like paradise. …Paradise cannot be what you think it is. It has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous. …If you look at the Engineers, they’re tall and elegant… they are dark angels.”

When the writer was asked if the next movie would be a more direct prequel to Alien he said “it will tangentialize even further away from the original Alien”.

Ridley Scott intends to stay on as director. “I enjoyed it so much, I really want to do the sequel to this. It’s interesting to do a sequel because this leaves the door so open to some huge questions. The real question to me is – the more mankind discovers in science the more clear and helpful everything becomes, yet we’re very bad at managing ourselves. And one of the biggest problems in the world is what we call religion, it causes more problems than anything in the goddamn universe. Think about what’s happening now, all based on the very simple idea that a Muslim can’t live alongside a Catholic, or a Catholic can’t live alongside a Protestant…”

To understand what he’s alluding to, we have to look at the big question at the end of Prometheus – Why did the engineers want to destroy us? The clue is in a line of dialogue – that the preparations to wipe out earth were being made 2000 years ago. In other words, at the time Christianity started. So the sequel, wisely or not, will likely touch on some further significance that Christ had – were the Engineers enraged that mankind’s perception of the universe, and where they came from, was altered? As Christianity was not the first religion, was it the final straw? Or was Christ an emissary of the engineers whose crucifixion by humans angered them? All dicey territory for sure, but it’s the religious strand that most fascinates Scott. “I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I didn’t want them to meet God in the first one.”

With the Blade Runner sequel and The Counselor going full steam ahead, it’s going to be many years before Scott has the time to direct Prometheus 2. He’s 75 now, will his age become a factor?

It’s also worth mentioning that the Prometheus Blu-ray will have 20-30 minutes of deleted scenes (including a confirmed axe fight between Elizabeth and the engineer).

What would you like to see happen in a Prometheus sequel? Should the traditional Aliens play a larger role? Do Scott’s big questions interest you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Lady DeerHeart said

    I had no idea Prometheus had anything to do with the previous Alien movies, which reminded me of the first time I saw Alien. I had no idea what it was going to be about and certainly had no idea these characters and creatures would be a part of my entire life. I was 16 when I saw the first one. I love how Prometheus didn’t let us know it was connected to the other movies and allowed us to figure that part out from memory. Although I agree with religion being the cause of so much horror I hope they don’t use the story line mentioned in this article. The creators being pissed off because Jesus claimed whatever itoo juvenile. I think they should keep along the lines that the aliens were weapons of mass destruction that got out of control. The reasons for wanting to destroy us must be because they fear we carry alien genes as implied at the very beginning when the one engineer drank the goo & died spreading his genes around earth. I don’t care how the story carries itself forward as long as they keep in mind some of us saw the beginning at a theater in the 70’s and deserve an intelligent, non religious ending.

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  • Dlarrym said

    He was sacrificing himself to seed that planet. It could be speculated that it was EARTH back before any life had evolved but had cooled down enough after the early bombardment period. No matter what planet he was on, the point of showing that sequence was that to these “ENGINEERS” or as Robert Long said, QUOTE, “I would like to know why the alien in the first few minute of the film killed himself”.
    Well, that was an “ENGINEER”, as the movie referred to them as. He did “kill himself”, as much as he willingly sacrificed himself to seed that planet. It could be argued that it was an early EARTH, but for the intent of it, it really doesn’t matter what planet it was. He was doing it because among their race, these ENGINEERS, consider it an HONOR to be able to be the one that is part of seeding an entire planet and all the life that then begins evolution as Darwin explains things through natural selection. If you notice the container he opens, the lid has an image on it that is surprisingly similar looking to a “TREE”, as in the tree of life.
    He may have been “sentenced”, as we might offer a mass murdering serial killer an option of how he wants to die, but die he will. So, with that premise in mind, perhaps that was what was going on. No matter the reason behind him drinking that ‘DNA modifying” black goo, the result was that that planet was seeded with life. It is my belief that this is what was inferred from that opening scene. Once that ENGINEER’S DNA (which is later learned that their DNA, is the same as ours), was co-mingled with the BLACK GOO, all kinds of various life is then spawned from the interaction of the “human” DNA with this “BLACK GOO”
    It is my belief that the ENGINEERS that were discovered on that moon by the crew of the Prometheus, had taken a technology that had a noble purpose at its inception, then tried to turn it into a bio weapon. We do not have enough info from this 1st prequeal, to assume that ALL of these ENGINEERS, were part of what was going on as far as using it as a weapon. They could very well have been a rouge group of there kind. This could be the reason it was done on this far off moon, and that even the others of their species, had not come to investigate what happened even though it had been 2000 years since this “project” had gotten out of control. It would make since that if the rest of there civilization had know this was going on, why then would they have not come to see why these guys never reported back and why they never gave an update to the “high command” of there home world. Because of these questions, it leads me to believe that these “ENGINEERS” were acting independent of the rest of there “people”. Only the 2nd movie of this PREQUEL to Ridley Scotts’s 1979 ALIEN movie will reveal what the real story is. Were these GIANTS-DARK ANGELS-ENGINEERS, acting as a radical, rouge group, or were they part of a plan that ALL of there kind had knowledge about. If the rest of there kind, did have knowledge, then perhaps they never went back, as they already knew that things were so out of hand, a “clean up” was not possible. Sort of like the Chernobyl disaster in RUSSIA, the only thing that could be done was to put that reactor into a giant “BOX” or “Crucible” to keep any further radio active dust from contaminating anything else. The also evacuated the city, and have restricted access to that location to this day.
    These are just my thoughts, thanks for letting me share,
    sincerely, Dlarrym

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    • JM Spain said

      All these comments are ok, but not quite sustainable because:

      – When the initial engineer sacrifices himself, there is already life in the planet (there is Green turf).
      – The DNA cannot be mixed like that… 🙂

      Also, it does not explain why it is inseminated at so early stage and then…with milions of milions of years….life evolve to humans which are quite similar to them…….after milions of years, this has no meaning (DNA would mutate to all forms of life, from insects to…anything else…the chances to arrive to humans is quite low).

      EXCEPT: if the engineers intervene twice times again:
      – When life is created, engineers proceed to simian race creation.
      – When early simians are created, the intervene again to the creation of the human “missing link” and culture creation, which appears in human history in a sparkling momento.

      So, human race is tutorized by engineers from head to toe…

      Why to kill us?. Well, we may be a danger for all the universe some day…there is something wrong in us (well…this is not totally fiction… 🙂 )

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  • Dave H. said

    Creating new mythology from existing mythology is fun, but it requires deep research and attention to details.

    Existing canon dates the LV-426 Derelict and Pilot as having been there long enough for the primordial, basically oxygen-free atmosphere to fossilize the Pilot. Others have pointed out that the Pilot is larger than the Engineers and that the Derelict is larger than the Juggernaut.
    Notice that by the time of “Aliens” that the increased O2 level and rain have caused the Derelict to begin deteriorating?

    This gives us another path to travel.

    It’s known that the LV-426 Xeno (let’s call it the Mark I) was found there and introduced to humans of antiquity thanks to the Predators. Part of the key is fleshing out the relationship between the Engineers and Predators.
    Elizabeth and David cannot end up being the crashed ship on LV-426.

    Two thousand years passed, and the Engineers’ never bothered to investigate why they lost contact with LV-223? One problem David and Elizabeth will have is that the Juggernaut’s navigational information is 2000 years old, and thanks to galactic rotation things aren’t where they were then. They’ll drop out of FTL and what they’re looking for won’t be there.

    Meanwhile, Earth’s radio bubble will be almost 400 light years in diameter, and so the Engineers’ home world doesn’t know that the LV-223 mission failed? Not plausible.

    Let’s call the black goo Mark II Xenomorph. Ampules are easier to store and handle than those Mark I eggs, and if the Derelict was too small to be carrying those eggs and the HUGE storage chamber then were they the Predators property that the Pilot was trying to steal? Also, we can be fairly certain that the Derelict was a one-Pilot craft while the Juggernaut’s crew was four Engineers.

    During David and Elisabeth’s trip, after recalibrating the nav computer, could we take a trip through that astounding planetarium again while David explains it to us? Unless he’s carrying some special order, Elisabeth needs to encourage him to grow beyond his programming and embrace his curiosity, like Star Trek’s Data.

    “Alien” stood alone, 1979’s “Jaws” in space. “Prometheus” and its sequels, if done properly, can create its own mythology based upon existing mythology. Don’t make it a slasher story just for its own sake. I am 57 years old, and like intelligently crafted stories that make me think.

    Take the “Indiana Jones” path, not the “Alien” one.

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    • Dlarrym said

      @ Dave H. I appreciate your view on this. Your age, combined with some obvious education at the college level and beyond (your reference to the “Radio Bubble” (includes TV as well, lets me know you are coming at this with some cense of applying some TRUE physics, in combination with the implied jumps in technology -ie- the fact that the NOSTROMO and the PROMETHEUS both have overcome the “gravity without a rotating hull” problem. The idea of mimicking animals slowed metabolic rate/growth or rate of age, and the benefit of not needing but a minimal amount of nutrition through a cryogenically induced hibernation state of suspended animation for deep space travel. As SCI-FI as that concept seems, it isn’t that far from being a reality. It is being experimented with at MIT and at other institutions like at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), located just outside Batavia, Illinois, and other similar cutting edge research facilities.
      IN ANY CASE. . . .
      I feel that your thinking about the galactic database of the various planetary systems and other celestial places that DAVID stumbled upon, as being “out dated”, is not a real issue. I feel to assume that the fore mentioned data base would not be “up to date” just because it wasn’t actively being used is ridiculous. The Technical achievements of these human variants (homo-omisciagianto) -sounds like a good designation for their Genus/Species, as any- is as good as any. . . ANYWAY, my point is that in the movie, the Technical level of achievement that these “ENGINEERS have attained would include a computer system that would be constantly updating itself weather it is actively being used or not Our computers still run all kinds of background operations (inducing the time and date, even when it is in “SLEEP” mode. It DEF was running as the ENGINEER was still alive in his cryogenic chamber. They might have not a GEO synchronous global positioning/mapping, but a similar system but that has permanently stationed “satellites” or transponders that give ALL there ships, bases, home world all kinds of celestial information. OR, the computer could have easily calculated for where our solar system would be in real time as it move around its galactic center.
      NOTE: for ease of context, and definitions of the different living things in this movie, I’ll will refer to the ENGINEERS and as in other forums, “DARK ANGELS”, and some call them simply “GIANTS”.
      So I think that would explain away what you called a “hole in the plot” (not in those exact terms) but you get my meaning. As far as the differences in the 2 SHIPS that the “GIANTS” were found using or found dead in on the moon LV223, and the latter one on LV426 is not a big deal. It may be that one is more of a purpose built CARGO vessel (the one with the dead GIANT on LV426), while the other was a WAR ship or more for SCIENCE based uses. This would explain the lack of “Bells and Whistles” of the LV426 ship. i am not so sure that I agree that the being or GIANT in the ship on LV426 is bigger, as you feel, then the one discover on LV223. The control seat/cockpit, has restraining implements that can make the occupant seem much larger. In fact, in the discussions about the sets they made for PROMETHEUS (as told from some of the sites that have popped up since the hype of PROMETHEUS), paid close attention to the details was made to ensure that the BOTH the “control seats”/”cockpits” were the same size.
      As to the time frame between the various happenings, the Prometheus landed on LV223 approximately 70 years before the NOSTROMO landed on LV426. Both ships had been sitting in there respective places for quite some time. (the one on LV223 was in a type of DRY DOCK, while the one on LV426 was wrecked when it was found by the crew of the NOSTROMO. Having said that, I agree with your summation that the ships in the prequel and the Original ALIEN flick are different. I don’t know that one is bigger then the other, but it “looks” as if the LV426 ship is larger but less sophisticated. The ALIEN film is not at the heart, a true stand alone film. Ridley Scott had ALWAYS expressed that he wanted to have a followup to his movie that dealt with what the “SPACE JOCKY/dead ENGINEER in the pilot seat was, and what was there back story. Where did they come from, and why was its cargo hold filled with these EGGS, containing a further developed face hugger. (obviously the one that jumped the ENGINEER at the end of Prometheus are def. different) It may be that the ENGINEERS on LV223, were altering the way the black goo affected its host, thus producing a different type of ALIEN. OR, it may be a face hugger, and an ALIEN that had not yet evolved to the point of the ALIEN and face hugger we know and love. Being that the NOSTROMO found the ALIEN and the face hugger on LV426 almost 70 years before the ones the PROMETHEUS found, AND that the rate of evolutionary change is HIGHLY accelerated, it could be that they are one in the same, but at different stage of development. Like a NEANDERTHAL is an early version of what became US humans. Or different recipies of this BLACK GOO, may produce different reactions to even the same host. Remember other then the physical size, and the ENGINEERS having been around longer, (the 35,000 year old petroglyphs found in the cave wall on the ISLE of SKYE show this fact), they are most likely much older still. The DNA test performed by Elizabeth Shaw showed they are genetically the same as we are.

      As to the PREDATORS, those films are a separate franchise all together. The original writers of the 1st ALIEN movie, and the writers of the PREDATOR were not writing the stories to be in anyway intertwined. I already in another post, explained the reason the idea of the PREDATOR humanoids having knowledge of the ALIENS.
      The ALIEN “xenomorph” and all the movies that involve them with the Predators, are not written with any intent of a collaboration of the movies plot lines syncing up in some way. If the race of the PREDATORS had stumbled upon these ALIENS at some point, then that is all that goes with that. The ALIEN/xenomorph, may have been placed or let loose on other worlds and at other times. That is as plausible as any explanation in my opinion.
      I have a few other posts at this site, If you want to hear more of my thoughts and or the tidbits of facts about these movies, as I am a SCI-FI fan, and am ESPECIALLY into the ALIEN films. The PREDATOR films, not so much.
      DAVID, I liked you ideas, and will look to see any further posts.
      These are just my ideas, mixed in with some of the interviews I have read by Ridley Scott, and others involved in the making of the First Alien film, and PROMETHEUS.
      sincerely, Dlarrym
      Walk Well

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  • Dave H. said


    Thank you for the kind welcome and your thoughts. As a humorous aside, after viewing the original “Alien” I was chased and eaten by the Xeno in my dream state for six consecutive nights! This forced me to learn how to control my dreams and I defeated the Xeno on the seventh night! I am like Neo in “The Matrix”, and have been using this knowledge to help my Vietnam-vet brother-in-law get through his nightmares.

    That said…I would like to know what powers the Engineer tech. None of the ships had a dead battery? OK, that dovetails nicely into your statement about the nav system constantly updating itself. The obvious way to do that is to track pulsar information. When scientists discovered pulsars they believed that they’d discovered an alien interstellar nav beacon system. Some might say that this is minutae, but it’s the frosting on the cake for me.

    I’ve always had issues with how the Xeno grows. Mass wise, if you take a 200 lb human and add a 10 lb embryo, the most the embryo could weigh is 210 lbs if it totally consumed its host. But chestbursters don’t do that. So…where did the Nostromo xeno find 500 pounds of food to increase its size before killing Brett? Again, minutae.

    The Engineer reminded me of Peter Boyle’s monster from “Young Frankenstein”. I’m thinking that the reason he snapped out at David was simple: most people don’t function very well for several minutes after waking up! Cut the guy some slack! Maybe if David had brought some coffee and a nice Continental breakfast along things would have turned out far better than they did. Like the current GE commercials themed to “The Matrix”, I can see a Folgers commercial here.

    I loved the interactive planetarium scene! David’s reaction reminded me of Prot’s planetarium scene from “K-PAX”. It made me remember the IMAX “Hubble 3D” movie we watched at Kennedy Space Center before the STS-135 launch. What a great way to teach astronomy, an interactive planetarium where you can play among the stars. If Carnegie Science Center had this I’d move in!

    I wouldn’t call the questions I ask plot holes; they are merely questions about branches of the tree. Lindel and Scott have stated that “Prometheus” is its own story, one that follows the “what is the Space Jockey’s story” trail. Casting them as the First Ones and weaving them into existing mythology (who nuked Sodom and Gomorrah, by the way) makes sense on many levels to me.

    There are many who choose to discount the Predators connection. I choose to consider it as one panel of a much larger tapestry and if explained in a believable fashion can make the story larger and richer. For instance, by the time of “Alien Resurrection” humanity had spread out into the galaxy but had not encountered any sentient life, let alone the Engineers or Predators.

    One thing that came up is this flawed philosophy that parents must die for children to come into their own. This was central to the recent “Battlestar Galactica” series. It was, and is, my belief that a little bit of Vulcan logic and one word-why?-could have stopped a lot of bloodshed. Children learn from their parents. If David can interface directly with the Juggernaut’s systems he can become a Hybrid and literally swim among the stars.

    Elizabeth is like the Russian woman in “Crystal Skulls”. She wants to learn and has an open mind. Unlike the Russian, she will not use her knowledge for evil purposes. That’s why the Skulls ET killed her after learning what her motives were.

    Whomever gets to write the twin sequels needs to have the mental abilities of a Sheldon Cooper to get it right.

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  • Dave H. said

    A few more things…

    Lindel did two things with the final two scenes that are metaphorical stepping stones, IMHO.

    The Deacon showed up long after David and Elizabeth left. This eliminates the possibility of it having stowed away on their vessel. End of that story for now.

    I just LOVE the scene where the Juggernaut rises out of the clouds and orients itself before activating its impulse drive! We have one of their ships and access to all of its technology and storehouse of knowledge.

    Where do we want to go?

    Where do we want the story to go?

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  • Mitch K said

    I’m absolutely in love with Prometheus. I love alien life, our universe and exploring it. My thoughts are as follows: (it gets weird now) the Engineers are a race of highly evolved humanoids that have developed the ability to create life. And in doing so they have also developed a need for perfection. As races evolve, to check on their continual development the Engineers feel the need to “monitor” their existence. As these developing races advance, both physically and technologically, the Engineers provide clues to guide them to eventually meet face to face. Determining if given races are worthy of their knowledge, the Engineers have populated exo planets with drones specifically aimed at either guiding said races further towards development (and meeting the Engineers) , or through the use of genetically engineered monsters (Aliens), destroying them. As David and Elizabeth set out on their newly acquired Engineer ship they soon discover this dastardly development of creating and destroying civilizations. Traveling to coordinates in the ships log they manage to find locations of other exo planets the Engineers have set up staging points. By chance they travel to Progenia where they encounter another team of humanoids attempting to discover their true origins. Through Davids diverse knowledge of languages they are able to communicate with these travelers. Finding out that they too seem to speak in a dialect similar to other ancient cultures. Little do David and Elizabeth know they have stumbled upon one of the few exo planets the Engineers have deemed a successful stepping stone for a civilization to begin the process of acquiring the knowledge of the Engineers. Gather clues, both groups discover the Engineers plot to destroy civilizations and attempt to understand why so few make the cut. They encounter a group of Engineer scouts that find the presence of a suboptimal race (humans) present and find this to be and insult to their higher level of being. As fighting insues in a race for survival of the two distance civilizations team up in an epic battle for life, and to find the true meaning of why they were create. Only to find out that they were just another peatry dish of life a rogue civilization of Engineers use as fodder for the never ending last to create the ideal slaves. The End of my rant. Predators fit in with this too, they were once a civilization created by the Engineers that developed an understanding of the Engineers plot to create and destroy civilizations. Becoming aware they escaped the Engineers.

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  • Dave H. said

    If it wasn’t such a dangerous place, the “Alien” universe would be fun to explore. The best part is that nothing we speculate about will find its way onto film.

    Star Trek: TNG had an episode titled “The Quest” that sounds similar to what you propose. It would tie in the other star systems we saw in the Juggernaut’s maps very nicely.

    I’m seeing similarities to the original “Wizard of Oz” in the ending of “Prometheus”. Dorothy and the Tin Man are on their way to Oz, searching for answers to questions they don’t know they’ll be asking.

    I might go in an as-yet unexplored direction.

    David should be able to direct Elizabeth to repair him. While doing so, they inadvertantly activate the ship’s interactive avatar. Ever wonder why the ships look organic? That’s because they are actually living beings, like Star Trek’s “Tin Man”.

    After the avatar attempts to eject the intruders, David and Elizabeth converse with it and over time, gain its trust. In return, the avatar explains the entire history of the Engineers to them. Elizabeth encourages David to become whoever he wants to be, and he interfaces with the avatar and is beyond amazement. We, the audience, are beside ourselves with amazement as so much of Earth’s unexplained mysteries are artfully intertwined.

    Meanwhile, the ship has been travelling at trans-warp velocities. Nearing the Engineer homeworld, the avatar tells its passengers that they need to be in stasis to avoid suspicion, as the Predators had been at war with the Engineers.

    The movie ends with the avatar saying “Trust me”, and we see the ship drop out of warp as it approaches its destination.

    Fade to black…

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    • Dlarrym said

      Het David, I am having mad car trouble. I have read your most recent posts, and in a day or so will respond. Again, you have given me some further ideas on this very inspired movie/story especially considering its beginnings go back to 1979!!! That is 33 years of time passing before the REAL follow up was given. As I have said before, (being a HUGE Ridley Scott fan and of ALL his movies) I follow any and all of his articles/interviews and what ever other info I can find. As I was saying, Ridley Scott had ALWAYS wished to have made a prequel right away, that followed the trail of the origin of that derelict vessel/ship and its cargo hold filled with those “face hugger”, “QUEEN” laid eggs. He wasn’t able to for several reasons, the biggest was that he had the 1982 release of BLADE RUNNER on deck and green lighted for production to begin in 1980. BLADE RUNNER is and always will be my favorite movie EVER, Even eclipsing the original Star Wars trilogy, but only barely. The Movie Blade Runner was based on a book written by Philip K. Dick. If anyone who is into scf-fi, and sci-fi on philosophical level, I highly recommend you check out his books, short stories and Novels. Many of you have already seen his writings in the form of movies and probably didn’t even know you were actually “watching” a Philip K. Dick Story.
      If anyone has seen, now bare with me, this is several very popular movies, IF. . . you have seen:
      1) BLADE RUNNER – (1982) -(Starred: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer) – Story named, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” NOTE: This was the only movie that Philip K. Dick was personally involved with and at different times was ON SET. He at first disapproved of the premiss of the screenplay, but after many meetings with Ridley Scott and talks of Scott’s take on the book, he ended up very pleased with the final theatrical release
      2) MINORITY REPORT (2002) (Starred: Tom Cruise, Colin Ferrel) – Short Story, named “The Minority Report”.
      3) THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU – (2011) (Starred: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt) – Book, The books name is similar, “The Adjustment Team”.
      4) TOTAL RECALL – (1990) – (Starred: Arnold Schwarzenegger) – Short story, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”.
      5) A SCANNER DARKLY – (2006) – (Starred: Keanu Reaves, Woody Harrelson)- Based off a novel of the same name, FYI – This book won the BSFA Award in 1977!! (note: Philip K. Dick stated that it was semi autobiographical! go figure? If you have seen this movie you will know what I mean).
      6) SCREAMERS – (1995) – (Starred: Peter Weller) – based off a short story called “Second Variety”
      7) PAYCHECK – (2003) – (Starred: Ben Afleck and Uma Therman) – based of a short story of the same name.
      8) NEXT (2007) – (Starred: Nicholas Cage) – loosely based off his short story “The Golden Man”.

      If there are any others, I am not aware. OH, a new film from Diney’s -Dreamworks, called “The king of the Elves” is another short story of his. This is going to be an animated film and is due to release later this year. SO. . . . That is 9 films, ALL originally written by the GENIUS mind of Philip K. Dick.

      Anyway. . .
      David H.
      I’ll write back with more of some of the things I wanted to expand on. Lastly, I really liked your comparrison of PETER BOYLE’s character of the FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER from Young Frankenstein with the ENGINEER’s in Prometheus. There is a resemblance. Brilliant!!!! LMAO!!! I LOVE MEL BROOKS films too. BLAZING SADDLES has to be one of my favorites by him.
      Thanks for letting me share!

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  • kctobyjoe said

    Being a _Movie Moron_ follower/reader for YEARS; I must say that I am INCREDIBLY impressed by all the comments and insights to _Prometheus_; it shows that there are a LOT of interesting/savvy people out there who go to the movies; we (movie goers in general) aren’t all just sex starved adolescents!!!

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  • Dave H. said

    What set “Alien” apart from other space-themed movies of its era was how its people related to spaceflight.

    Unlike the “shoot-em up” style of Star Wars or the wide-eyed wonder of Star Trek, the fact that the Nostromo’s crew was travelling through interstellar space was lost on them. The ship was reduced to a workplace that happened to be in space, while the crew related to each other quite like any workplace.

    All Parker and Brett wanted was a fair share in whatever they discovered. Their society was apparantly quite capitalistic as there were references to finding gold when Kane went into the egg cavern.

    “Prometheus” captures that certain sense of wide-eyed wonder that “Alien” didn’t have. These people are on an archeological “Indiana Jones” expedition that happens to be in space. There is plenty of room for wonder; the scene where David activates the ghost engineers and the star maps is proof enough.

    Unlike a lot of movies where all of the little dots are connected for us, this one deliberately sets a rich palette out for us to paint with.

    When I saw the “running engineers” scene my first thought was “I don’t have to run faster than the bear; I only have to run faster than you!”
    Looks to me like they lured their infected colleague into the doorway where they killed him with the door. The engineer’s chestburster got out and managed to overcome what, 40 of them? Apparently they don’t have weapons of any kind, either. That explains why the Juggernaut didn’t destroy Prometheus before being rammed. Apparently the ships don’t have any collision avoidance devices either.

    If you wanted to, you could play “CSI: LV223” with this and fill blackboards with clues. That’s the beauty of it.

    I still remember, from the Alan Dean Foster novel, Kane’s reaction to the Derelict: “JESUS CHRIST!!!”

    That tells me that until then, humanity had yet to encounter any alien artifacts.

    It also provides a loopback to the writers’ storyline about why the Engineers wanted to eradicate humanity.

    There is another posting here that has a photo of the Engineer in the escape pod surrounded by books while he reads one. That photo opens up even more avenues…does what he’s reading question everything he’s been told about us?

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  • Dave H. said

    One more thing to think about…

    The deleted scene where David converses with the Engineer would, if this were the training room of “Monsters Inc”, be a prime example of how NOT to handle a First Contact situation!

    If David answered the Engineer’s “Why are you here” question with “We followed the maps your people left for us”, maybe things might have gone better.

    Think about it…they could have easily killed him as he slept but they didn’t. That had to count for something.

    But nooooo…(Said in Will Smith’s voice) the only person the Engineer could understand starts running off about how the old fart thinks he’s some kind of god because he built a talking machine, and there’s this other person saying something I can’t understand but she’s on about something because that other guy just hit her in the stomach?

    They came all this way and woke me up for this?

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  • Chase said

    I wanna know how the aliens evolved from what we saw of them in Prometheus, to further in the future at lv426 with Ripley and the rest of the crew from the 1979 film Alien. The similarities are there and you can begin to wrap your mind around how they came from ooze, and huge face hungers, and no tail, to the creatures we know today as the classic horror film aliens. Plenty of information is given and enough time goes by over the “movie years” for the evolution of this advanced species to thrive and begin morphing and changing to what we know them as today. If a second Prometheus movie could explain both that and where Elizabeth is going and why they wanted us gone, I think either direction could be a great whole other movie, or two really, her adventure could be a whole movie without ever touching back on what is goin on with the aliens and how they laid eggs on that ship in the 1979 film. Would be nice to have both but I think linking part of his life’s work with another would be the best. 😉

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    • Dave H. said

      I read on a wiki somewhere that with the addition of The Deacon, there are five variations of the Xeno we all know and love.

      We’re all familiar with the one that comes from an egg-borne Facehugger and a human. We see them in all 4 “Alien” flicks as well as the “Alien vs. Predator” movie. In that movie, we learn that the egg-borne version, or the Mark I, predated human civilization. We find a smaller version from a facehugger and a dog in “Alien3”. Throw in the Predalien and the one at the end of “Alien Ressurection” and that’s quite a family.

      But think about this: if the Last Engineer had reached Earth with thousands of ampules of black goo, he could have cleaned us off easily (unless Earth had a space defense force.
      It rains black goo; you walk outside in the morning, step in it, wipe it off your car. Things go, as David might say, to pot in a hurry!

      How to you say “Sayanara” in Proto-Indo-European?

      Bottom line: black goo is far more efficient to produce, store, transport, and disperse than the Mark I xenos.

      It’s accepted that the Derelict has been on LV-426 has been there for several millenia. That means that the egg chamber structure has been there at least that long.

      Like it or not, it may be several years before someone completes this story.

      One more thing…has anyone gone through the map room scene frame-by-frame to look at the symbols on the green lines that met at Earth?

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  • Dave H. said

    In the movie world where alternate endings exist, how would this part of the story turned out differently and how would you write it?

    The encounter with the Last Engineer was the critical juncture to me. Instead of playing God, what if Weyland had instead programmed David to show the Engineer the holographic PowerPoint star map presentation, followed by a history of human spaceflight? Follow that with a montage of starship scenes from various TV shows and movies to show that humanity can dream and imagine, and how does this first encounter turn out?

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    • JM Spain said

      Notice: it is imposible to show up a PowerPoint from Microsoft to an “Engineer”….it would hang up at the most unexpected moment.

      Quite dramatic.

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      • Dave H. said

        Maybe the Engineers watched “Prometheus and Bob” and didn’t think it was funny, maybe?
        Seeing a video of Elizabeth and the Engineer sharing popcorn while watching Nickelodeon with their kids would be as funny as the “AVP” video game ads.

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  • mencia said

    I enjoyed this film very much and watched it multiple times. I also enjoyed reading everyone’s interpretation of the film in this comments section.

    The name of the ship is Prometheus, I believe this the only thing that was wrong about this film. Prometheus was the son of a titan, who when the old gods (titans) and the new gods Zeus waged war on each other, sided with Zeus (also the son of a titan). Zeus was victorious and banished all the titans. Prometheus was credited with creating man from clay (should sound familiar, the clay jars (in appearance) in the cargo holds of the alien ships and I speculate created humans in the same fashion) and credited with giving man fire. There multiple versions of the story, some versions say it was with done under Zeus direction others say it was done behind his back.
    The planet, the engineers, or maybe even the alien ships should ve been called Prometheus.

    I also find it difficult to believe the movie or the sequel has or will have anything to do with Christianity, when it has so many references to the religions above. Furthermore they had to travel long distances ( sleep chambers) to keep a watchful eye on us.
    Unless they follow the ancient Sumerian religion / stories where humans were slaves and with help from alien sympathizers overthrew the oppressors. There is also no references to this theory either, pure speculation.

    The sequel in my opinion will answer most questions and most likely will bring about even more questions.
    Where did the engineers come from, were they created and if so who created them, what were there original intentions with the human race, why are they so pale are they a space race with no home planet, or are they creations in their makers image strictly for war and space travel? Why are they so big and we are so small (slaves kind of gets thrown out the window imo)? Why are they hairless, black eyes are we a cross breed between them and apes.

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    • Dave H. said

      I might be able to help answer some of your questions. They illustrate why writing two sequels will be very difficult.

      If the Engineers homeworld is like Kepler 62F, it is 40% larger than Earth and orbits a star with 1/5 the light of Earth. If Darwin’s theories are correct, that being creatures change to adapt to their environment, a heavy-world humanoid would be larger with more retinal area. The system is 1200 LY from Earth, out of range of Star Trek’s warp drive.
      Quantum slipstream drive gets you there in four hours vs the 75 years it would take Prometheus at Warp 2.3.

      I agree that religion, with the exception of Elizabeth’s faith, should be part of this story only as it relates to known mythology.

      If you lay the Star Trek timeline over the Alien timeline you can see how the two universes could coexist. If the vessel Prometheus, 2091, was the first warp-capable vessel following Cochrane’s Phoenix then yes, the name becomes appropriate. Enterprise and the Federation came about 40 years after the loss of the Nostromo, so who’s to say that the Federation wasn’t formed in response to the losses of the two vessels and their crews?

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  • Dave H. said

    There have been several very-well written fanfics about this story. There is a lot of wishing that the encounter had been positive, with Elizabeth working with the Engineer to defeat Squidley the Kraken. One of them has Elizabeth taking the axe to Squidley just before the creature shoved its ovipositor down his throat.
    Some of these would make a filmable “bridge” sequel, I believe.

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    • Mencia said

      The direction the movie went was perfect IMO. The engineers would not have spent all that time and effort to make xenomorphs or the goo, then not stay with the original plan to wipe out humans (maybe to start over and try to make a better humanoid race). The lonely Engineer went to the pod for one reason and one reason only, kill Elizabeth. Engineers decided to eradicate humans and IMO would not be swayed from doing so by one single act of kindness i.e. killing the baby “Kraken” before it goes into Engineers chest.

      What if that group of Engineers were rouge scientist? Carrying out experiments on their own w/o knowledge from the rest of the Engineers. It could explain the absence of help or rescue from more Engineers. Or….

      It could go the extinction route, Engineers are going extinct and are trying to perfect a race in their image to continue on. Humans are not good enough so they decide to eradicate them and start over.

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      • Dave H. said

        ” The lonely Engineer went to the pod for one reason and one reason only, kill Elizabeth. Engineers decided to eradicate humans and IMO would not be swayed from doing so by one single act of kindness i.e. killing the baby “Kraken” before it goes into Engineers chest.”

        You have a good point, but here’s my line of thinking, based upon the events in the fanfic “Reflections”, Chapter 1.

        You can sense a certain desperation in Elizabeth’s decision to pick up the axe and attack Squidley. While she MAY be able to reason with the Engineer, it’s certain that there is NO “reasoning” with Squidley. Find a host and die, that’s the limits of its “programming”.

        Human nature comes into play here. Let me put myself in that situation as my 57 year old, 6’4″ 260 lb self.

        After somehow surviving my first encounter with the Engineer, we both were injured when he attacked me. When he picked me up I was able to knock the wind out of him while I got a sprained ankle and way too much adrenalin for an old man!

        I make my way back to the lifepod and find Squidley thrashing about. Then the alarms go off, and I know in my heart that I’m literally between the Devil and the deep blue sea. He finds me, and comes at me in a blind rage. I sidestep him and he hits the door control, releasing the Kraken.

        Now, my personality is one that always tries to help, like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap. I would take the axe and try to save the life of a man who just tried to kill me.

        Why? Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and hope for the best. It’s what separates us from the beasts. If I died there, at least it was with a clear conscience and a smile on my face.

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        • Dave H. said

          Just in case you’re wondering exactly HOW I survived the initial encounter?
          I just happened to be wearing a Chuck Norris T-shirt that day…

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          • mencia said

            that almost made me cry it was so funny!

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          • Dave H. said

            If you liked that, you’ll love the long version…

            You see, I was only marginally interested in what was going on behind me. I had my back turned, was taking pictures of the instrument panel when it hit the fan. I had my ear buds in, listening to music when the shadow behind me grabbed me in a bear hug and picked me up like I was a 6’4″ 260 pound rag doll. He began squeezing the life out of me, and my first thought was “You jagoff! You made me drop my iPhone!!!”

            Things were looking dim when suddenly I had to sneeze! Seems that the dust in the ship had gotten to me, and when I sneezed, my head flew back, hitting the Engineer in the nose, and my feet somehow managed to find the wall and push.

            What a sneeze!

            The Engineer was momentarily stunned by the force of the impact, and we both fell over backwards in a heap, me landing squarely on top of his chest. As the air rushed back in, I scrambled to my feet and momentarily surveyed the damage on my way out, limping now due to a sprained ankle. David said “Dave, wait, come back!” but I had to get out lest I wind up like my crewmates.

            After saving the last Engineer from Squidley, both of lay on the floor, totally spent. My heart rate was near critical and I silently wondered if I would die there. Then he groaned…I’d totally forgotten that I was not alone. Fortunately, my sense of humor was intact. I turned my head, looked at those black eyes, and said “Ain’t we a pair, Raggedy Man?” (Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome)

            Of course, he didn’t understand, but he did understand my nervous laughter. Some things are universal. I helped get the remaining tentacles off him and made a comment about calimari, making eating motions while holding the tentacle near my mouth. I thought I saw a faint smile. In my career I’ve worked in many countries and found ways to communicate without knowing the language. Humor was working, and I sensed that maybe I might live to see my 58th birthday.

            I helped him to his feet. I went to the refrigerator and got bottled water for the both of us. Remembering the scene in “Young Frankenstein” when the blind monk befriended the Monster, I went to the computer and asked it for a list of “Prometheus and Bob” episodes. I chose “Television”, and as the show played I pointed out which of us was Prometheus and which was Bob. He picked up on it quickly, so I showed him a montage of human spaceflight and photos of various ships from shows like Star Trek. He looked curiously at the Vulcans and Klingons, as if they really existed.

            He pressed a small button on his biosuit and a mechanical voice said “Translation enabled.”

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  • Sarah g. said

    I want to know what David said to the engineer, when Elizabeth was yelling at him he didn’t attack her so David had to and probably provoked him for some selfish reason. David’s head should be kept in a jar and doesn’t need to be attached to his body simply because he can’t be trusted.

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    • Dave H. said

      Canon has it that David said something like “this man is here because he does not want to die. He believes that you can give him more life.”

      Look at the context. The Engineer awakes to find four strangers and an android in his bedroom! I give him props for not going postal from the get-go.

      Read his facial expression after he sees Elizabeth get struck. It’s genuine concern to me. Then after injuring an unarmed female they ask for more life. Talk about mixed messages!

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