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Prometheus 2 – Sequel Plans

Prometheus 2 - Sequel Plans (Plot etc.)
There’s been some Prometheus 2 talk over recent weeks, so what has been said and what direction is a sequel likely to go in?

Prometheus didn’t have a monumental opening weekend in the U.S. (it sold as many tickets as Alien vs. Predator) but still earned an impressive $50 million, the second highest of Ridley Scott’s career. It had a large 25% drop from Friday to Saturday which suggests not-so-great word of mouth, and a not-so-long box office run. However worldwide it has already made $141m, from a $130m production budget, so it stands to finish a box office success. A follow-up has not been officially greenlit, yet.

**BIG SPOILERS AHEAD** Prometheus was conceived as a two-parter. Originally it was two movies that were official, direct prequels to Alien, to be helmed by Ridley Scott’s protege Carl Rinsch. When 20th Century Fox begged Scott himself to direct, he agreed on the condition that it moved further away from Alien and added in themes and ideas he wanted to explore.

On the sequel, Scott said recently, “I know where [Prometheus 2] is going. …Keeping David alive is essential and keeping Elizabeth alive is essential and to go where they [the engineers] came from is essential. …I don’t see them landing in a place that looks like paradise. …Paradise cannot be what you think it is. It has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous. …If you look at the Engineers, they’re tall and elegant… they are dark angels.”

When the writer was asked if the next movie would be a more direct prequel to Alien he said “it will tangentialize even further away from the original Alien”.

Ridley Scott intends to stay on as director. “I enjoyed it so much, I really want to do the sequel to this. It’s interesting to do a sequel because this leaves the door so open to some huge questions. The real question to me is – the more mankind discovers in science the more clear and helpful everything becomes, yet we’re very bad at managing ourselves. And one of the biggest problems in the world is what we call religion, it causes more problems than anything in the goddamn universe. Think about what’s happening now, all based on the very simple idea that a Muslim can’t live alongside a Catholic, or a Catholic can’t live alongside a Protestant…”

To understand what he’s alluding to, we have to look at the big question at the end of Prometheus – Why did the engineers want to destroy us? The clue is in a line of dialogue – that the preparations to wipe out earth were being made 2000 years ago. In other words, at the time Christianity started. So the sequel, wisely or not, will likely touch on some further significance that Christ had – were the Engineers enraged that mankind’s perception of the universe, and where they came from, was altered? As Christianity was not the first religion, was it the final straw? Or was Christ an emissary of the engineers whose crucifixion by humans angered them? All dicey territory for sure, but it’s the religious strand that most fascinates Scott. “I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I didn’t want them to meet God in the first one.”

With the Blade Runner sequel and The Counselor going full steam ahead, it’s going to be many years before Scott has the time to direct Prometheus 2. He’s 75 now, will his age become a factor?

It’s also worth mentioning that the Prometheus Blu-ray will have 20-30 minutes of deleted scenes (including a confirmed axe fight between Elizabeth and the engineer).

What would you like to see happen in a Prometheus sequel? Should the traditional Aliens play a larger role? Do Scott’s big questions interest you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Sources: Movies.com, Collider

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  • Joe Madajewski said

    AS far as David’s head; I DOUBT he could talk Elizabeth into a re attachment a la _Spock’s Brain_ from Star Trek T.O.S.
    Elizabeth may be intelligent and learned etc but attaching an android head to his body; I dunno…

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  • Clive Cooper said

    I’d like to think that the engineers are not the higher species, and that they themselves are clones. It is that they all look alike in the film, and they aren’t quite like the Space Jockey in Alien as that was a truly massive creature.

    I’d like the technology checked too. I know Aliens was a sequel by another director, but the Marines had crappy analogue scanners, and the Prometheus guy had those fantastic Pokémon ball things.

    That’s the other thing…no weak British characters, and nobody wearing glasses. We have laser eye surgery nowadays, I can’t imagine anyone putting up with archaic corrective glasses, and yet being selected from a pool of thousands to go on a mission to explore the origins of humankind.

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    • Dave H. said


      The things you’ve mentioned have been noticed by a lot of people. For instance, Fifield initially comes across as a tough guy but ends up being a Squidward, cocksure in his own environment but crumbles when out of his element. The whole “giant dead body arena” bit was annoying to say the least.

      Established canon has the “Alien” space jockey and derelict as being larger than the ones in “Prometheus”. Its arms were over five feet long. That ship had been on LV-426 for millions of years, so are we seeing sloppy filmmaking or evolution?

      Where the Engineers and Predators fit in is where this story goes from here. If done correctly it will be a classic, if done haphazardly a colossol flop and an instant parody of itself.

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  • Robert J said

    I think if they are going to make a prometheus 2 they should go away form Alien but eventually have It ending up tied to the first Alien movie

    ( I want to know how how the big engineer crashed on LV426)

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    • Dave H. said


      Ridley Scott has said what you have said about the direction this story is to take. This story IS supposed to tell the story of the Space Jockeys. Exactly HOW anyone will do that without violating existing Alien/Predator canon will be tricky. Whoever writes this absolutely must watch all of the movies including deleted scenes.

      The Space Jockey was a mere plot device in 1979; today it’s become somewhat of a mythological icon.

      That said, I’ve been toying with writing two ST:TNG eps. The first takes Picard to LV-223 to investigate the “Prometheus legend”; the second takes them to LV-426 to investigate rumors of a derelict unknown spacecraft and the Hadley’s Hope disaster.

      Both eps take place after “The Nth Degree” and promenently feature Barclay as a central character.

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  • Marcos said

    I have a suggestion plot for the movie Prometheus 2.
    Elizabeth and David arrive at the planet of the Engineers. Once they arrive they are captured by the Engineers. Engineers take David and Elizabeth for the Supreme Engineers. The Supreme interrogate David and Elizabeth. Elizabeth account everything that happened on LV-223. The Supreme decide to send a team to LV-223.
    The team was not composed of ordinary engineers. The team was composed of soldiers Engineers.
    Elizabeth is reprimanded by the Engineers supreme. The ship that carried her and David have used various samples varied experiences. Elizabeth and David could have caused a global catastrophe. Elizabeth asks “why did you create us?” And “why try to destroy us?”.
    A team of engineers soldiers reaches LV-223. A deacon adult observes the ship to land. The deacon sneaks on the ship.
    An engineer answers the question of Elizabeth.
    Thousands of years ago the engineers found a planet. Engineers became interested in the mineral resources of that planet. An engineer sacrificed drinking a substance that breaks down DNA. This sacrifice was intended to add DNA to the DNA of the engineers of the species existing on the planet. This gave rise to humans. Humans worked by mining the planet and giving all to the engineers. One day the engineers departed carrying what had already been mined. Long after engineers returned. When they returned they realized that Yautjas Avian enslaved humanity. A war was fought. Engineers can expel yautjas the planet. But yautjas had corrupted humans. Seeing that his creation was corrupted, the engineers decide to exterminate humanity. In LV-223 engineers start mass production of a biological weapon. But a tragedy prevents engineers from destroying mankind.
    Meanwhile a team of engineers unloads the burden of Nave David and Elizabeth used. The ship sent to LV-223 returns, but the ship’s crew was already dead. The deacon leaves the ship and attacks everyone in sight.
    The red alert plays. The red alert distracts the team that was unloading the ship that Elizabeth and David used. This causes an accident that triggers more creatures. Among the creatures was one Ultramorph (xenomorph born of an engineer).
    A real war is beginning. Elizabeth and David try to find a way off the planet. They roam the planet with many monsters and engineers fighting and dying. David is destroyed by Ultramorph.
    Soldiers engineers can kill most monsters. The only remaining monsters are Deacon and Ultramorp. The two monsters face off and then begin to fight. Only one survives.
    Elizabeth finds a ship and tries to take off this ship. The monster is trapped on the ship survivor. The monster enters the ship and the ship takes off with Elizabeth and the monster.

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    • Dave H. said


      You have the makings of a very interesting fanfic. If I may suggest, take a look at the stories on fanfiction.com and think about it.

      I am writing a crossover story myself, and it’s taking on a life of its own!

      Part of the problem is that by the time Fox finds a writer (Brannon Braga, Ronald Moore) all of the possible storylines worth filming will be on Fanfiction and what we’ll get will make less sense than anything ever filmed!

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  • PAUL#1883 said

    First off…
    This is a Movie.


    Were you entertained?


    Do you care enough to read thus far?

    And fourth…

    Are you still considering this thought?…

    If you really need to chat about woulds, shoulds, coulds, and the might be in a-make-believe-realm, pull your pants up…

    find someone to hug and kiss, and simmer down!

    Prometheus. From start to finish… A work of art.

    Compare it to Aliens 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,………

    You are an Idiot. IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ridley does nothing but produce/direct great films… and this was another of his masterpieces.

    If one was to eliminate all the other films in the Alien Franchise, Prometheus would be the beginning of something great… yet you still want answers… IDIOT…

    Go to the movies… watch… feel satisfaction… wait for someone else to complete your sick beliefs… and shut the blank up…

    This was an awesome movie.. and if a prequel is to follow…

    hell yeah…

    if not… ah, whatever, Prometheus was SWEET.

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  • Dave H. said

    Gee, Paul! You’re entitled to your own opinion, and so are the rest of us!

    Myself, I’m looking forward to the day either Universal Studios or Disney World launches its “Engineer Encounter” ride. This should provide gainful employment for quite a few retired basketball players and perhaps a retired astronaut or two.

    Until then, lighten up. It’s only a movie…

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  • Paul said

    I’m glad that ONE person read this….


    Prometheus was a movie.

    If anyone out there has a problem with how it came… and finished…I beg of you to get a bit more education…

    Please. After that…

    direct/write/produce/conjure/create your-own Alien/Prometheus/Paradise/Predator – sequel/prequel…

    and after you have gained respect of thousands, if not millions of fans, tell me again that you think PROMETHEUS and its future problems have “holes”.

    I have three degrees, all gained by much study and determination, that fill me with pride and confidence. One of which is in the arts. Gained only by passion, and love of cinema and a deep artistic need to outlet my talents.

    So, I did not create this spectacular universe, nor do I want to try… I am entertained by Ridley.

    I will continue to give him the respect he is entitled.

    And when, when Prometheus 2/ Paradise does indeed make its debut , I will enjoy, holes, traps, and all.

    Again, forget the past… begin a new… Scott has again delivered, and again he will fill us with something special…

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    • Dave H. said

      “If anyone out there has a problem with how it came… and finished…I beg of you to get a bit more education…”

      Actually, you need a bit more imagination, not education. Too much education allows you to see “plot holes” such as the fact that a 3% CO2 content is not immediately fatal to humans. If you’re going to base your fiction on real science, please do your homework first lest your work be shredded on the blogs.

      Create your own story? Please stop by Fanfiction.net. A lot of folks, myself among them, have done just that. My story is a “crossover” and after one week has been read 475 times. Not bad for a non-writer.

      I like stories that make me think. There were parts of Prometheus that upon first viewing didn’t seem to make sense but after several viewings did make sense. What I DON’T want to see is for the franchise to follow the BSG path of beginning like a well-played chess game but deteriorating into a directionless morass that made no sense at all by the time it (mercifully) ended.

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  • Brandon Thomas said

    Huge fan of both prometheus and alien. I know that in prometheus they wanted to focus mainly on the story of the space jockey/creators but i want closer on alot of things. Like maybe have the 2nd one start off showing the engineers prepairing the ships with the mysterious slime in the attempt to destroy us, but obviously failing. Maybe show how the original space jockey ended up on LV-426. Showing maybe he was the first to leave but ended up crashing because somehow one of the face huggers got him. Because from what we saw from the original alien, there were no canisters containing mysterious goo. Only face hugger eggs. I know they are trying to keep it far from anoter alien movie but i have alot of questions that need to be answered about alien. Im sure that the next prometheus will answer all the questions i have. And im sure Ridley and the writers wont disappoint. Cant wait to see what happens to Elizabeth and David!

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    • Dave H. said

      Hi, Brandon. Welcome aboard.

      Ridley Scott said that he wanted to take Prometheus away from Alien territory, and tell the story of the Space Jockey. That said, unless the existing canon from Alien is followed any sequels won’t make sense.

      Things we know from Alien are:

      The LV-426 derelict had been in a mostly inert atmosphere long enough for the SJ’s remains to have fossilized. Obviously, it takes a lot longer than the thirty years that passed between Prometheus and Alien for that to happen.

      Ash let on that the Company had some knowledge of the SJ people when he said that “they were a noble people” and hoped that mankind would encounter them under better circumstances.

      Nobody ever tried powering up the derelict nor did anyone ever reverse-engineer it. This is unforgivable!

      Myself, I believe that the Alien xenos predate the mutagenic black goo and that the goo is simply far more efficient and easier to deploy than xeno eggs.

      Time will tell if the new writer bothers to watch all of the films to learn the canon.

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  • Jon said

    I find Mr. Scotts perception of religion to be totally unfounded. the whole idea that coexistence is not possible stems from the stupidity of man and the I’m right your wrong fallacy that man concocts not the fault of religion itself.

    if you look at religious traditions mentioned here, Christianity and Islam, why they cant coexist is because of the actions of stupid leaders and stupid uneducated interpretations of the scriptures.. I was a fan of Ridley Scott but no more

    what a crock of shit he was lucky to have this one suceeed and by the way Mr Ripley: most of your fans in my area, myself included are muslims, most of us who saw the movie maybe 3 or 4 times were muslims, so I hope your sequal can do as good without our support, take your bigotry elseware and good luck for the future with uneducated statements like that.

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  • Laura Amur said

    My script for the sequel.

    As a huge fan from Amsterdam I must say I was a fan of Prometheus. And I believe that Prometheus deserves a sequel. I don’t think Paradise would be a good name for this sequel because one could make a very succesful sequel and name the third one, Paradise. This is my idea for the Sequel of Prometheus 2 Entitled The Oracle of Life

    The first movie told the story of a group of scientists in search of the origen of mankind. At the end, they discover one of the Engineers still alive in the ship. After discovering what happened to some of these Engineers and receiving no vital answer on the question : Who created mankind’ ? They are killed and the alien creature comes out of the stomach of the Engineer. We are left with many unanswered questions and yet still alive 3 individuals, a woman *Dr. Elisabeth Shaun and a new form of Alien and a robot guide.

    In the second movie another human spaceship called ‘ Atlas’ , was secretly following the Prometheus spacecraft. The mission of ‘ Atlas’ was to monitor the faith of Prometheus and protect the planet Earth from any threat found by Prometheus. A new team of scientists awake to find their briefing. They hear the transmission of Dr. Elisabeth, and about the tragic loss of the entire crew and her warning, NOT to come to the point of origen. With her last words… Still searching, they are ignited in a debate wether they should go and find her or return and head the warning. After a long discussion they decide to go. Atlas finally arrivés and decends on the planet, yet not touching the surface. The crew sees all the devastion and decide to sent some of the crewmembers to seek for evidence. While searching they discover the presence of another cave-like structure very close to their space-ship. As another crew is sent to that cave they embark on a journey most terrifying. They are unaware about the presence of the alien creature that has sought shelter in that ship. As the first crew finds the body of the first Engineer they bring it back on the ship while the other crew finds 3 Engineers still alive but in a deep sleep. As they are on the point to awaken them, they hear the noise of something approaching. The alien creature (now full grown) attacks the Engineers and after a long battle 2 Engineers are killed and one Engineer finds himself running along with the crew to the Atlas spaceship. With each ship having a robot/human doctor and a guide, he uses his language skills to communicate with the Engine. The Alien creature enters in the mind of the Engineer and activate the spaceship. With the crew and the Engineer now back to the Atlas ship, they ask him through the communication skills of the robot guide very difficult questions about the existence and creation of mankind. Yet, he remains silent. It could be that he does not know the answer himself or, he is also searching the truth about the origen of life. Unclear in his behaviour, the crew demands of him to tell them everything but he betrays them and they are entangled in a fight. The crew then locks him in a vessel and put him in deep sleep. When the crew goes back to deck of the rear they discover that the other ship has mysteriously left. With no reply from the Engineer and the dissapearence of the other ship and also Dr. Elisabeth, they turn back to the Engineer for answers. The robot guide informs them about the technology to secretly read the minds ofbeings. They decide to tap into the brain of the Engineer. Due to the complexity of the brain and the fact that the technology was only designed for humans they discover they have but a brief moment to retrieve information. As the computer projects the thoughts and memories of the Engineer they come to understand that the Engineers are vessels for the Creation of Human Beings. In order to do that they are placed on a planet while they drink a very complex liquid and as an order they sacrifice themselves and turn to liquid DNA materials for Evolution to take place and life to begin it’s course. The crew also finds out that the Engineers are Vessels and Mediums for different beings to exist in the Universe. As the thought and image is generated of a planet that holds the Oracle of Life the crew with this new information seeks and locates the planet. They find out that their ship is not fit to travel such a long distance. The engineer wakes up and suddenly warns them that they are in great danger. For he now knows that the Alien Creature is underway to that planet because his ship was programmed to fly to that destination. The crew now ask him : What will we find if we go to that planet? He answers : The Oracle of Life. They then tell him of Dr. Elisabeth who has gone missing with another ship and ask him if he knows where she is heading? He then tells them that every ship of them is connected to the Oracle of Life and that Dr. Elisabeth is likely on her way to that place. With the Engineer now in knowlegde that a human being is traveling to the Oracle of Life he is urged to find her before she arrivés. He suddenly breaks lose and fights the crew, then he activates their ship for a collision to a mountain. The crew with no knowlegde to stop the ship from impact are forced to go in safety pods to exit their ship. They are now forced to follow the running Engineer to a new cave which has another spaceship. As they are in the cave an earthquake is felt , the ship is launching. They find a secret passage and enter the ship. Meanwhile their ship explodes into pieces as it collides with a mountain. With tears in their eyes they see no sudden return to planet earth and are now left onboard with an Engineer. The Engineer now goes to the Oracle of Life with maximum speed. Passing through beautiful and mysterious places in space he finally comes on a huge planet which holds the Oracle of Life. Before he approaches he sees 2 Engineer space ships hovering. One is somewhat damaged and one in good condition. He launches a pod of his own and heads to the damaged ship. As he travels to the other ship the crew members yet alive go to the cock pit and open communication with the ship which is in good condition. They discover Dr. Elisabeth is alive but unconcious. The team sends an pod to the ship of Elisabeth. As the engineer is walking in the other damaged ship he sees a pod going to the other ship. As he now rushes to the pod to go back the Alien Creature stands now in his way to battle him. Hovering still outside the Planet which holds the Oracle of Life they reach the ship and try and convince Dr. Elisabeth to go back home. With her now being awake she remembers that she was traveling but that the life of the robot guide epped away and that she had no way in knowing how to manouvre the ship. So, she entered into deep space sleep. With her desire to still go the New discovered planet to discover the Origen of life she attacks and captures the new robot guide and forces the others to go back where they came. She forces the robot guide to bring her to the planet. As the others are mistakenly fired to the damaged ship they fight themselves in the middle of the Alien and The Engineer. They join their fight with the Engineer and fight the Alien Monster. Most of the crew finally dies in the attempt and the engineer decides to blow up the ship. But before he blows up the ship he sees the other ship traveling to the Oracle of Life. He sents a missile which in turns blows up the ship a bit of Dr Elisabeth. She plummets with the ship now on fire from the sky and enters the new planet full of wonders and mysteries.* Yet still Alive* The damaged ship now explodes but just prior to the explosions the Alien Creature still manages to escape and heads to the other Engineer ship still hovering. As Elisabeth surives the crash she now goes outside and see a very huge building that defies all beauty. As she enters the film ends. With an ending scene of the Alien descending as well. The movie now ends and the Third Movie is called Prometheus 3 Pandora’s Paradise

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    • Dave H. said


      You’ve got the makings of a very good fanfic here. May I suggest that you flesh it out and share it at Fanfiction.net?
      I’m looking forward to reading your story.

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  • Daniel Bryant said

    I am sure that there will be a reference to Jesus in the Sequel. Prometheus was a great film! If a little undiscovered. the next film must blow our minds. They have a tall order here with this one.

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  • Joseph Lucas said

    I want the aliens from the Alien movies to be in the Prometheus 2 movie and action figure toys.

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  • Bob Reasinger said

    Prometheus 2 should have some sort of time vortex and have the 2 survivors go thru it when they reach the home of the engineers, and that will tell some of the tail of how they are linked to everything.

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  • Tim Thomas said

    My take on the movie Prometheus is that, if you take a really close look at the engineers they are genetically different.
    The first one in the movie who sacrificed himself appeared to be normal.
    The sleeping pilot later in the movie had gills like a fish. This suggest to me that the so called engineers are clones possibly trying to bring back their long dead masters.
    If I may make a few assumptions I would say that the engineers made stupid careless mistakes. Their behavior suggest that they are too emotional. They are not immortal and the are definitely expendable.
    Therefore the upcoming movie if there is one will be nothing that we can can expect.

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