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Prometheus 2 – Sequel Plans

Prometheus 2 - Sequel Plans (Plot etc.)
There’s been some Prometheus 2 talk over recent weeks, so what has been said and what direction is a sequel likely to go in?

Prometheus didn’t have a monumental opening weekend in the U.S. (it sold as many tickets as Alien vs. Predator) but still earned an impressive $50 million, the second highest of Ridley Scott’s career. It had a large 25% drop from Friday to Saturday which suggests not-so-great word of mouth, and a not-so-long box office run. However worldwide it has already made $141m, from a $130m production budget, so it stands to finish a box office success. A follow-up has not been officially greenlit, yet.

**BIG SPOILERS AHEAD** Prometheus was conceived as a two-parter. Originally it was two movies that were official, direct prequels to Alien, to be helmed by Ridley Scott’s protege Carl Rinsch. When 20th Century Fox begged Scott himself to direct, he agreed on the condition that it moved further away from Alien and added in themes and ideas he wanted to explore.

On the sequel, Scott said recently, “I know where [Prometheus 2] is going. …Keeping David alive is essential and keeping Elizabeth alive is essential and to go where they [the engineers] came from is essential. …I don’t see them landing in a place that looks like paradise. …Paradise cannot be what you think it is. It has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous. …If you look at the Engineers, they’re tall and elegant… they are dark angels.”

When the writer was asked if the next movie would be a more direct prequel to Alien he said “it will tangentialize even further away from the original Alien”.

Ridley Scott intends to stay on as director. “I enjoyed it so much, I really want to do the sequel to this. It’s interesting to do a sequel because this leaves the door so open to some huge questions. The real question to me is – the more mankind discovers in science the more clear and helpful everything becomes, yet we’re very bad at managing ourselves. And one of the biggest problems in the world is what we call religion, it causes more problems than anything in the goddamn universe. Think about what’s happening now, all based on the very simple idea that a Muslim can’t live alongside a Catholic, or a Catholic can’t live alongside a Protestant…”

To understand what he’s alluding to, we have to look at the big question at the end of Prometheus – Why did the engineers want to destroy us? The clue is in a line of dialogue – that the preparations to wipe out earth were being made 2000 years ago. In other words, at the time Christianity started. So the sequel, wisely or not, will likely touch on some further significance that Christ had – were the Engineers enraged that mankind’s perception of the universe, and where they came from, was altered? As Christianity was not the first religion, was it the final straw? Or was Christ an emissary of the engineers whose crucifixion by humans angered them? All dicey territory for sure, but it’s the religious strand that most fascinates Scott. “I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I didn’t want them to meet God in the first one.”

With the Blade Runner sequel and The Counselor going full steam ahead, it’s going to be many years before Scott has the time to direct Prometheus 2. He’s 75 now, will his age become a factor?

It’s also worth mentioning that the Prometheus Blu-ray will have 20-30 minutes of deleted scenes (including a confirmed axe fight between Elizabeth and the engineer).

What would you like to see happen in a Prometheus sequel? Should the traditional Aliens play a larger role? Do Scott’s big questions interest you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Matt F said

    I’m sorry I haven’t read everyone’s comments yet so I don’t know if I’m repeating but I think it’d be awesome if someone could explain how we’re the xenomorph aliens created? What was their purpose? Also I think it’d be super badass if they were to tie the predators in there somehow; like explain how some invisible war existed between the predators and the engineers and it was all about who would have dominion over earth and or us humans (kinda how some people believe that something like has/is happening right now). Also I’d love to see why that engineer in the beginning sacrificed himself/drink the fluid. Furthermore, why did the others leave him there? Was he a “chosen” one? Was he banished or was staying behind considered an honor? Did he pull the short end of a straw? I also agree with someone else’s comment on how it’d be cool if they explained the aliens a bit more but not have it centered around the alien xenomorphs. I think HR Giger should plAy a more active role in the sequel.

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  • joel said

    I like all the alien movies but of course the best one was Aliens. I did like the prometheus and think that was a very good movie and i was on the edge of my seat they should bring some xenomorphs in to the second but at the end of course.I think it would be a good idea that the second can be that they find the ship that was on lv426 cause that way it would be the end of the movies all together but like all great movies there has to be an end to them eventually

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  • Justin said

    There better be a xenom in that movie or it shouldn’t b under the catagory of alien movie

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  • nealwright said

    I liked the movie and cant wait for the sequel. with that being said i have a few issues with the original. first if the black ooze was drank by the engineer to create life on earth and it created life in the pyramid (the snake type thing that attacked and killed the 2 crew members) and created life inside dr. shaw and created life inside the engineer. then how was it intended to destroy life on Earth? The movie never makes the case that the ooze is meant to destroy. the ships pilot suggested it but nothing else was given to support that theory! thus, how do we know that the creators were going to destroy Earth 2000 years ago? maybe they were sending this ooze to enhance humans! secondly, i do not feel that going back to the xenomorphs would be smart in the sequel. the first of their kind is stuck on the planet that shaw and david just left so it should have no impact on where they go next. that story as to how that alien gets from lv422 to whatever that planet or moon it was on in the original alien movie (lv446 or something) then that should be done in a completely different installment. thirdly, why did the ooze breakdown the creators dna and desolve his body thus starting the cycle of producing the new human dna for our exsistence to start. but when david put a drop of the ooze in the scientist’s drink, it took him a day to show signs and he got burned to death but came back bigger stronger and was jumping long and high distances as he killed half the crew. why the drastic differences between how it affected the creators and how it affected the human when it was consumed the same exact way?

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  • jayden peña said

    I think the 2 humans should protect us when the aliens are attacking and there should be a new type of alien like in alien in colonial marines from gear box great game by the way could lead into a more horific alien thats more grosum like on predators there is tiny ones and super ginoromus ones would be good movie liked first one

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  • DOS said

    This is truly heart breaking… I’m a major fan of ALIEN and ALIENS, and when I heard that a prequel to ALIEN was being made I was understandably thrilled! After seeing PROMETEUS and reading this article, I’m thoroughly convinced that Ridley Scott is finished. I was looking forward to a story that carried on what the name “Alien” implies. I wanted to see a story that put forth images and conceptions of life that people could scarcely imagine. Instead, everything sounds like it’s coming back to typical, bland familiarity. The story HAS to revolve around humans and Earth!…AGAIN!!! I wonder if there could EVER be a story that MIGHT revolve around something OTHER THAN US!!! It sounds like it’s just a vehicle for Ridley to attack an easy target. This is just more liberal “everyone attack Christianity” nonsense! What has Christ done to him that would make Ridley hate him so much? If he blames religion for the world’s ills, then why is he singling out Christ? Why not say that Muhammad was really an alien (we all know what THAT would cause)? Ridley Scott is a coward! Christ spoke of peace, forgiveness and love for God as well as your fellow man. I can certainly understand why THOSE HORRIFIC things deserve death! Perhaps if Jesus flew a plane into a building or cut women’s heads off for stepping out the front door without permission then Hollywood directors would act more favorably to him.
    I believe Ridley is a master of visual style, but that fades very quickly when the story is nothing more than a blatant attempt to malign people’s faith in Christ that clearly he doesn’t share. That’s fine if he chooses. Unlike his statement, people of different faiths CAN and DO live side-by-side peacefully. I hate no one. If he feels that way towards Christians then he’s free to do so, but I would appreciate it if he wouldn’t corrupt the films and stories that I love with his hate jargon. Religion doesn’t divide people, people do that well enough on their own.
    It would be nice to see the xenos involved more since, whether he admits it or not, the PROMETHEUS films will be riding the coattails of ALIEN.
    Apparently, it looks like Ridley is more interested in creating a hostile philosophical debate rather than a well crafted, entertaining film.

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  • angel cristy said

    aliens was my favorit, now prometheous is and I cant wait until promethous 2 comes out were ever ridley scott takes us its fine by me because I know its gonna be a awesome ride mutch love goes out to ridley and thank you for giving me good entertainment

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  • Baz said

    We see in all the Alien movies that have been made where we see thoroughbred Aliens stand together and don’t in-fight. In Alien Resurrection, we do witness a sacrifice of one of them but bear in mind that these aliens have a strain of human in them.
    However, because of the lack of religion in their community, there’s strength among Aliens for all being the same.
    Perhaps this is why they are a ‘perfect species’ and this perfect species was designated for Earth to sort out the mess down here by essentially replacing us with them by letting them eventually wipe us out. This i think would be a great idea to link the deadly goo in Prometheus to the Alien movies.

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    • Dlarrym said

      First off, All this stuff about the ALIENS being a perfect life form, this is nonsense. They are perfect for what they are engineered for which really can be only 1 of 2 things. They are a biological weapon meant to be let loose on ones enemies home world. OR. . . They are meant to destroy all life on an existing planet so it can be re-terraformed and new life put there as the engineers wish. Or the Engineers could leave it a barren rock. They have the tech to go faster then light, or really really close to the speed of light, so they have the technology to do pretty much whatever they want. . . short of creating a black hole or a star.
      It isn’t know if by putting these ALIEN, or XENOMORPHS onto a given, life bearing planet if they can actually remove or exterminate ALL life on this hypothetical planet. They most likely do not affect other types of microbial life or the life found at these hot vents like we discovered on the bottom of the ocean, just as an example.
      It is unlikely that if they were put on earth, that they would even have a way to get down to these “black smokers” (volcanically active vents) on the bottom of our oceans. These colonies at those depths live off a different life cycle then on the surface. No Photosynthesis takes place at those depths. the life is based of a type of bacteria that is the bottom of that food chain, plus they have evolved to deal with extreme heat and pressures.
      I mention this because, YES, these ALIENS would put a serious hurt on all the surface life, but even they would not be able to have much affect on life that has evolved like it has on the floors of oceans. THE MAIN reason they are sooooo far from PERFECT is that they would eventually end up killing off there own food supply. At some point, if the were to be let loose onto earths surface, they would, at some point end up having only other ALIENS to eat. They would also have no way to reproduce, because the “face huggers” have not evolved or more correctly, been engineered to attach themselves to the face of another adult non-queen ALIENS, or QEENS for that matter? RIGHT??? SO. . . They would ultimately die off leaving a bare rock.
      THIS IS EXACTLY what they were designed to do, and is what makes them a great bio weapon. They are self terminating. They would leave the oceans mostly intact. Maybe it could be imagined that they could eat whales or other sea mammals, IF they could catch them. I imagine an ORCA could fuck up an ALIEN pretty severely especially since the water is a whales home turf.
      SO, I take issue with all this talk of there perfectness as a species. They are like any other tool. if they work well, keep it, if they don’t, melt it down and start over.
      The term, as being a “perfect species” was a comment made in the 1st ALIEN movie by the android ASH. AFTER, Parker knocked his head off with a fire extinguisher , and Ripley wired his speech center back up, that is when he made a speech about how perfect he thought they were. That is only because he was a self aware machine (or TOOL) for use as man see fit) just like the ALIENS were built or engineered as the ENGINEERS -Giants- or DARK ANGELS saw fit). So ASH and the ALIENS share that common thread. It was a statement of his ASH’s arrogance, not a fact. The fact of him lacking a true soul or conscience contributes to his thinking this way. His mind is based on total logic, compassion, fear, even hate, regret, embarrassment are al things he lacks which makes it an impossibility for him to think about things any other way. He fancied himself as being engineered perfect, so that was a philosophical ideal he projected onto these ALIENS, nothing more. He was no more more perfect than a very useful machine might be called or though of as perfect. ONLY perfect for it’s specific job. If you want to put a rivet into a piece of Aluminum, then a Rivet gun is the PERFECT machine for THAT specific job. ASH is just a machine, one with a warped attitude, and very very complicated one, but still just a machine meant to do a specific job, and the Aliens were also an engineered machine, a biological machine just like humans can be looked at as, if we are rigorously honest with ourselves. We are biomechanical machines created by GOD as many many humans believe, “because that is what I/(we) wish to believe” (Elizabeth Shaw). Another observation, if our DNA, in the universe of Prometheus, is the same as the DNA of these ENGINEERS, then in the same way we are highly advanced biomechanical machines, then they too are the same and also have a GOD. In fact, many didn’t understand what that room with the large head in it was. It was a “church” for lack of a better term. It was a room dedicated to the GOD of there belief system, the vases in that room were offerings. As too the the round table with the slanted/domed top with the large green stone thing seemingly coming out of it, I have no thoughts on that. But that room was no doubt an alter room to the GOD of these Engineers. SO, just as we were made in the image of our GOD, they too share that in common with us, and that room is the evidence that they feel or believe this. I can’t be 100% certain that this is what that room was for, but I read an article by Damon Lindelof in which he eludes to what that room is supposed to be. He doesn’t come out and say that, as that is against the “writers code”, especially with yet another prequel coming out, but that is what I took from this article. Hopefully that and other plot aspects that as of now are unknown, will be wrapped up in a cohesive story with the next film. In my opinion, a third film could logically be made with this very exciting and philosophical aspect to the ALIEN story.
      LASTLY. . .
      All these comments about how much better it would be if the PREDATOR was brought into this story line. THAT IS RETARDED. . . SORRY, that is just my thoughts on that. Ridley SCOTT had ZERO to do with the PREDATOR franchise. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ridley Scott had objected to the whole AVP movie premise in the first place. The movie -Prometheus-, that is, the idea of delving into the questions about who brought a weird looking ship with a cargo hold filled with thousands of those “eggs” and who was this creature that at the time was refereed to as the SPACE JOCKEY was a sequel SCOTT proposed to FOX back when ALEIN was first released. He in fact refused to be involved with the 2nd ALIEN film, “ALIENS”, so James Cameron was brought in to do that film. Scott had stated in several articles that he wanted to explore who the SPACE JOCKEY was and where they came from for quite some time. This was his wish as a sequel back in 1980 before he began work on BLADE RUNNER which was released in 1982. Remember ALIEN was released a year or 2 after STAR WARS. ALIEN hit the theaters in 1979. It was not as much of a SCI-FI film as it was a HORROR film. It just so happened that it took place in the future and out in space. “In SPACE. . . .NO ONE can hear you SCREAM!!!!!!. . . . It was in contest for the same fame that JAWS, received. Before that, it was THE EXORCIST, and to be honest, the ALIEN film was the scariest damn film I have ever seen. NONE of those other supposedly SCARY films did anything to me but make me laugh. . . ALIEN. . . it gave me nightmares for 3 or 4 weeks. SERIOUSLY. It was rated -R-, and I had to get a friends older brother to take me and a few other of my friends to see it. The idea of this thing that used people to incubate its unborn, then once it ate its way out of you, as if that wasn’t enough, it was impervious to pretty much anything. It was WAYYY stronger then any person, it was primeval. DAMN scary. The thing is, the universe is soooo big, that even if the likely hood of something like that existing somewhere is only a 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. to the power of 1000 chance of actually happening. WELL, in a place that is INFINITELY large, that huge number comes around millions of times!!!!
      ANYWAY. As far as the PREDATOR, it, in it’s own is a great film. I liked the second one as well. It was the second film that spawned the idea of the AVP concept. If any of you have seen the 2nd PREDATOR film w/Danny Glover and Bill Paxton, PREDATOR 2, there is a scene when Danny Glovers character enters the PREDATORS’ ship and finds himself in a “trophy room” of sorts. Behind some see through material -ie- glass, plexi-glass, there are several skulls. A T-rex looking skull, a few other odd skulls, a few human looking skulls and . . . An ALIEN “skull” (being that they have a sort of exoskeletal, insect type body, the “skull” in any real since would not have looked “bone” white), but it did in this film. This is the ONLY inference to the idea that a Predator creature would have encountered the ALIEN. from this one sequence, the idea was spawned that perhaps these 2 vicious creatures did battle at some point in some setting. SO was born the AVP movies which are NOT part of the ALIEN franchise but are part of the PREDATOR franchise and thusly, do not need to nor are implied to run congruent with one another. The story of AVP is just another story but is ABSOLUTELY NOT endorsed, or even meant to be part of the story behind human knowledge of the ALIEN. PROMETHEUS explains why ASH, and the ships computer on the NOSTROMO already knew of the existence of some ALIEN tech that was out in the universe some where. EVEN Ash, the android, was not aware of what exactly they would find, only that there was some kind of Alien species out there. The crew of the NOSTROMO had the same probability to find the moon and planet system where the Prometheus found. Since WEYLAND owned the ship NOSTROMO and the ship PROMETHEUS, Actually, by the time the NOSTROMO was in service, WEYLAND industries had merged with the TUSANI corporation becoming WEYLAND-TUSANI Inc. they had inside information of the existence of something amazing out in that area of the universe. Also to note, the signal that the NOSTROMO discovered is NOT the signal sent out by Elizabeth Shaw warning for no one to come to that moon, you will only find death here, because the signal she sent was from the wreckage of the Prometheus’s escape pod and was NOT an unknown type of signal or unknown technology that sent it.
      Again, This is only my humble thoughts on these topics. I am a HUGE sci-fi fan and a fan of the ALIEN franchise. The AVP and AVP R films are fine. I wasn’t a HUGE fan of those, particularly the AVP-R, but the AVP, was a very entertaining movie, but it was more comic book/action film type of movie where the ALIEN films (not counting ALIEN RESURRECTION. . . I wasn’t to happy about that one. #1) I thought the ALIEN born from a WOMB, was a wacky idea, and very silly looking!!! #2) The premise was very weak. Ripley and the ALIEN QUEEN in her feel into molten lead and were thusly dispatched, dead, GONE, DUST in the WIND. HOW from a sample of her blood could they bring back the ALIEN within her. SURE, they could clone her, but I don’t see any way that the ALIEN DNA would be present to clone it as well. If they did have and were able to isolate the ALIEN’s DNA, why not clone it directly, why would it have to be cloned inside of her clone???? If you read up on genetics, it simply doesn’t work like that. If my girlfriend was pregnant and died. By taking tissue samples of her to clone her back to life might could be done, however, it would not result in her being pregnant when she was cloned, in fact she would be in a placenta and be born in a surrogate, another healthy woman or a very complex artificial uterus. The story line/plot/script seemed very “forced” into being and was not very inspired. It seemed like that movie was only put into existence JUST to make money so it was hollow to me, and thus didn’t work well. . . in my opinion. Sure ALL movie makers in HOLLYWOOD want to make money. If you have been to a Sundance film festival, and truly are a fan of the ART of making movies, you will realize that you are not alone and many many people, including myself, Ridley Scott, George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, and many others look at and consider FILM as another medium to produce ART. ART as relevant as any PICASO, or a statue made by Michael Angelo, or music written by Mozart. its not just about the money.
      Thanks for letting me share,
      sincerely, Dlarrym

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  • Adrian said

    Prometheus 2 should reference the predators…..

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  • anatorres said

    Well I L O V E this movie!
    I hope the second one is as good as the first one!
    And thats all ^_^

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  • Castor said

    Focus on the Engineers. After Elizibeth Shaw and David leave the planet on the ship enroute to the unknown planet they start to watch the ships archives and learn a little more about why the Engineers chose that planet to create the virus intended to destroy man and how exactly they died on that planet(that is a small portion just to ease the wondering minds). Then the signal that David was actully sending them to was not the Engineers home planet but actully a giant research station which sends out smaller ships ( I.E the ship they are currently piloting) to destinations all over the universe….. I particuarlly envision this as a triology that would give more answers to the many questions we all have. maybe even ending off on the origin planet of the Engineers. Another way to go is that instead of a Research station,they find another planet the engineers used to try and create another intelligent speices similar to earth

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  • Joseph said

    I want engineers and xenomorphs action figure toys and vehicles toys.

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  • kewen was here said

    put the aliens in thefilm becouse you cant just put them on the side i mean you put the in yhe first one

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  • Dlarrym said

    First I want to mention a few things that just didn’t seem “correct” for how a resarch into an Alien world, or possible Alien world would take place. What I am getting at is how as soon as they got to this planetary system, they immediately went into its atmosphere and by apparently dumb luck found this “BASE OF OPERATIONS” for these “Engineers”. Even NOW, with out technology being @ (+/-) 100 years behind the tech that was being used in the timeframe this movie takes place in, we would have sent probes, just like we sent to Mars and are still sending to mars to bring us some intel on what we will be facing. I don’t believe for a second that this protocol would have been put aside. If anything, it would have been more intense then I am able to describe. Now I know the movie would be taken up with the entire 1st half of this RECON, and info gathering, but it could have been mentioned after the crew was wakened from cryogenic sleep and gathered in the cargo area for the mission briefing. I was expecting DAVID to give a brief rundown of what the probes had found out about this planet/large moon. Probes from earth before any research vessel would have been even built yet, would no doubt have been sent ahead of the actual voyage as well as probes that the ship PROMETHEUS it self would have launched once in range of their final destination. None of these details/procedures were mentioned or even implied to have been implemented. It wouldn’t have taken away from the story, but could have been added into the existing script by DAVID spending a few minutes to give the crew a brief run-down of what these probes had found. This would not take anything away from the plot or the main focus, but simply bring further plausibility and a truer sense of reality as to how an undertaking of this scale would have actually been done. MANY MANY other details were put into the story for this reason, and I see no real reason it couldn’t have been included. Surly this was thought about. Even the interactive hologram of DAVIDS linguistic instructor/speech coach is an actual PHD and an expert in dead and ancient languages and one of the few living people on this planet that actually knows and understands how ancient Sumerian (for example) would have sounded like if it were still spoken today. He is listed in the credits or you can google this fact for any doubters of the accuracy of this comment I am giving. My point is that in some aspects of the plot for the sake of accuracy WERE included, but more straight forward concepts as I mentioned above were seemingly ignored. On this same line of thinking, the part where these Biologist, Scientists, Geologists, etc, were so quick to remove there helmets was absurd. That would NEVER have happened in real life. Even when we explore places on our own planet for life (like down in the far reaching depths of caves and similar places, great care and protocols are set up to try and prevent ANY cross contamination. Not just for our own safety from an unknown virus or bacteria that may be fatal to us, but to keep any bacteria, viruses, or any microbial life that lives on our skin or hair or wherever from infecting any new species we might come across. This would be the same if not a more intense set of rules to follow on an Alien world. I thought the removing of the helmets as a MAJOR error in the script. That kind of recklessness is just not tolerated. Even after the missions to the surface of the moon, once the Astronauts returned to earth, they were put into immediate quarantine for several DAYS!!! The rocks and soil samples are also put into quarantine. Some of these samples are still only studied in the protective shielding of Cass II BSC (Biological Safety Cabinets – if you wish or are curious, goto this web page for a more detailed explanation of these cabinets: http://www.cdc.gov/biosafety/publications/bmbl5/bmbl5_appendixa.pdf ).
    Anyone who keeps up on the currant protocol of actual investigations on our own planet like exploration of the intense depths at the bottom of out own oceans, or the many probes and missions sent into our own solar system, knows this to be true.
    At least in my humble opinion, I would have liked to have had that element added in. Like I mentioned, I wouldn’t have expected SCOTT or the screen writers to spend half the movie getting into the technical details of these probes and the logistics of what was involved in there delivery or voyage to this far off planet, but to at least have a scene as I mentioned above where DAVID would have spent a few minutes to update everyone on any relative data that might have been gathered. It would have given a plausible explanation to certain things like how they seemingly were able to very quickly pin point the best place to begin a sweep of the surface to locate the place the ended up landing. 2ndly, info about the atmosphere when the one female scientist said the CO2 level was so high it would be like breathing from a cars exhaust pipe (tail pipe is the term she used).
    One other thing I read in a blog or forum on Prometheus was that the 3% of C02 levels (Carbon Dioxide levels) as stated by the female scientist was a level that is totally safe and even less then in our own atmosphere. THAT COMMENT IS FALSE. The C02 level in our present atmosphere, expressed in a percentage by volume of all the gases in our atmosphere is very very small . . . it is 0.0385% (by volume). that is less then even a 100th of 1 percent!!!! SO, since the level on the moon that the Prometheus landed on was detected at being 3.00% of ALL of the gasses present, that is many millions of times more concentrated in that atmosphere then in ours, so it DEFINITELY WOULD be like breathing from a tail pipe of a car.!!! I don’t recall what forum I saw this on, but I guess the old adage is true, “Stupid people say stupid things”.
    I mention this because Elizabeth Shaw found that the “Giants”, or the Engineer’s DNA was for all practical purposes identical to ours, FOLOOW ME HERE, HOW did the Engineer that was flying the ship that the Prometheus collided with make the walk to the escape pod that Elizabeth Shaw was in. He was shown ripping the escape pods doors open and he was not wearing his helmet??? Maybe he through it off just before he began prying the door open, but even though they were bigger, stronger, and more technically advanced then we are, it was an airlock that opened up to outer space if it had been in space. In other words it wasn’t a wimpy ass door by any standard. A Hell, a Backhoe would have had trouble opening that door. It had to keep the vacuum of all of the space of the universe out!!!! I know it was at least as strong as a decent bank safe door. We have all seen on those shows titled something like “The Stupidest Burglars”, where some fool tries to use a TOW TRUCK to steal an entire teller machine like the ones you find in a parking lot, and the damn boom on the tow truck breaks in half, or severely bends the boom and the braided steel cable snaps. Those things are not even a tenth as strong as a SAFE DOOR inside a bank, so How did this ENGINEER, while holding his breath, rip a door of a similar strength open like he was opening an automatic door we all use when entering a grocery store??? They were bigger, but not THAT much bigger. Maybe there muscle mass is super dense compared to ours? Even if this is so, why would he have assumed that the door would have been easy enough for him to open before he would not be able to hold his breath any longer. That a pretty stupid risk for a “supreme being”, and besides, the ship computer was screaming that the airlock had been breeched, in other-words, there went the breathable air. He broke that door, or at the least damaged the seal enough for it to vent the breathable air out into the atmosphere. Im not sure how either of them made it for as long as there scuffle took if the air lock was standing wide open, and or the seal itself was damaged.
    I LOVED this movie, PLEASE don’t get me wrong. I guess, being a Mechanical Engineer myself, and having many classes of physics under my belt, I can’t help but notice these things. I think Ridley Scott is one of if not the best director known!!!! at least in the sci-fi genre.

    As to the new BLADE RUNNER. I have heard that it was NOT going to be a continuation, but it would be a re-make like the new TOTAL RECALL and as far as I have heard, it would not be a Ridley Scott project. The BLADE RUNNER as it is is so AWESOME, why would anyone want to remake it. That movie is stunning and one of my all time favorite movies. I hope I am wrong and a squel is what is going to happen, you cannot remake perfection. If a sequel is going to be made, I do hope Ridley Scott or his Brother is involved (As far as TOTAL RECALL, thank the lord they remade that abomination, It sucked, but the new one is GREAT and actually follows the book more closely, In the Philip K. Dick book, there are no mutants on Mars, or Martians making an atmosphere from melting the ice caps. . . NONE OF THAT IS IN THE BOOK. I do not have any idea who thought that was a good embellishment and god knows why it was given the green light (NOTE: both stories are based of books written by Philip K. Dick. He is one of my favorite Sci-Fi writers and probably one of, if not the best Sci-Fi writer of the late 20th Century. Not to get off the subject, but his books that were made into movies include the 2 films I just mentioned, -Blade Runner and Total Recall- and also – Minority Report, Scanner Darkly, The Adjustment Bureau, Screamers, and an animated movie coming out in 2013 by Disney’s Dream Works called, The King of the Elves). I highly recommend you read this mans novels. He is WAY ahead of his time. Blade RUNNER was the only movie that was based of one of his books that he was directly involved in-”When Robots dream do they count Electric Sheep”, or something like that. Philip K. Dick was consumed with the idea of at what point in ones mind is the line that makes us who we are. The human condition and our memory and its role in our EGO, the ID, and the SUPER EGO, and ultimately where and what defines us. Can you change a persons memory, not like giving someone something new to read thus chaning there memory, but changing all of ones memories??? If this is done, by changing a persons memories do you in essence re-make that person by giving him new or altered memories. Are your memories really who you are??? He also dealt with the question of what reality really is. Can we make our own reality and do we define time itself or does time define our own existence? Are we really a slave to time? If one was to live without any sense of the movement or passing of time, would that affect how we age? Can someone be brought up in a way to where the have no concept of time?? If so, would we age beyond a point if from birth, we were deprived from seeing anything that would give us an external reference for the passing of time??? How do the affects of taking psycho active drugs being Marijuana, LSD, Mushrooms, Peyote, Mescaline, etc), and the experiences from those drugs, can they literally change our reality. Sort of the idea of never coming out of a flashback, would that”reality” be indistinguishable from what ever reality truly is. He isn’t a drugy or a Ken Kesey, but he does put forth some very intriguing questions of our inner selves and what is god, did man make god or did god make man????

    Back to Prometheus.
    I am fine with these movies taking a different path then the other Alien movies, but I don’t see why the can’t bring it all together in a cohesive story. Some people think that the moon (of the several that orbit that main planet) is the same moon as in the 1st ALIEN movie and the James Cameroon movie ALIENS. FYI, it is NOT the same planet. That crashed ship is NOT the one the NOSTROMO finds in that story. That Horse shoe shaped ship is on another moon of that same system. The end of Prometheus shows the creature that later evolves into the ALIEN we know and love. The large “face hugger thing” that attacked the Engineer, and that was conceived by Elizabeth Shaw due to DAVID being a major ASS WIPE, is a “proto” or not as evolved face-hugger, but over time will ultimately become the face hugger in the life cycle of the ALIEN that got inside the crew member of the NOSTROMO and got the name as the “CHEST BUSTER” or pupa stage of the ALEIN creature. That Black slime is a biological agent that was created by these Engineers. It accidently got exposed to the Engineers them selves. It was a way to terra form but also akin to a biological weapon that got out of even there control. Remember the stack of the Engineer bodies with there chests all busted outward that was found by the geologist and the biologist when they got left behind due to the storm. That is another part that was left unexplained. If they all had their chest blown out, then where were the creatures like the one that came out of the engineer at the very end???? Did they all die from lack of food after they ate the remains of those dead ENGINEERS? Are they running around that moon and are not affected by the high C02 levels???
    In the Blu-Ray retail version of PROMETHEUS, they show scenes that were left out where the 2 guys I just mentioned, they come across a shed skin, just like the one that was found on the NOSTROMO in the 1st ALIEN movie after the “ALIEN” creature was loose on the ship. If you recall the original ALIEN film, the one mechanic guys played by Harry Dean Stanton, was looking for JONESY, Ripley’s cat, and finds this giant shed skin, moments before he is killed by the ALIEN.

    Back to the black ooze/goo.
    It’s main property is that it takes DNA from anything it comes across and incorporates it into its own DNA. it is in a sense ALIVE. This is why one of the Engineers has to sacrifice himself for this goo to have a “HOST” DNA to work from. In there culture, it wasn’t a bad thing to have to be sacrificed, it was an honor.
    I hope, even if the main plot continues on following these ENGINEERS, I would like to have some of the blanks filled in as far as why and how did the Ship found in the 1st ALIEN film get there? Why was its cargo hold filled with EGGS, not the vases with goo? Where did the creatures that killed the stack of Dead ENGINEERS that was found by the 2 guys stuck in the structure due to the storm? What series of events led to the evolving of the ALIEN in the 1st ALIEN film. Was that ship also on its way to earth?
    Lastly, I am fine with the movie being longer, it would be cool if it had been longer. If it was a time constraint that was the reason some of these unknown were left that way, Id rather it had been longer. I have the Blu-Ray version and for anyone who gets this copy, you may feel like I do as I have NO IDEA why these scenes were left out. As it is, the Role of Charlie Therzon (I know I spelled her name wrong, the woman named VICKERS). As it is, she has very little to do with the plot. In the scenes that were left out, she has a much more interesting role. The way it is, she just comes off like a total BITCH. And NO she is NOT an android despite DAVID’s behavior towards her as though she is physically as strong as he is. It isn’t that she is physically stronger, he was just programed to not mess with her no matter what. He does disobey her, but never physically tries to do anything to her.
    Almost every scene they didn’t include, in my opinion should be left in. There is a scene in which the biologist do make back to the ship instead of those guys being left behind from the storm and he brings a little worm like thing on board which ends up growing at a high rate of speed. They do not include the footage of what this thing grows into, but you see him and one of the other crew arguing about how stupid he was to bring that thing on board. Sadly, Scott says there will DEF. NOT be a Directors cut released. I hope he changes his mind. I have considered, for my personal use, to take the extra scenes and by using FINAL CUT PRO, on my MAC PRO desktop, edit these scenes back into the main movie. Not all of these extra scenes could be used because there is obviously even more that are left out but are NOT included in the BLU-RAY version.Even so, using the ones that can be re-added, would make it a better, more congruent film. . .in my humble opinion.
    The movie is only about 2 hours and 5 minutes and that includes the credits. it would only have made the film just over 2hrs and 35 mins to add ALL the left out footage, or at least all the footage left out that you can see on the blu-ray copy. That is not a super long film. many other block buster films have been much longer, even over 3 hours. I think some of the LORD of the RING trilogy were pushing the 3 hour mark, but I can’t be sure.
    I was glad to find this place to elaborate about PROMETHEUS. I meant not to offend anyone and I am looking forward to the next film, rumored to be titled: PARADISE.
    thanks for letting me share, sincerely,

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  • Robert Long said

    I would like to know why the alien in the first few minute of the film killed himself.

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