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Prometheus 2 – Sequel Plans

Prometheus 2 - Sequel Plans (Plot etc.)
There’s been some Prometheus 2 talk over recent weeks, so what has been said and what direction is a sequel likely to go in?

Prometheus didn’t have a monumental opening weekend in the U.S. (it sold as many tickets as Alien vs. Predator) but still earned an impressive $50 million, the second highest of Ridley Scott’s career. It had a large 25% drop from Friday to Saturday which suggests not-so-great word of mouth, and a not-so-long box office run. However worldwide it has already made $141m, from a $130m production budget, so it stands to finish a box office success. A follow-up has not been officially greenlit, yet.

**BIG SPOILERS AHEAD** Prometheus was conceived as a two-parter. Originally it was two movies that were official, direct prequels to Alien, to be helmed by Ridley Scott’s protege Carl Rinsch. When 20th Century Fox begged Scott himself to direct, he agreed on the condition that it moved further away from Alien and added in themes and ideas he wanted to explore.

On the sequel, Scott said recently, “I know where [Prometheus 2] is going. …Keeping David alive is essential and keeping Elizabeth alive is essential and to go where they [the engineers] came from is essential. …I don’t see them landing in a place that looks like paradise. …Paradise cannot be what you think it is. It has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous. …If you look at the Engineers, they’re tall and elegant… they are dark angels.”

When the writer was asked if the next movie would be a more direct prequel to Alien he said “it will tangentialize even further away from the original Alien”.

Ridley Scott intends to stay on as director. “I enjoyed it so much, I really want to do the sequel to this. It’s interesting to do a sequel because this leaves the door so open to some huge questions. The real question to me is – the more mankind discovers in science the more clear and helpful everything becomes, yet we’re very bad at managing ourselves. And one of the biggest problems in the world is what we call religion, it causes more problems than anything in the goddamn universe. Think about what’s happening now, all based on the very simple idea that a Muslim can’t live alongside a Catholic, or a Catholic can’t live alongside a Protestant…”

To understand what he’s alluding to, we have to look at the big question at the end of Prometheus – Why did the engineers want to destroy us? The clue is in a line of dialogue – that the preparations to wipe out earth were being made 2000 years ago. In other words, at the time Christianity started. So the sequel, wisely or not, will likely touch on some further significance that Christ had – were the Engineers enraged that mankind’s perception of the universe, and where they came from, was altered? As Christianity was not the first religion, was it the final straw? Or was Christ an emissary of the engineers whose crucifixion by humans angered them? All dicey territory for sure, but it’s the religious strand that most fascinates Scott. “I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I didn’t want them to meet God in the first one.”

With the Blade Runner sequel and The Counselor going full steam ahead, it’s going to be many years before Scott has the time to direct Prometheus 2. He’s 75 now, will his age become a factor?

It’s also worth mentioning that the Prometheus Blu-ray will have 20-30 minutes of deleted scenes (including a confirmed axe fight between Elizabeth and the engineer).

What would you like to see happen in a Prometheus sequel? Should the traditional Aliens play a larger role? Do Scott’s big questions interest you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Ywluvsdamovies said

    I belive that the engineer was going to unleash xenomorphs on earth to destroy humankind. The question I have is who sent the engineer, God, The Devil or another entity???

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  • Anthony said

    YES! They have to make a second. They cannot leave it that open. Its like Super Mario Brothers, they could have at least not ended in a way opening for a sequel without making one.

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  • Blesk said

    Hi all, I watched the movie with extra scenes and enjoyed it even more than the first time, basically, as far as the franchise in the hands of R. Scott goes on, I am happy. Plot holes, unnecessary adverse events, as zombie mutant killing the crew, some random woman pursuing own agenda and so on does not bother me because the movie at least WAS done.. Imagine your desperation after seeing stupid C-level last Alien movie. I thought the franchise and theme was so destroyed, that nobody ever could make me watch something Alien-world related again. I dont count AvP movies as Alien movies.
    What would I like to know, that Prometheus didnt make for me?
    1. Explanation of the Alien evolution process – we got eggs (queen/no queen), goo, mutations, chest-busting, drinking – authors should definitelly adress the main reason why Aliens are made/bred. Yes, weapon, but they are millions of years appart stored in different forms in almost alike ships.. why?
    2. I dont necessary think the melting Engineer scene at the beginning of the movie was on Earth, and that the purpose was to create/give life to the planet. Engineers should be able to do it better, not just some random dude melt and jump to the waterfall. Life creation should be more advanced (here I just point out the AvP scene how Aliens were bred for predators to hunt-the procedure was much sophisticated)
    3. Sequel would definitely adress the other four/five pyramids that are on the planet – this is not a home planet, but a front post, some kind of a base. That leads to the question, why did Engineers from this base went to other planets to form life, mess up and to destroy them after? Do they have any superiors that just dont know about this activity? Unlikely, but the same happened on Alien asteroid with crashed ship. Rogue too much? How were ancient people navigated to this front-post and not to the home-world? Or are all other Engineers dead? Just artifacts left behind? What does the home-world has to say about few ships leave with cargo of super mutant aliens/eggs/goo to destroy planets, let them go wild, loose cargo, crash and die just to be founded by stupid unadvanced race and to destroy everything? Yeah, they left them the navigation points.. What? As if it was purposefull.

    There is like a ton of things on my mind.. I need to meet mr. Scott:-)

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  • Tim Thomas said

    This how I would like to see it go.
    The Predators were seeded and evolved simultaneously as the Engineers by a great race that moved into a area called between space and into the further reaches of the timeless dimensions.

    The Predators once called the mechanics appeared and developed as a species identical to the Engineers however they had dark pigmented skin.

    Furthermore these two great races developed split technologies based on their philosophy.

    The Predators technology was mechanical and the Engineers technology was organic .
    After a millennium of trade and exploration their leaders wanted to bring the two great races together by making them perfect and identical.

    However a accident occurred in the process toward perfection and the genetic contamination spread like wildfire.

    The contamination deformed the Predators and altered the engineers.

    The Engineers were divided into many species. Some with gills and some with wings, some with the heads of various creatures even like in the tombs of Egypt.

    While the Predators were changed into several similar types of the same creatures we see with their current appearance; just some are bigger and some stronger.

    Now the Engineers swore to correct the mistake and traveled here to earth where the created man as their Ginny pig.

    Over time they corrected much of their own problems however the Predators continued to devolve.

    The Predators over time evolved into a warlike race because the chemicals in their brain needed to maintain a high level of adrenalin like substances to slow their devolution process.

    Consequently the Engineers allowed the Predators hunt man and created the Aliens to challenge the Predators.

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  • Daniel said

    To mARK:
    not much to say to you. You must not ever read the Bible, or not much. There may not be a Leviticus 2:23, but there is a Leviticus chapter 22, verse 3 or: 22:3 and there is also a LV- chapter 4- verse 26 or LV-4:26. LV 426 is another place. Near but not the same. Lv 426 is where the 1st “Alien” movie and later the film “Aliens” takes place.

    Check what you post or you may come off seeming like a fool to others. I don’t mean a typo….everyone can make that sort of mistake, but get your facts straight. Go to any of the many biblical sites all over the net and see for yourself… or pick up a Bible.
    can’t wait for Prometheus 2 to come out. It wouldn’t make sense to name it paradise. The ship was set to go to earth so when David asked the Giant where he is going, he replied PARADISE or at least that was the closest word he could use to translate the giants comment. Was Earth also Paradise? Earth was where the ship had been programmed to go? SHAW was terrified that if they couldn’t stop the giant then there’s no earth to go home to. The giant did say to david he was going to paradise. Was he being sarcastic? When he gets to earth and once he dumped his cargo hold of genetic manipulating black goo, it would be anything but a “paradise”.
    Curiouser and Curiouser.

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  • Chris L. said

    “Should the traditional aliens play a larger role?”

    Absolutely not. Why should they? This film is not about the aliens. It’s about mankind and the engineers. Go watch AVP if you want mindless alien action.

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  • Daniel said

    One thing I haven’t heard or pointed out is the possibility that the engineers on LV-223 are perhaps a rouge or for lack of a better comparrison, maybe they were like a rebel movement among the larger society of the civilization of the “engineers/dark angels/gaints”. Ask this. Shaw’s carbon dating tool showed the first dead gaint they come to, has been dead for 2000 years give or take a few years. So why didn’t the main body or society or home world of the engineers, why was no party sent from the home world to see why -A) why wasn’t earth destroyed… it has been 2000 years and yet no dead earth? I propose that’s a lot the main inner order of there civilization wasn’t aware of this base on LV-223. It was similar to how in the Iran Contra affair in the US was about the military making deals involving selling guns out of the US Army’s own inventory to get money to fund a revolution in a latin/central american country. Congress was left in the dark until the whole transaction had taken place. Why couldn’t there be a spkinter group that had its own reasons for wiping out earth? There isn’t really any good expkination as to why that base on LV-223 was left untouched, for over 2000 years. Really…. a superior race with outrageous bio-mechanical technology and they just forgot about a huge base and a planet that for what ever reason was still as it was. If the whole of there civilazation was aware ofvthis plan to terminate earth, they would surly wonder why 2000 years had passed and the group in charge of earths demise just dissappeared? Only if you look at the events in the way I’m describing makes any sense. It also makes it plausible that they (David and Shaw) will get a non hostal greating when they get to the giants home world. They will be shocked but since the group trying to kill earth was done in secret of the main goverment in there society, they may even praise them for exposing the rouge giants plot to set this base up on LV-223 and kill earth. Also.. when David tells where the giant was going he said paradise. But david also said the ship was programmed to goto earth. So if the giant knows what the ships destination is too, he knows its goibg to earth yet he also told david he was going to paradise. SO earth IS paradise. The homeworld of the giants is NOT paradise. His reference to paradise was the destination he was heading too. Which was earth so earth is paradise.
    These are just some observations. I’m a huge fan. I feel that the AVP addition to the story in MY opinion, is entertaining and originates from 2 things. 1 is the xeno skull in the trophy room ofvthe 2nd Preditor film with Danny Glover. The 2nd is from a comic serie. (I cant recall the brand…it wasn’t marvel…. it was “dark house” or “dark horse…???.) Anyway. If we try to integrate it and esp Requim, it just doesn’t jive. Peter Wayan is dead in the pyrimid so…. he’s like 95 in the year 2093 yrt in AVP he died in Oct. Of 2004. Down in the pyrimid. Besides, Requium is just bonkers. The Alien/Preditor’s race hybrid? Where did genetic adoption come from….Alien Resurection. The Queen, in this film was supposedly brought back from its dna that had of the original Alien she had in her on Fury 161 (Alien3) note: the directors cut is great. The tgeatrical realese is terrible esp when compared to the llot difference in the directors cut….the directirs cut rocks. It is hugely different with lots of footage and scenes not even mentioned in the theatrical release the plot is changed fairly severely. Ok… back to my train of thought.
    I don’t consider the AVP films, or Alien Resurection, as part of the intended story line inspired by the original screen plays of Alien (1979) written by Spatis and Shusset and Dan O’BANNON to a great degree. They defined a plot that originally had a 2nd movie on the back burner in that Scott wanted in 1979 to have a followup film exploring who the pilot of the direlect (juggernaut) space ship was andcwhy his cargo hold was filled with those eggs?
    I can’t wait for the Prometheus 2 film to finally get finished. No one really knows how things will work out.
    part of what I didn’t like about Prometheus was basically downnto all the idiotic ignoring of using the scientific method and basic contamination prevention protocal. 1st rule is ZERO cross contamination. Helmets and stay on. The removing of helmets would never occur. As they found out, just there breath added to the atmosphere inside the structure indused a dramatic change. It was like all the “goo” became aware of new living things around. Why weren’t those snake like things growing before they get there and all the (called a pyrimid although it didn’t appear very pyrimid like in my humble opinion). Anyway… before entering the atmosphere, the ship would have sent several probes/drone jets to scout out where the base of the engineers was. It was quite miraculous that they found the engineers base first time flying over the surface. It might in a more realistic version, they would have stayed in orbit for maybe days, def a few hours begore just diving down to the surface. To put my issue in a nut shell, if these scientists were really Phd’s, they would have been very causious not all hyper highschool attitudes toward this mission. Just knowing a new life form might be encountered would make cross contamination a huge concern. Our cold coukd kill them they did have a biological contamination incident before the Prometheous even arrived.
    take care… I actually had another something tp point out… oh… I wish they had scenes where david translates the writing on the door and at other places where inscriptions were shown. What was the green thing in the middle of that rounded top table that holloway stairs at and then he says something like “just another tomb” . If it is not that, id love to get feed back on what he says. Has anyone noticed that the crouching being beside the image of the engineer in the first part of the mural they show has a eagle/griffin like head and is crouched much like Fifield’s deformed incarnation was when his mutated self kicked butt all over the vehicle/main cargo bay. Again, the version of that scene that was not used… (it is in the blu-ray of Prometheus.)….was much better in my opinion….there is a striking similarity to the drawings on ancient sumarian artifacts of the sky people which had a very similar look. They were called the “Aknu knoki” (probably spelled that wrong) anyway… im signing off. Im interested in any other ideas of what fork the plot will take?
    sincerely, dlarrym1111

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  • Reginald C. Burton Sr said

    I think Prometeus2 should answer the questions raised by the first movie: Who are the engineers? Wherte did they come from?
    why did the Engineers want to distroy earth?


    The Alien serie can continue, seperately using books writen about the aliens. The best one to me is “Earth Hive”; where the humans are driven off the face of the earth by the Aliens!!!! Earth Hive would make a great Alien Series!!!!!

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  • Daniel said

    I agrReginald C. Burton Sr

    e that this prequel was made correctky in that it didn’t end up an action movie with a mess of xenomorphs running amuck. I don’t feel that the xeno’s should NEVER make an appearance in the 2nd Prometheus…. I do want to learn the relationship to the “deacon” or proto-xenomorphs. If this can be explained while filling in some “dead ends” in the plot from Prometheus.
    One wierd thing. This place that these Giants set up base on (LV 223), is obviously NOT there home world. Why would they come to Earth and leave pictogliphs showing a solar system that wasn’t there place of origin.
    What is the reason the Engineers identified (via cave paintings), this plant’s moon we humans now call LV-223. It isn’t a place they truly are from? It is the location of a military outpost they set up. Why give a race of equal dna or equal genetic engineering, the directions to a secret base. These Engineers would know, (since our dna matches there own dna), that after a while, we would gain the ability to travel through space….after all, they did. So my point… they gave directions to a place the engineers really didn’t want anyone to know about. Wouldn’t one think that if a race left a clue of there origins, they would choose a place that wasn’t a military instalation. This, in my opinion, makes it more plausible that these engineers were a rouge group. Not sure if the rest of there society would be in agreement with the idea of destroying a civilization that they created and even sacrificed one of there own to create.
    As to ‘Reginald C. Burton Sr’. I disagree that all the Alien films are not part of nor have any place in the Prometheus plot. RIDLEY SCOTT wanted the 2nd Alien picture to explore who the space jocky was and what was there story… why thier ship on LV 426 had a cargo hold filled with eggs? So it has ALWAYS, SINCE 1979 WHEN THE 1ST ALIEN FILM WAS MADE, been a goal of Ridley Scott, to explore who’s ship it was on LV426. So the Alien xenomorphs are part of Prometheus by default….they can’t not be part of the story.
    I do agree that AVP and esp AVP-Requim and even Alien Resurrection while entertaining, are not really part of the original Alien films… ALIEN, ALIENS, ALIEN3 (only the directors cut), and now the prequel: Prometheus and it’s follow up feature, are the only true ALIEN films.
    AVP, and the Preditors as a whole, are not part of the Alien genre. Most real Alien fans agree that the predator movies are not part of the Alien line up.
    Not much else to say at this time…

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  • jus said

    I think that the first Prometheus was very good! It definately leaves you hanging at the end with what becomes of the new alien (or Deacon) and other unanswered questions. Like how did the Deacon make its way from LV-223 to LV-426 or if it it’s even the same Alien. Prometheus’s sequel however it is to unfold should answer this. It also has the potential to be a very satisfing sequel IF it is pushed in the right direction. This is why it scares me when I read about Scott stating that he wants to get away from the “Gods and Dragons” (dragons being alien). I believe if he sways away from the original purpose of the prequel to alien (being Prometheus) then it wont be as legendary of a movie as Scott thinks it will be. There are many more Alien fans out there than jockey fans and I think both are very interesting. Me personally I like..Love the Alien franchise and was really looking foward to watching how the Alien became; and when in the first Alien movie how the engineer in the derelect ship became to have a “bursted chest”. To much questions that I fear may not be answered with too little of a chance that Ridley Scott will sway away from the events of the first movie. ATLEAST GIVE US SOME 5 MINUTE INFO IN THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT PROMETHEUS ON WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAMN DEACON AND THE ALIENS IN GENERAL. Otherwise, fans and myself will likely rip all their hair out and riot Scott’s front door…just kidding :), but ill be very disapointed.

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