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Cruise For Magnificent Seven Remake

Cruise for Magnificent Seven
It’s got Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, James Coburn and melon-farming Charlie Bronson all in one movie. It’s got one of the bona fide best theme tunes in cinema history, courtesy of Elmer Bernstein. And soon it could have its very own couch-bouncing king of the Scientologists, as reports suggest Tom Cruise is ready to star in a remake of John Sturges’ classic western, The Magnificent Seven.

Having shored up his recent box office record with a return to his signature Mission: Impossible franchise, Cruise seems to be having a little fun with his next couple of roles.

He is playing a lank-haired rocker in stage musical adaptation Rock of Ages, and making for an improbably diminutive Jack Reacher in One Shot, a movie I am psyched about pretty much solely on the grounds that Werner Herzog is playing the bad guy (Herzog in a Tom Cruise film – whatever next? Jerzy Skolimowski in a Marvel blockbuster? Hang on…).

And now Cruise has apparently been tapped up to star in a new version of The Magnificent Seven, currently being put together by the revived MGM. The 1960 original was, of course, itself a remake, following in the footsteps of Akira Kurosawa’s epic Seven Samurai, and it spawned several sequels too – although they gradually downgraded from all-star extravaganza to passable way to waste a rainy afternoon.

With MGM reputedly seeking both a writer and director for the new Seven, don’t expect to see Cruise riding into multiplexes anytime soon. However the wait does give us time to speculate on the six actors who might be joining his posse – is a reunion of the Tropic Thunder cast on the cards?

Source: Variety

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