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Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby – Trailer

Great Gatsby trailer
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. A great book, but one severely undermined by its reliance on clever words rather than shiny movie stars wearing shiny clothes. In 3D. Three cheers for Baz Luhrmann then, whose new Gatsby movie looks set to redress that historical imbalance.

“There’s no story.” The verdict of Peter Bart, vice-president of production at Paramount Pictures back in the mid-70s, when Jack Clayton directed Redford and Farrow in a expensive, much-hyped and ultimately sterile adaptation of Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age saga to top ‘em all, The Great Gatsby.

That, however, is not a verdict Baz Luhrmann agrees with (or perhaps cares about), for the Moulin Rouge director has long been tinkering with a new version of one of American literature’s most famous love stories. Leonardo DiCaprio was always set for the role of Jay Gatsby, and Tobey Maguire for that of narrator Nick Carraway. But the big question was over which actress would be called upon to play the beguiling Daisy Buchanan.

Natalie Portman, Rebecca Hall and Amanda Seyfried were all linked to the role, before it eventually went to Carey Mulligan. And with Joel Edgerton cast as Daisy’s boorish hubbie Tom, the principals were all in place, meaning lucky-pants Luhrmann could press the ‘on’ button on his camera.

The first glimpse of what Baz captured is now available for all to see, as the first trailer for his Gatsby has just been released. The visuals look as lush as you would expect, although the soundtrack is pretty grim – going from autotuned dreck to soggy FM hell in less time than it takes for Joel Edgerton to say “I am a sinister man with a sinister moustache!”

The Great Gatsby is out on Christmas Day.

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  • craig c said

    gotta disagree, i thought the soundtrack was great, very intriguing and ballsy in my opinion. not an easy choice but i thought it looked great! loved the motion graphics too

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  • Peter said

    Ha ha, me and me friends bump into Baz Luhrmann on the weekend. One my friends thanked him for making great movies. Rest of us wanted to… yeah..

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