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Gary Oldman Joins Robocop Remake

Gary Oldman for Robocop Remake
It had looked a casting match made in character naming heaven: Edward Norton (remember the surname) heavily linked to a role in MGM’s Robocop remake which would see him playing the scientist who transforms wounded patrolman Alex Murphy into the titular cyborg. The boffin’s name? Norton (y’see). Only it ain’t gonna happen now, ‘cause Gary Oldman’s got the gig.

Which is no bad thing, of course, given Oldman’s acting credentials. His critical stock has never been higher too, what with his pivotal role as Jim Gordon in the Batman movies and his recent triumph as George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, a role for which he was Oscar-nominated.

And with the jury still out on whether this Robocop remake, directed by José Padilha, can measure up to the satirical schlock genius of Paul Verhoeven’s original, the addition of Oldman can only be seen as a significant boost for the production.

Oldman will be joining Joel Kinnaman, cast as Murphy/Robocop, while Rebecca Hall, Gael Garcia Bernal and Sean Penn have all previously been linked to other supporting roles. The movie is due for release on 9 August next year.

Source: Heat Vision

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