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Hugh Laurie Is Robocop Villain + Early Teaser Poster

Robocop Villain & Picture
He might be thin as a broom handle but Hugh Laurie still manages to be as full of surprises as a Biggest Loser contestant is full of hamburgers. Having already gone from upper class comic twit on UK telly to uber-successful stateside grouch in House, he is now set to take another surprise step, as he tackles the bad guy role in MGM’s Robocop remake.

Laurie is apparently in negotiations to play the CEO of Omnicorp, the nefarious corporation which picks up clinically clapped out patrolman Alex Murphy (played in the remake by Joel Kinnaman), whacks a few tin plates on him, and hey pesto, turns him into Robocop.

If we politely brush over the usual stinking Hollywood hypocrisy of the corporate world being painted as a sewer of scum-sucking morality in a movie so mind-bogglingly expensive the budget could be used to buy a Snickers for everyone on China, then the casting of Laurie looks like a decent addition to what is shaping up to be a very strong roster of acting talent.

We reported just a couple of weeks back on Gary Oldman signing up, in the role of Norton, the scientist charged by Omnicorp with making Robocop the armour-plated avenger he becomes. And since then Samuel L. Jackson has also joined, as media mogul Novak, while Abbie Cornish has reportedly been offered the role of Mrs. Murphy, a gig which Rebecca Hall had previously been linked to.

With José Padilha at the directorial helm, Robocop is due for release on 9 August 2013. And like a number of other 2013 blockbusters-in-waiting, it has a presence at the Licensing Expo which is currently taking place, where a preview banner for the film has been spotted and snapped.

It doesn’t reveal much at all, and if that ‘We’ve got the future under control’ tagline makes it anywhere near a multiplex next summer, I will eat Gregory House’s walking stick.

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