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The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack – Listen To It

Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack - Listen Here
Last time Hans Zimmer scored a Christopher Nolan movie, the result was the epic, already hugely influential soundtrack for Inception. But massive as that was, his next Nolan collaboration is surely going to be bigger still, given that it’s for The Dark Knight Rises – probably the most hotly anticipated movie of the whole year (sorry, Avengers and Prometheus). And a preview of Zimmer’s DKR score has just surfaced online.

Zimmer has long been one of the top composers in Hollywood, but in recent years he seems to have been cooking at a heat his contemporaries just can’t handle. Even putting Inception aside, his Sherlock Holmes and Rango scores were both absolutely splendid, while his music for Pirates 4 was probably the best thing about that whole movie.

So the combination of his prodigious ability and the supernova blockbuster event that is The Dark Knight Rises is a potent one indeed. And though just 30 seconds of each of the 15 tracks which make up the soundtrack to this latest Batman extravaganza have been loosed online, the fruits of Zimmer’s labours are already sounding very enticing.

Listen for yourself below, but I was digging the ’80s cop movie intro of Underground Army and the pulsing second half of Imagine the Fire. Overall, a feeling of emotional iciness prevails over these audio clips. And no, that’s not cue for an Arnold Schwarzenegger/Mr. Freeze reference. Well, aside from that one.

The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack is out on 17 July, three days ahead of the movie itself. You can pre-order it here in the US, or here in the UK.

Now, dance like Batman –

Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack
Source: Batman News

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  • Sheridan Passell said
    Sheridan Passell

    Oh look at that, Hans Zimmer wrote a third of a new score.

    “What about this scene Hans?”
    “Er, track 10 from The Dark Knight should cover that one. Who’s for a long lunch?”

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